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“The more I Traveled the more I realized that fear makes strangers of people who should be Friends.”
– Shirly McLaine

Our Mission

The mission for Explorer Chick is simple: IMPACT.

There’s magic in traveling with friends and strangers to new parts of the world experiencing exciting adventures and unfamiliar cultures that leaves a lasting, permanent footprint on the heart, soul, and mind.

Without fail, Explorer Chicks return home from their Adventure changed. Changed how? It’s unpredictable, but absolutely unmistakable the instant it happens.

Explorer Chick Adventure Travel Surf Retreat Erica“Seriously cannot get over what I have been able to achieve and the fears I conquered. …this adventure with 3 of my dear friends reminded me of who I am and my strength.” – Erica D.

Why just women?

Who cares if your pedicure has chipped or if your hair is a disheveled mess from the salt water? Leave behind your morning routine with the hair dryer and mascara. Toss aside the pinching high heels and control tops. Embrace your inner human. Yes, you are woman. ROAR! Be silly. Act a fool. Let out your inner child that has been dying to get out and PLAY! Only when we strip away the expectations, routines, and demands can we truly discover the strong, original, and powerful woman who resides within.



Explorer chick Anna M Review“The bonding opportunity with fierce women who want more out of a vacation than a beach and a towel is unparalleled, and the trip planning is all done for you! I dare anyone reading this to become an Explorer Chick – you won’t regret it!!” ~ Anna M.


Our Trips

Explorer Chick trips are always women-only and always an adventure. We pride ourselves in curating trips for women who live an active, healthy lifestyle . What this means is we tackle the big climbs, the long trails, the bucket lists, and the uncomfortable. We don’t hold back! Life is best lived vibrantly, actively, and in motion. Explorer Chicks go home with scrapes, bruises, sore muscles, a little extra dirt, a whole lotta grit, incredible stories, and a smile.

Explorer Chick itineraries are proudly never etched in stone. We’re dynamic, curious, and adventurous just like you. We flex and we flow. We are explorers and sometimes that means taking the unchartered side trail. Sometimes it means hiking a few extra miles to see what’s around the next corner. Sometimes it means a group vote to change our adventure for something new. Sometimes it means spending an extra day somewhere because it left us enchanted.

We can do this because we limit our group size and extensively research and experience our destinations. Smaller groups allow us to play according to your group’s dynamics. Never are you just a seat number diluted among a bus load of other travelers. You deserve an experience, not a regimented schedule! Travel how you dream! Trek like a local!

White Water Rafter roundWe promise hysterical laughing, unladylike behavior, strings of cuss words, and happy exhaustive fatigue on all of our adventures.


Every Explorer Chick trip is led by at least one experienced Explorer Chick guide whose prime responsibility is to ensure your vacation runs smoothly, safely, and joyously. She is with you guiding your trip and working in the background ironing out details leaving you the only chore of enjoying your experience.

We always have your safety in mind. You will have a guide who is Wilderness First Aid Certified when trekking in the backcountry. Our routes and itineraries are thoroughly researched with planned emergency evacuation routes. We carry the emergency contact information for the local authorities and all of our Explorer Chicks. We always carry an emergency personal locator beacon that connects directly to Search and Rescue. We have trusted home-based parties who have copies of our itinerary, emergency contact information, check-in times, and emergency instructions. And, most importantly, we brief all Explorer Chicks at the beginning of our backcountry trips on safety and our procedures. Why share all of this with you? Because it is very important to us that we conduct Explorer Chick trips safely and responsibly.

We do work with third party guides when adventures are beyond our expertise. We develop strong relationships with them to create a better experience for you. Whether they are surf instructors, hotel managers, or rafting guides, you can be assured that we have spent our time selecting only the best operators that share our vision of outdoor adventure, safety, and service.

Find the Answers to our most commonly asked questions over on our FAQ Page!

The Explorer Chick Team

Nicki Encuentro Beach Circle

Nicki Bruckmann

Nicki is the Founder of Explorer Chick Adventure Co., a Certified International Tour Director, and holds both her Wilderness First Aid and Adult First Aid/CPR/AED certifications. She was the little girl who tended to get into trouble seeking adventure and following where her curiosity led her. As she got older, her curiosity only grew stronger leading her to travel and to conquer new challenges. She’s become a trail runner, a mountain climber, a wanna-be rock climber, a 50 State High Pointer, a road trip junkie, and an avid multi-sport adventurist. Her favorite place is the outdoors, and she’s a champion of just playing. She is grateful to surround herself with strong women to experience growth in both body and mind. It’s Explorer Chicks who inspire her to be a better version of herself! When not guiding Explorer Chicks, you’ll find her playing in her hometown of Cincinnati, OH sharing her passion of the outdoors with others, leading women on their first hike or trail run, and going on mini-adventures with her niece and nephew.

Follow Nicki’s adventures on Instagram at NickiBruckmann!


Lynsey About HeadshotLynsey Harmon

Lynsey  is the Explorer Chick Backpacking Expert, an AT Section Hiker with over 200 miles of the trail completed, a wife always adventuring with her husband, the mom to 3 horses and 2 dogs, a gear head, a 50 state high pointer, and an aspiring competitive weigh lifter.

Follow Lynsey’s adventures on Instagram at LynseyLee!




Becca Foss Explorer ChickBecca Foss

Becca is an Explorer Chick Guide, a Photographer, a Writer, and a lover of all things outdoors! Originally from the Midwest, she uplifted her roots to become a full-time nomad in the summer of 2014. She has since devoted her resources to getting out and exploring every inch of the World. Whether her days are spent backpacking, rock climbing, hiking, or meandering around “that mountain over there” she’s dedicated to living an active, outdoor lifestyle. When she isn’t guiding trips, she lives and travels in a 38 year old Toyota Chinook with her husband and beloved dogs.

Follow Becca’s adventures on Instagram at RoamWildAndFree!


Theresa King

Theresa is an Explorer Chick Guide, an adventure seeker and will never pass up an opportunity to try something new. She is from Grove City, Pennsylvania and attended Slippery Rock University where she earned her dual bachelors in Nonprofit Management and Resort Recreation Management with a minor in Adventure Fitness. She loves to play outdoors; her favorite activities are climbing, backpacking, and anything in the water. Her guiding experience includes multi-week expeditions to New England, caving, canoeing, and outdoor living skills. She holds her Wilderness First Responder and Adult Aid/CPR/AED certifications. She was recently accepted into Ohio University’s graduate program, pursuing an MA in Recreation Studies.


Follow Theresa’s adventures on Instagram at TheresaKing04!




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