Explorer chick Anna M ReviewAnna M. (November 2015)  ~

“Explorer Chick Adventure Co. has truly set the bar for vacations going forward! It has encouraged me to continue to improve myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, because life is never happier than when I am outdoors and challenging myself in some way.

The bonding opportunity with fierce women who want more out of a vacation than a beach and a towel is unparalleled, and the trip planning is all done for you! I dare anyone reading this to become an Explorer Chick – you won’t regret it!!”



 Explorer Chick Amber reviewAmber M. (November 2015) ~

“I know it took me a while but I wanted to answer this email to let you know how I was impacted by our trip to Cabarete. When I came back I felt stronger in both body and spirit. I felt rejuvenated and motivated to continue being active and living a life that I love.

Everyday tasks that I used to hate, such as carrying 40 lb bags of cat litter, were suddenly no big deal. And I got one of my turns in my ballet class for the first time at my very first class back from the trip! I had a wonderful time on the trip. It was awesome to be around like-minded, fun-loving women. It was so much fun to push ourselves and encourage each other. I hope to be able to do another explorer chick trip in the future!”


Explorer Chick Adventure Erica ReviewErica D. (November 2015) ~

“Nicki Bruckmann and Explorer Chick Adventure Co. are amazing! Seriously can not get over what I have been able to achieve and the fears I conquered. These past 6 months have been pretty tough. The ones closest to me have seen it but this adventure with 3 of my dear friends reminded me of who I am and my strength. Seriously, I am thankful for this adventure and experience.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the week. Please connect with Nicki no matter what gender to plan an adventure or check out one of her upcoming ones. I am so impressed with my friend and her professionalism, dedication, enthusiasm, and leadership. The trainers she had to teach the evening fitness classes after a day of getting your butt handed to you are amazing and the tour guides for the jungle she hired are beyond trust worthy as well as the taxi drivers. This girl is literally the Real deal!”


The Dutch Mud Men ReviewGertjan Van Voorden, Dutch Mud Men (Team travel for the OCRWC) ~

“I planned my trip through EC for the OCR world championships last October (2015). We came with over 70 people from the Netherlands and everything was arranged for us. Hotel, bus transfers and trips.

Nicki is a enthusiastic girl with a great and big smile. No problem is too big for her. She solves them right away!”


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