Patagonia Hiking, Kayaking, and Glamping Multisport

Hiking, Kayaking, Puma Tracking, Horseback Riding
12 Explorer Chicks
9 Days


All 2023 Trips are Confirmed! Let’s Go!

What could be better than eating your crumbly Nature’s Valley bar in THE ACTUAL ENDS OF THE EARTH?! This 9-day Women’s Patagonia Hiking, Kayaking and Glamping Multisport adventure will wake up every cell in your body and uncage the part of your soul that’s been quietly screaming in Zoom meetings.

Torres del Paine – Hiking at the End of the World

Torres del Paine National Park spreads across nearly 500,000 acres and is a hiker’s paradise. You will hike 40 miles of trails surrounded by soaring granite peaks, glacial lakes, and pristine rivers over the course of your adventure, including two sections of the famed W Trek: The Towers Base and French Valley along with hikes not often frequented by tourists.

Glaciers and Kayaking

You will kayak amongst bergy bits in Grey Lake and paddle your way down the Grey River to the confluence of the Serrano, surrounded by epic views of Cuernos del Paine along the way. And Glaciers! TNP has loads of them – from the magical hanging glaciers of French Valley, to the face of the Grey Glacier, the largest glacier in the Southern Patagonia Ice Field.

Patagonia Horses + Estancias

Estancias (ranches) are an integral part of Patagonian Gaucho culture. You’ll ride on a Criollo horse, a Patagonian breed adapted to the terrain across wide-open pampas, enjoy a traditional Patagonian BBQ (asado), and hike along beautiful trails to overlooks and vistas not seen from the National Park.

Yes, We Said Puma

Patagonia is home to the largest puma population in the Americas. We’ll carefully and respectfully drive to these cats’ favorite hot spots and pause for all the photo ops. Other animal encounters on this adventure: the Colocolo cat, Geoffroy’s cat, condors, grey foxes, kestrel, tucúquere, flamingos, wetland fowl, wild horses, grazing cattle and even a sheep shearing demonstration with a working dog!

Glamp Like a Legend

Sleep in a living postcard. Our spectacular Riverside Glampsite is deliciously removed from crowded tourist spots with unspoilt views of the Serrano River and iconic Paine Massif. Each Lotus Belle deluxe tent makes you feel like nomadic royalty – complete with an elevated wood platform, comfy bed with down covers, and a mountain-facing dining lodge. Enjoy buffet breakfasts, crazy-tasty packed lunches and nourishing dinners made by private chefs who know their way around a Pisco sour. Worried about next-day boobsweat? Showers and bath houses are a short walk away.

Silence Your Inner Critic

This is a challenging, rigorous adventure that your heart is clambering to experience, but your brain might be a little “WTF.” Remember that easy doesn’t change you. Your body can do incredible things. With your supportive group of Explorer Chicks and our professional guides,  we’ll do all the hard things together. It won’t be effortless. There may be some tears. But our Patagonia experience will be with you for the rest of your life.





After you arrive, you’ll be driven into our loving arms via private transfer. Your only job today is to arrive at our rendezvous hotel in the small fjord-side town of Puerto Natales and prepare for our delicious Welcome Dinner. 

Private Transfer to Hotel: 10 minutes

Accommodation: Hotel, Puerto Natales



After a delicious breakfast, we’ll board the trusty SHE-nanigan Shuttle through Chilean Pampas grasslands to our rugged home for the next five days. Torres del Paine National Park is a crown jewel of public land – bursting with mountains, glaciers, pristine lakes and winding rivers.

Paine (pronounced “PIE-neh”) is the native Tehuelche word for blue and Torres is the Spanish word for towers. So yeah, you aren’t going to need your fancy Insta filters.

Our first hike of our trip will be a path less travelled inside Torres del Paine National Park. Here, we’ll hike past wildflowers and peer up at soaring condors as we take in panoramic views of Torres del Paine. The highest point of the trail connects to a rarely-trekked path from the Estancia to the Weber Bridge in the heart of the park.

Afterwards, we’ll take short jaunt in our shuttle to march our buzzing bodies to our Glamping home for the next four nights, complete with a feastly meal inside our cozy dining lodge.

Transfer Time from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park: 90 mins   

Transfer Time from Trail to Camp: 20 mins

Hiking: 8.8 miles, 970’ gain, 5 hours

Accommodation: Riverside Glamping (Night 1 of 4)

Meals: B, L, D 


After a plentiful breakfast, we’ll board our Shuttle for a quick 30 minute transfer to meet our professional kayaking guides on the shores of Grey Lake.

