Norway’s Best Mountain & Fjord Hiking

Hiking, Glacier Trek
12 Explorer Chicks
10 days


Hike all of Norway’s best trails in the mountains and above the Fjords with our 10 Day, Women Only, Small Group Hiking Adventure Tour in Norway.

Norway is every avid hiker’s dream world with glaciated peaks, exposed trails with panoramic views, roaring waterfalls, fairy tale scenery, and dramatic cliffs plunging into deep fjords!

This hiking tour has been carefully curated and “in the field” tested to include only the best hikes in Norway. Everyday you will be immersed in spectacular beauty!

In the mountains, you’ll hike high above a waterfall to a small farm for a rustic farm-to-table picnic. You’ll trek hut to hut in the “Home of Giants” enjoying the tranquility of Jotunheimen National Park. You’ll hike through the Black Valley surrounded by towering peaks steeped in all the drama of Norwegian mountaineering history. You’ll hesitantly look over the edge of Besseggen Ridge and down 2,300 feet to the turquoise lake below as you scramble your way up. You’ll enjoy the warm welcome of gracious Mountain Cabin hosts and cozy fireplaces. Oh, and you’ll only be carrying your day pack as your luggage gets transferred by ferry to your next hut!

Once in the Fjords, you’ll strap on crampons, grab an ice axe, and rope up with the rest of the group to explore Norway’s third largest glacier (Don’t worry! You’ll learn how to use your equipment!). You’ll spend a long, challenging day hiking up to Trolltunga, but stepping out onto the narrow ledge surrounded by the vastness is worth it! You’ll enjoy a picnic dinner on the famous Pulpit Rock just as the sun is setting. You’ll call upon all of your bravery to step out onto the Kjerag Boulder that remains wedged 3,300 feet above the fjords.

Not only will you play in the outdoors like an Norwegian, but you’ll dine like one too! Norwegians pride themselves in serving local foods – prepared according to traditional recipes and inspired by international cuisine. Meals are made from ingredients found in the area. Reindeer, anyone? Feast upon berries gathered from the forests and garden vegetables grown organically. Meanwhile, the moose, reindeer, and sheep openly graze in the surrounding forests and mountains. Sourcing local reduces the impact of pollution from transportation while also providing fresh, healthy ingredients. Oh, and the butter! This is something we can sink our teeth into!

Your nights will be mostly spent in traditional, Norwegian Mountain Cabins and tourist hotels. You’ll be engulfed in the atmosphere, community, and tradition of Norwegian hospitality. You’ll be traveling, not touring, in Norway!

  • 9 Nights in Hotels, Mountains Cabins, and Tourist Hotels – Shared 2 per room
    • Stays are a mix of standard hotels, Mountain Cabins, and Tourist Hotels
    • Mountain Cabins and Tourist Hotels will not have private bathrooms
    • Beds could be bunk beds or singles
  • Guided hiking throughout with a local expert and your Explorer Chick leader
  • Guided Glacier Hike including crampons, helmet, and ice axe
  • Luggage transfers
  • All meals as indicated in itinerary: B-7, L-6, D-6
  • All tips for included meals and local guides
  • Private Explorer Chick land-transportation throughout itinerary
  • A commemorative Explorer Chick shirt
  • One local English/Norwegian speaking guide throughout the full itinerary
  • A detailed Travel Guide upon booking with everything you need to know for your trip
  • One experienced Explorer Chick Leader ensuring your trip is seamless and unforgettable!
  • The freedom to enjoy your vacation and mindlessly wander!
  • Small Group experience! Your Explorer Chick Adventure is exclusive and limited to 12 women

*Packages do NOT include your airfare, airport transportation, alcoholic beverages, Explorer Chick Leader tips, or costs for additional activities.

Day 1: Arrivals

Velkommen to Norway! Arrive at any time today. Use the day to catch up on sleep or explore Oslo.

Accommodation: Oslo Hotel


Day 2: Utladalen Valley and Fondsbu

Eat up at breakfast before meeting your Explorer Chick Guide in the lobby at 8am. You’ll want to be dressed in your hiking clothes with your day pack handy. We’ll load all of our luggage onto our Private Bus and drive approximately 4.5 hours to Utladalen – the site of our first hike together. (Expect a stop at a gas station along the way for bathroom breaks and to purchase any snacks). Your hike ends at a small mountain farm where we will enjoy a traditional Norwegian Lunch and learn about the people who have been living there since 1598. After our hike out, we will drive for 1 hour to the DNT mountain lodge, Fondsu, in Jotunheimen National Park.

