2017 Explorer Chick Wild: Self Guided Adventures

Already have your own equipment and expertise? Sweet! Bring it with you to Explorer Chick Wild! It’s just a short drive from Explorer Chick Base Camp to limitless adventure in the New River Gorge including lakes, rivers, rock faces, and trails. Ace Adventure Resort is home to miles of hiking and mountain biking trails for you to explore.

Here’s our list of recommended self-guided adventures!


The Overlook at ACE Adventure Resort.

The Endless Wall Trail

This hike is a must when in the area! It’s a short hike to some of the best views in the New River Gorge. Bring a snack to munch on while enjoying the view from Diamond Point. For our more adventurous Explorer Chicks follow the signs for Climber Access to descend the ladders and walk through the caves to the bottom of the Gorge.

Beauty Mountain

If sunsets are your thing, then hike the aptly named Beauty Mountain at dusk. You’ll have stunning views of the river along the edge of the mountain. Have a hammock? Bring it along to hang between the pines.

Ace Adventure Resort

Yes! You’ll be camping at Ace with their own miles of trails for you to explore. Make sure to hike to Concho Overlook to set your sights on the bend in the river. Just follow the map and signs to the parking area and trail head for the Overlook.

We also recommend downloading the New River Trail Guide for more trail-spiration!



Summersville Lake

Summersville Lake

With it’s “warm,” clear water, you’ll enjoy exploring the steep cliffs, waterfalls, and coves of West Virginia’s largest lake. The clear water is perfect for swimming and snorkling! Be sure to paddle to Pirate’s Cove.


Mountain Biking:

ACE Adventure Resort

You’ll have miles of Mountain Biking Trails in your own “Backyard.” Just get on your bike and ride!

The New River Gorge

The New River Gorge is home to miles of mountain bike trails for all skill levels. The NPS site does a wonderful job outlining all of the trails with difficulty, mileage, and maps.


Rock Climbing:

The New River Gorge

The New River Gorge is quickly becoming a popular climbing location the US with it’s steep, sandstone cliffs. Use the link to be directed to the NPS site to download the climbing guide and map of climbing areas. Guidebooks are available at local climbing stores and the NPS Visitor centers.

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