Anya Chang-DePuy

Anya is an Explorer Chick Guide who you’ll find traveling abroad, backpacking in the mountains, or with her hands in the earth trying to grow a thing or two to munch on. Immediately after graduation University of Massachusetts with a B.A. in cultural anthropology, Anya took off to Asia where she spent 13 months solo traveling through Thailand, Myanmar and India. She ended up spending many years in Asia continuing to explore the land and cultures through leading groups on cultural exchange programs and epic outdoor adventures!

Anya decided to head back to the US to explore the glorious landscape and wild spaces the US holds. She’s led backpacking programs through Maine and New Hampshire and sailing expeditions off the coast of Maine and Florida. But she’s also left some space for personal adventures and has hiked 500 miles along the PCT and seeks any opportunity to get out for a few nights of backpacking trips through the various landscapes of the US: from the scraggly peaks of the Sawtooth wilderness, to the immense canyons of Escalante and the Grand Canyon. She’s got a knack for dancing, anywhere, anytime, she has her own silversmithing business she runs in-between her guiding gigs. She also loves regenerative agriculture and dreams of having land to grow all of her own food, and there will be goats….many goats!

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