Elevation Gain: 1,150’

Elevation Descent: 1,150’

Distance: 2.5 miles

Time: 2-3 hours hiking

Transfer: 5.5 hours bus

Accommodation: Mountain Cabin

Meals: B, L, D

Not included: Snack and drinks


Day 3: Hiking the Historical Route Jotunheimen: Svartdalen to Gjendebu

After breakfast and packing your lunch for the day, we’ll take the ferry for about an hour to the mountain lake, Bygdin. Your luggage will stay aboard the ferry and will be waiting for you at our cabin in the evening. This is your first challenging hike in Jotunheimen National Park – “The Home of Giants.”  We start the second section of the historical route with an uphill climb, before we relatively flatten out in Svartdalen (Black Valley). You’ll be surrounded by towering peaks steeped in all the drama of Norwegian mountaineering history. Then, you’ll make a steep descent towards Gjende lake and our cabin for the night, Gjendebu. Here, you’ll witness the truly romantic views of the Norwegian mountains with rustic farmlands and cows roaming the luscious mountain pastures. The afternoon is yours to enjoy with a relaxing shower or maybe even take a dip in the glacial lake before our group dinner at the cabin.

Elevation Gain: 1,800’

Elevation Descent: 1,800’

Distance: 9.4 miles

Time: 7 hours hiking

Transfer: 1 hour Ferry

Accommodation: Mountain Cabin

Meals: B, L, D

Not included: Snack and drinks


Day 4: Hiking the Historical Route Jotunheimen: Besseggen

This morning, enjoy the fact that you are waking up in the heart of Jotunheimen, Norway’s largest National park! And, today you hike one of Norway’s most popular mountain hikes – Besseggen. It’s even been recognized by National Geographic as one of the top 20 hikes in the world!

It’s another Ferry ride this morning to Memurbu. We again leave behind our luggage after the 20 minute ferry, and begin our exciting hike. You will ascend a steady uphill climb, before reaching more undulating terrain. Don’t let the shorter distance fool you, today is more strenuous than yesterday. About half way into our hike, you’ll set your sights on the Besseggen Ridge. The ridge is straddled by the deep blue Lake Bessvatnet and the turquoise Lake Gjende. If the weather permits, maybe we’ll go for a quick dip! Now the fun part – Climbing the Class 1 Rock Scramble up the Ridge! It’s not very exposed, but can make even the most hearty of hikers feel a bit weary! Once you reach the top, there’s still more to climb as you reach the highest point on the Besseggen trail, Veslefjellet. The biggest pile of rocks you have ever seen will let you know when you have arrived. From here the route will take us down impressive stone stairs constructed by sherpas from Nepal to lessen the erosion along the trail. Tonight’s cabin, Gjendesheim – one of The Norwegian Trekking Association´s original cabins, will be waiting for you at the end of the trail.

Elevation Gain: 2,460’

Elevation Descent: 2,625’

Distance: 8.7 miles

Time: 8-9 hours hiking

Transfer: 20 minute Ferry

Accommodation: Mountain Cabin

Meals: B, L, D

Not included: Snack and drinks


Day 5: To the Fjords!

We have an early breakfast at our mountain cabin before a relaxing 3 hour drive in our private bus to the fjords. Our first stop will be Aurland where we’ll have the option to stretch our legs on a shorter hike climbing the Prest mountain. This is a shorter hike compared to the previous two, but the view is just as beautiful. From the top you can marvel down at the Aurlandsfjord, the neighbor fjord to the UNESCO Nærøyfjord. Some parts of the trail are a bit steep and can be slippery if wet, but it is an easy hike compared to the one we did yesterday. After our hike, we continue our journey to the fjords with another 4 hours on our private bus driving through beautiful landscapes. In the evening we will arrive at Rosendal Turisthotel, our home for the next three nights.

Elevation Gain: 2,300’

Elevation Descent: 2,300’

Distance: 3.2 miles

Time: 3-4 hours hiking

Transfer: 7 hours Bus

Accommodation: Turisthotel

Meals: B, L, D

Not included: Snack and drinks


Day 6: Glacier Hike – Norway’s Third Largest

Time to change gears and take our trekking onto the ice! From Rosendal, we’ll make our way up to Folgefonna, Norway’s third biggest glacier. You’ll spend 4-6 hours hiking on the glacier plateau. Although it is not particularly hard, it is a truly magnificent experience walking roped up with crampons and ice axes on 350m thick ice! Don’t worry – You’ll learn how to use all of your equipment before we take off. If the weather cooperates, you’ll have a spectacular view of the surrounding fjord landscape from the glacier.

Elevation Gain: Variable

Elevation Descent: Variable

Distance: 3.1-3.7 miles

Time: 4-6 hours hiking

Transfer: 1-2 hours Bus

Accommodation: Turisthotel

Meals: B, L, D

Not included: Snack and drinks


Day 7: Trolltunga

You’ve seen the pictures all over the internet, now it’s your turn! But don’t let its popularity fool you. Trolltunga is a long hike (10-12 hours), the longest hike of the trip, so we start off early in the morning and we will have a late dinner. Even though the hike is tough, it is both doable and worth it. It is a spectacular mountain formation situated 1,100 meters above sea level, and 700 meters above the lake of Ringedal making the entire hike truly memorable. Once at the top, you’ll have time to relax, enjoy the view, and snap plenty of Glamour Shots on the plateau. Be sure to ask for the story behind the name! This place has also inspired many Norwegian artists during the Romantic era and led to some of the most remarkable artworks coming out of Norway. (**Please note: Due to the popularity of this hike, you can expect a long queue for pictures on the “Tongue” especially on a sunny day. But that’s just extra time to enjoy the views!).