We’ll get the low-down on paddling 101 before slipping into the lake and two rivers. Our views of the magnificent Paine Massif will be so pristine, you’ll wonder if they’re Photoshopped. Speak the names of some of the most glorious peaks –Paine Grande, the Cordillera Olguin, and Los Cuernos.

Awaken new strength in your arms as you paddle through floes of ice that have descended from Glacier Grey, the namesake of these waters. These icebergs are scattered throughout the lake and have been sculpted into incredible shapes by the wind and sun, before being pushed to the shores of the lake.

After, we’ll descend into Grey River, which snakes through deep canyons with steep rock faces and rapids. Fear not, this is still a beginner-friendly paddle! We will continue on past the Paine Massif along the Grey River until it joins with the turquoise water of the Serrano.

After a day of paddling, we’ll arrive back at our Glampsite ready to rest our muscles, gorge our bellies and laugh like hyenas.  

Transfer Time: 30 Minutes

Kayaking: 8-10 miles. 6 hours

Accommodation: Riverside Glamping (Night 2 of 4)

Meals: B, L, D


It’s legs day, Explorer Chick! We’ll depart our camp at 9AM for a round-trip hike in the French Valley. Our loyal SHE-nanigan Shuttle will be waiting to escort us on a 45 minute transfer over a gravel road all the way to Pudeto Pier at Lake Pehoé.

Here we’ll take a 35 minute catamaran to the Paine Grande area. Our spectacular destination, the French Valley, is a natural basin surrounded by peaks and hanging glaciers. We’ll be greeted by a glacial moraine at the entrance and scramble over huge boulders to catch the first sight of the hanging glacier atop the valley. NBD, just being awesome over here.

We’ll ascend for an hour through a dreamlike Japanese garden landscape before arriving at the French Valley viewpoint aka the “Plateau”. Our reward is a heart-stirring condor’s view of MORE granite peaks and hanging glaciers. To one side, the French Glacier and Paine Grande (10,056′). To the other, La Espada, La Hoja, La Máscara and the main and north “horns” of Los Cuernos arching into the sky.

There are so many summits to spy here, it feels like attendance day in homeroom. Cerro Catedral? Here! Cerro Fortaleza? Here! These peaks loom like turrets above the landscape, and you’ll start to wonder if all the GOOD tectonic plates decided to migrate here.

We’ll scarf our chef-prepared organic box lunches at the Valle de Frances viewpoint, surrounded by imposing peaks and open sky. Depending on the weather conditions and group vibe, we can continue to the Britanico Lookout which offers impressive 360 degree views.

We return the same way we came to enjoy a well-deserved dinner at camp.

Transfer Time to Pudeto Pier: 45 minutes

Catamaran to Paine Grande: 35 minutes

Hiking: 10-11 miles. 1,900’ gain. 8-9 hours

Accommodation: Riverside Glamping (Night 3 of 4)
Meals: B, L, D



Where are our Planet Earth nerds at?! Early in the morning after a hearty breakfast, we’ll hop on our Shuttle for an hour’s drive to meet with a local puma tracking guide. (It’s impossible to say that casually.) Our destination will depend on where the pumas were last spotted, but generally they are found near a nature trail along the border of Lago Sarmiento and Juncos Lagoon, about 45 minutes from the Riverside Glampsite. Board the van and get your cameras ready! We’ll alternate between driving and hiking on an easy/moderate trail where guanacos (cute puma food) are found. 

If we spot a puma (or a family!) we will spend just enough time to take photos without disrupting their routine. We’ll continue to track these spectacular felines while hiking in different sectors of the park. After a dishy picnic lunch, we’ll make our way back to the Serrano sector to our camp. Dinner in the lodge is served before our last night’s rest in our Lotus Belle tents.

Guided Puma Tracking By Van: 4-5 Hours

Hiking Distance: 4-5 miles. 300’ gain. 3 hours

Accommodation: Riverside Glamping (Night 4 of 4)
Meals: B, L, D


Wave goodbye to camp! An early morning transfer to the Las Torres sector of the park is where we’ll begin our trek to the iconic Base of Las Torres.

Our initial climb follows the Ascencio River into the Ascencio Valley. After about an hour, we’ll stop to observe how the valley’s beauty unfolds with rich beech forests, glaciers and waterfalls. Past this lookout point, we continue uphill and through lush beech forests before ascending a gigantic terminal moraine, which is the ridge formed at a glacier’s end point. Here is where we witness the money shot of the three Towers themselves.

