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Social Media and Content Manager

Accelerate the Unhinged Growth of a Travel Business


*** 7/11/24: Applications are now closed. Our Team has reached out to those we wish to interview. 

Are you a social media expert with a talent for designing engaging content, driving organic leads, and boosting conversions? Do you shine at creating eye-catching visuals and transforming engagement into real results? Are you a strategic, driven difference-maker? Are you competitive and love to win? 

Unleash your undying love of strategically growing a raving customer base with your wild creativity and sharp analytical mind. We’re searching for a proactive and experienced Social Media and Content Manager who gets her thrills from growing a raving customer base, connecting to the needs of our Explorer Chick community, nurturing the guest journey, converting those sweet sweet bookings, and getting a little scrappy to crush sales goals.

This is a fast-paced environment perfect for a restless mind. You’ll manage multiple channels in a culture that welcomes change, audacious thinking, and daily SHE-nanigans.

If you are up to the challenge of taking an established and thriving women’s adventure travel company to the next level with your social media marketing prowess, then we think we love you? Keep reading!

Your Mission

Come at us with your wild hog energy! Multi-platform marketing campaigns, community engagement, lead generation, conversion funnels, analytics, inspiring action, crushing goals––is it getting hot in here? 

You’ll obsess over our brand’s voice injecting your rowdy sense of humor while conjuring content that empathizes with and celebrates the women who travel with us. Cultivating content that addresses the inner cynic and encourages a moment of all-out bravery is our secret sauce. That’s how we build instant trust from booking to boots in the dirt. 

So beyond selling pictures of a gorgeous trip, you will continually sell the soul and sisterhood of women’s adventure travel. 

Do your conversion rates intimidate the Pope? You know that social media marketing is more than pretty pictures, endless copy, and vanity metrics. Your strategic brain maps out conversion funnels with lead-nurturing workflows and automations for sh*ts and giggles. Not only can you co-conceive our next 2.6 million views viral reel, but you relish in the opportunity to capture new eyeballs from Top of Funnel content to lovingly guide them through the buyer journey and eventually to our newest booked fangirlies. Aka you get tangible results.

Bring on your off-the-wall, unconventional, and new ideas that your current employer is too boring to consider. We are down to experiment and get weird to smash KPIs as long as you are tracking those metrics to understand if you’re giving our Explorer Chicks what they want! 

Analytics is your BFF in understanding how our Explorer Chicks find us, what content is performing, and which platforms drive them to eventually book and rebook. A/B testing and routine audits are your secret weapon in fortifying future revenue growth, conversion rates, and ROI. 

Your Day-to-Day

Developing a robust social strategy across platforms, community management, creating all organic and paid social content, evaluating social media performance metrics, crafting sales campaigns, marketing new and existing trips, building automated conversion funnels, optimizing content/profiles for SEO, strategizing new ideas/collabs/partnerships for growth, reporting analytics to us simpletons, and making sure we don’t look like grandmas on TikTok. 

The position will work collaboratively with the web content creator and digital marketer to tie together marketing initiatives. The position requires flexibility to adapt to trends, news, and company news/initiatives as well as project management, creativity, a sense of humor, and a strong commitment to serving our Explorer Chicks.


Our Dream Candidate

  • Can anticipate women’s needs with humor and empathy
  • Creates captivating content that stops the scroll 
  • Motivated by crushing goals, maximizing ROI, and LOVES turning engagement into tang
  • Will incessantly try to beat KPIs for future revenue growth
  • Routinely runs analytics to know what’s pushing the needle and what’s dead in the water 
  • Strategically connects the dots and traffic across platforms 
  • Knows how to please a qualified lead at every stage of the sales funnel 
  • Can happily go it alone but lives for a prolific collab 
  • Never settles, but gets after it with a mix of daring ideas and the practice of Kaizen 
  • An experienced outdoor girlie with passport stamps


About Explorer Chick

Since 2014, Explorer Chick has been changing lives through the magic of women’s adventure travel. We’re a woman-owned and operated company leading women of all ages straight outta their comfort zones and into the arms of other misfits in some of the most beautiful places on earth. Explorer Chicks love us for our itineraries that are crafted along a compelling storyline that transforms them from mere trips to life-altering journeys.

Our all-women professional guide team not only manages the logistics during each trip allowing women to explore carefree, but also offers expertise, outdoor education, and engaging stories to more deeply connect to destinations. And our community-centric approach empowers 80% of our women to sign up solo.

It’s no surprise that Explorer Chick was recognized as one of Travel + Leisure’s Worlds Best tour operators in 2022 and a USA Today’s Readers Choice in 2023. Oh, and we do it in a gloriously un-corporate culture that prioritizes SHE-nanigans. 

Why you belong at EC

This is your chance to use your social media skills for something intensely powerful. To bring women out of their comfort zones and into the arms of perfect strangers as they explore the farthest corners of the earth. The conversions you create will literally change lives. ARE YOU FREAKING IN?!


Position Overview

  • Highlights: Key Creative and Revenue Driver in a fast-growing company with unlimited potential. 100% Remote. Work/Life Balance. Unlimited PTO. Travel on one Explorer Chick trip per year. 
  • Salary Range: $65,000-95,000. Full-Time. Simple IRA with 3% match on date of hire. 
  • Location: 100% Remote.


Required Experience 

  • Minimum: Bachelor’s Degree in a Marketing/Business field and 5+ years experience in social media marketing with proven results. 
  • The position requires flexibility to adapt to trends, news, and company news/initiatives as well as project management, creativity, a sense of humor, strategic thinking and a strong commitment to serving our Explorer Chicks.
  • Excellent writing, editing, and storytelling skills, with attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Demonstrated ability to write clear, engaging, and persuasive copy tailored to various social media platforms, with strong skills in creating compelling calls-to-action, optimizing content for SEO, and maintaining brand voice consistency.
  • Contribute to the development of brilliant strategies for new product launches, existing trips, increasing reach, moving audiences through the sales funnel to booking, and initiatives to exceed sales goals and achieve business objectives. 
  • Must have analytical skills. Able to structure and process qualitative or quantitative data to draw insightful conclusions. Exhibit a probing mind that drills down to understand what drives the company.
  • You are an ideas person, but you stand out by presenting your ideas with data, a budget, and projected ROI to prove its worth. 
  • Strong understanding of digital marketing tools and platforms, including social media management tools, and analytics tools. Tools include Mailchimp, Canva, Later, and ManyChat. 
  • Exhibit proficiency in producing, editing, and enhancing videos and multimedia content for digital marketing campaigns, including video editing software and graphic design. 
  • Conversion Funnel marketing expert including workflows, automations, segmentation, A/B Testing, routine monitoring, reporting, and integration across platforms.
  • Strong understanding of digital marketing principles, social media platforms, trends, and best practice, with a continuous learning mindset.
  • Strong eye for design and an inherent understanding of UX on all digital platforms
  • Perform a mix of high-level strategy and day-to-day execution 
  • People magnet with a love to support our community of Explorer Chicks
  • Embody an entrepreneurial mindset that drives us to be better, innovative, and stronger. Growth mindset and consider yourself a lifelong learner
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a remote team environment.
  • A passion for and extensive travel and outdoors experience preferred. 


The Application Process

  1. Complete the Application Form below.
  2. Complete this 10 Minute Survey.

Both must be completed to be considered for the position. They are completed separately and can be completed in any order.