Elevation Gain: 3,280’

Elevation Descent: 3,280’

Distance: 17.4 miles

Time: 10-12 hours hiking

Transfer: 1-2 hours Bus

Accommodation:  Turisthotel

Meals: B, L, D

Not included: Snack and drinks


Day 8: Pulpit Rock

Today, we head towards one of the most famous mountain hikes in the whole world, Preikestolen! From the Rosendal, we will drive about 4 hours through the beautiful coastal scenery between Folgefonna and Preikestolen to the Preikestolen DNT Mountain Lodge. It’s a new lodge opened in 2008 that has won several awards for its unique architecture. Due to the popularity of this hike, we hold off until evening to catch the sunset and enjoy a picnic dinner at the summit. (Yes, pack your headlamps!) Before our hike, you’ll be able to enjoy the lake front property or maybe rent a SUP board if time/availability allows. Our hike this night is roughly four hours round trip and has been listed by CNN as one of the top 50 Natural Wonders

Elevation Gain: 1,150’

Elevation Descent: 1,150’

Distance: 3.7 miles

Time: 3-4 hours hiking

Transfer: 4 hours Bus

Accommodation: Mountain Cabin

Meals: B, L, D

Not included: Snack and drinks


Day 9: Kjerag Boulder

Today is our final day of trekking and our last of the most popular iconic hikes of Norway. We have an early start in order to take the ferry for 2 hours across the whole Lysefjord. On a clear morning, we’ll be able to see Pulpit rock from down below in the Fjord! We then have a short drive of about 20 minutes before starting the hike towards the Kjerag Boulder. The hike is an exciting one as we climb up three peaks and down two valleys with the aid of chains before finally reaching the boulder wedged in a mountain crevasse. The boulder rests 1,000 meters high above the Lysefjord. Are you daring enough to step out on it? If we’re lucky, you’ll also get to see base jumpers launching from the cliffs!

After the trek, we have a long return to Oslo in our private bus (6-7 hours). Plenty of time to talk about our adventures, share pictures, or maybe just catch up on some sleep! We also stop at a café to have dinner about halfway back to Oslo. Expect to arrive back in Oslo around 9-10 p.m.

Elevation Gain: 1,640’

Elevation Descent: 1,640’

Distance: 6.8 miles

Time: 6-7 hours hiking

Transfer: 2 hours Ferry; 6-7 hours Bus

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: B, L, D

Not included: Snack and drinks


Day 10: Departures

You can depart Norway at any time today. Our hotel is located in the city center, so you can explore if you have a later departure.

Meals: B

*Explorer Chick reserves the option to modify trip itineraries at the discretion of your tour director as necessary due to weather, conditions, illness, injury, group dynamics, availability, or other unforeseen incidents.

We require a minimum of 5 Explorer Chicks for this trip. Please confirm your trip is guaranteed before booking airfare.  

You will receive a travel guide attached to your booking confirmation with all the information you’ll need to prepare for your epic trip.

Your adventure begins and ends in Oslo, Norway.  

Day 1: Arrival Day. You can arrive in Oslo, Norway at any time today. You are responsible for your own transportation to the hotel. Official group rendezvous will occur in the morning of Day 2.

Day 10: Departure Day. You can depart Oslo, Norway at any time today. You are responsible for your own transportation to the airport.

Just as you would a marathon, you must train prior to your adventure. The itinerary is packed with 8 consecutive days of hiking with a variety of distances and terrain. You should be comfortable with hiking up to 17 miles in a day with your day pack. You should very easily be able to hike on rough terrain at 2 miles per hour. Please read the itinerary thoroughly with the stated elevation gains and distances.

You should be training on rough and rugged terrain – not perfectly paved sidewalks. Train how you play! Also, find steps, a hill, or the Stairmaster and get to climbing! Your quads, booty, and calves will thank you. Train in all the weather – This even means rain! Please consider the physical demands carefully as it is for the safety and enjoyment of the group.

Train your tootsies! Do not show up with brand new hiking boots or trail shoes. You should be spending hours upon hours in your boots leading up to your adventure to break them in. Better to suffer blisters at home than to miss out on a hike due to painful hot spots on your feet. This is our number one injury. Do not let it happen to you!

All Explorer Chicks will be required to sign an Acknowledgement of Physical Demands as part of their waiver upon booking.

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