We’ll pause at this lookout point 2950’ above sea level, have a rest, take photos and snack like we’ve never snacked before. Our descent is along the same path, taking us back to our cozy hotel for the night, which is located conveniently near the trailhead! 

Transfer Time to Las Torres: 2 hrs       

Hiking: 13 miles. 3,330’ gain. 8-9 hours

Accommodation: 4-Star Hotel (1 Night)
Meals: B, L, D



Today’s Estancia is actively protecting one of the most biodiverse regions in Patagonia. It is home to puma, the Colocolo cat, Geoffroy’s cat, birds of prey, and a host of other creatures, including armadillos, guanacos, caiquenes, skunks and woodpeckers. 

We’ll learn more about the Estancia culture through a guided tour as well as the work of the Gauchos as we saddle up for our day’s adventure. We will ride on Criollo horses, a Patagonian breed that is highly adapted to the terrain – AND HIGHLY CUTE. These Criollo are lucky enough to roam wide-open pampas, green southern beech forests and the rugged coastline with a gaucho and our guide.

No previous horseback riding experience is needed, but this won’t be a slow pony ride! We will be riding guacha-style past native flora, fauna and an archaeological site for a 2 hour ride with views of the Paine Massif, surrounded by sheep, horses and inhabited by foxes, rhea, and guanacos.

After we give our Criollo a loving snout rub goodbye, we’ll settle in for a sheep shearing demonstration (compete with working dogs!) and enjoy a delicious traditional Patagonian barbeque aka asado at the Estancia. Life is good, mi Amiga. 

Estancia Tour: 4-5 hours

Horseback Riding: 2 hours

Accommodation: Hotel
Meals: B, L, D



Our last day is all about scenic drives, slow ambling and soaking in the memories of your adventure. After chowing down breakfast, we’ll hop aboard the SHE-nanigan Shuttle to Baguales River. This drive is stunning – zooming past the coastline of Puerto Natales and along several ranches.

When the road turns rural, keep an eye out for ñandus (Darwin’s Rhea), flamingos, skunks, foxes, a variety of birds and many iconic sheep as they graze the endless Patagonia landscapes.

We’ll go until the road runs out, ending at Las Cumbres, a very rustic Patagonian Estancia. We’ll begin a very pleasant trek along the eastern bank of the Baguales River following guanaco tracks through the rolling hills. Our gentle walk leads us to an amazing landscape made up of green valleys surrounded by mountain peaks that were built by lava flows.

Just when you think your eyeballs can’t take anymore, we’ll come across a secret lagoon called Rodas, which is hidden by red rock cliffs. Here we’ll rest and peer down at wild trout as they swim through the algae.

We’ll return along the same trail to meet our Shuttle at the outpost, which will take us back to Puerto Natales for the evening. Prepare for an epic, boisterous, super emo farewell dinner. 

Transfer Time to Baguales: 1 hour       

Transfer Time from Baguales to Puerto Natales: 2 hours

Hiking: 5 miles. Minimal gains. 4-5 hours

Accommodation: Hotel, Puerto Natales
Meals: B, L, D


Enjoy one last breakfast together before parting ways. We will provide a final chauffeur in the SHE-nanigan Shuttle to Puerto Natales because we just can’t let go. 

You can schedule your departure anytime today. 

Transfer Time: 10 mins

*Explorer Chick reserves the option to modify trip itineraries at the discretion of your adventure leader as necessary due to weather, conditions, illness, injury, group dynamics, safety, or other unforeseen incidents. If an activity must be canceled due to conditions and cannot be rescheduled, your Explorer Chick guide will work to find alternatives or modifications to ensure the best value for your trip.

  • 4 nights Glamping at a Riverside Camp. Shared, 2 Explorer Chicks per Lotus Belle canvas tent. Tents have double-height air mattresses, bed linens, down pillows, comforters, towels and cushy bathrobes. There are covered picnic shelters throughout camp with electricity, showers and bathrooms in short walking distance from all tents. Dining Lodge with wood-burning fire places and comfy seating for all meals and a panoramic view of Paine Grande and the Serrano River.
  • 2 nights at a traditional Hotel with Old World charm. Shared, 2 Explorer Chicks per room. Central heating, private bathroom, hairdryer, safe, Wi-Fi connection.
  • 2 Nights in a boutique Puerto Natales Hotel. Shared 2 Explorer Chicks per room. Newly remodeled hotel with on-site plant-based restaurant. Rooms equipped with private bathrooms and Wi-Fi.
  • Guided Patagonia hiking throughout with an expert local guide and an Explorer Chick guide
  • Scenic Catamaran crossing of Lake Pehoe
  • Guided Kayaking of Gray Lake and Grey River including all necessary gear.
  • Scenic Catamaran crossing of Lake Pehoe
  • Half-Day Estancia Tour with traditional Patagonian asado BBQ
  • 2 hour Guided Horseback Ride
  • Entrance and permit fees to all National Parks and public lands.
  • Airport Transfers on Day 1 and Day 9
  • All meals as indicated in itinerary: B-8, L-7, D-8
  • All tips for included meals and tours.
  • A commemorative Explorer Chick shirt.
  • Private Explorer Chick land-transportation throughout itinerary
  • A detailed Travel Guide with everything you need to know for your trip
  • The freedom to enjoy your vacation and mindlessly wander!
  • Small Group experience! Your Explorer Chick Adventure is exclusive and limited to 12 women

