Hocking Hills Rock Challenge

Hocking Hills, Ohio
Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Rock Challenge
10 Explorer Chicks
1/2 Day


Join Explorer Chick for an Exclusive, Women-Only Rock Challenge Adventure in Hocking Hills!

You’ll experience first hand a variety of challenges including narrow rock halls, tight squeezes, bouldering style climbs and much more!

You’ll be greeted at beautiful High Rock House by your Explorer Chick Ambassador. Then your guide will run through a safety briefing and tour instructions. After gearing up, we’ll head out!

On your way to the Rock Challenge, your guide will share interesting tidbits about native plants, trees and the geology that makes Hocking Hills so stunning! 🍂🌲

You will be guided through each crawl, under and between these giant rocks!

You will be doing many mini climbs and rappels without the need of a harness!

No experience?! No worries!! This is a perfect event to get your toes wet and wanting more! The Rock Challenge is less physically demanding than rock climbing, nothing else in Hocking Hills like it!


  • Conquer several challenges utilizing stationary ropes and webbing for on-ground climbs (bouldering and scrambling) between mammoth rock outcroppings.
  • You will have to squeeze through tight rock narrows. There will be at least two crawls through small tunnels in and between giant sandstone boulders and rocks.
  • Enjoy shared knowledge of the local plants and trees as you are hiking through the trails.
  • You will also cross the Sky Bridges between towering cliffs.
  • Challenge yourself and ascend to the top of High Rock for a panoramic view of the Hocking River Valley!

EQUIPMENT PROVIDED: A helmet is provided for this tour.

INSTRUCTION: No experience necessary, there will be a safety briefing and two guides will lead you through each challenge, offering tips throughout to make your adventure the best it can be!

*Explorer Chick and its partners reserve the option to modify trip itineraries at the discretion of your tour director as necessary due to weather, conditions, illness, injury, group dynamics, or other unforeseen incidents.

*Tipping your Guides is optional and not included in the price of your adventure. Gratuities may be given to one leader—the team divides tips among themselves after the trip. We recommend 10-20%.

Why aren’t Guide gratuities included in the trip price? Allowing Guides to accept tips is customary in the tour industry and for good reason. Explorer Chicks enjoy the opportunity to recognize their Guides personally for their hard work and keeping them safe.

  • Weight limit for climbing and rappels is 275lbs. Applies for safety.
  • Check-in Time: 30 minutes prior to departure
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Women-Only, 21+
  • If you are interested in looking for lodging:
    • Most of the local Cabin’s is a 2-night min.
    • For single nights check local hotels
      • The Holiday Inn Express in Logan or Lancaster both are close
      • Or the Baymont Inn in Logan


  • Print and Sign the High Rock Waiver prior to your arrival
  • Your order Confirmation will include a link to our Smart Waiver. Please take a minute to sign online.


High Rock Adventures

10108 Opossum Hollow Rd
Rockbridge, Ohio 43149

  • Closed Toed Shoes with good traction are required! 
  • Wear clothes that allow a full range of motion. Long pants help avoid scrapes to the legs from the rock but wear what is comfortable. Wear or bring a T-shirt to help protect your shoulders as well. NOTE: Clothes can get dirty, snagged or ripped on the natural sandstone rock.
  • Water: Bring water to drink throughout the tour, preferably in a reusable water bottle. High Rock will provide a light snack at the end of the tour.
  • Miscellaneous: Bring a hair tie for longer hair, bug repellent, rain gear, and layered clothing depending on the season.

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