Courtney Henderson

Courtney is the SEO and Digital Editor—which is a fancy way of saying she’s in charge of making sure the Explorer Chick website appeases the mighty Google Gods and appears in search results. And if anyone’s old enough (like she is) to remember the Hair Club for Men commercials she’s proud to say she not only works for Explorer Chick, “she’s also a client!” She enjoyed several trips (and lots of SHE-nanigans) as a happy customer before being presented with the opportunity to join the Dream Team! Home is a 1925 American Foursquare in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky where she spends her time hanging with her husband, son, and daughter—all while frequently tripping over a Labrador named Rocket. When she’s not basking in the glow of her Macbook you can find her outdoors, at the gym, traveling, finding new recipes, fixing up her house, and trying to remember to drink more water.

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