*Packages do NOT include your rendezvous hotel, departure hotel, airfare, airport transportation, alcoholic beverages, travel insurance, meals exclusive of itinerary, or costs for additional activities.  

*Does NOT include your Explorer Chick Guide’s Tips – Tipping your Explorer Chick Guide(s) is optional, but customary. If you wish to recognize your Explorer Chick Guide for exceptional service we recommend you tip them 10-25% of your trip costs.

You will receive a Travel Guide with all the rendezvous hotel, transportation recommendations, and additional information you’ll need to prepare for your epic trip! 

Your adventure begins and ends in Puerto Natales (PNT)

Day 1: Arrival. We will rendezvous as a group at 6pm on Day 1. It is highly recommended to arrive the day before. Depending on your travel arrangements, you will be picked up at either the Puerto Natales Airport or Bus Station upon arrival and transferred to our Rendezvous Hotel. You are responsible for booking your pre-tour hotel.

Day 9: Departure. Plan to depart Puerto Natales anytime on Day 9. We will have one transfer to the Puerto Natales airport and Bus Station today. You are responsible for booking your post-tour hotel

Optional Add-Ons: Pre and Post tour rooms at our Rendezvous Hotel in Puerto Natales are available at booking.

We require a minimum of 5 Explorer Chicks for this trip. Please confirm your trip is guaranteed before booking airfare. 


During your Patagonia Hiking, Kayaking and Glamping Multi-Sport, you will hike some of the best trails in Torres del Paine National Park. Hiking in Patagonia can be very rugged, and the windy weather and variable weather conditions (4 seasons in a Day!) add to the challenge. We will be starting our most of our hikes around sea level, so although the hiking is rugged, we won’t have to contend with acclimatization in Patagonia.

  • Day 2: 5 to 6 hours, 8.8 miles round trip, 970′ elevation gain. Moderate.
  • Day 3: Kayaking Day. 8-12 miles kayaking in double sea kayak on flat water and then on a river. 6-7 Hours Kayaking. Moderate.
  • Day 4: French Valley Hike. 10 miles. 1,950′ elevation gain. Moderate-Challenging
  • Day 5: Puma Tracking. 4-5 miles. 300′ elevation gain. Easy-Moderate
  • Day 6: Base of Towers Hike. 13 miles. 3,330′ elevation gain. 8-9 hours. Challenging.
  • Day 7: Estancia Tour and Horseback Ride. 2-3 hour horseback ride. Easy-Moderate.
  • Day 8: Baguales River hike. 5 miles. 3-4 hours hiking, easy riverside walk.

We highly recommend training prior to your adventure. The itinerary is packed full of hiking and active adventures. You should be comfortable with hiking up to 13 miles in a day carrying a light day pack with elevations gains up to 3,330 feet.

You should be training on rough and rugged terrain – not perfectly paved sidewalks. Also, find steps, a hill, or the StairMaster and get to climbing! Your quads, booty, and calves will thank you.

Train your tootsies! Do not show up with brand new hiking boots or trail shoes. You should be spending hours upon hours in your boots leading up to your adventure to break them in. Better to suffer blisters at home than to miss out on a hike due painful hot spots on your feet. This is our number one injury. Don’t let it happen to you!

Explorer Chick prides itself in curating trips for women who live an active, healthy lifestyle. What this means is we tackle the big climbs, the long trails, the bucket lists, and the uncomfortable. To get the most from your adventure we recommend having a solid fitness base with training on trails in a variety of weather conditions and hill/stair climbing. Train how you play!

Please consider your ability to meet the physical demands very seriously. It is for the safety of both you and our group. All Explorer Chicks will be required to sign an Acknowledgement of Physical Demands as part of their waiver upon booking.

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