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Your forever-ever girl gang

One and done? Never heard of her.


Do you have 6 pairs of the exact same pants in case production suddenly grinds to a halt?

When we find something that’s made for us, it feels finite. Like magic can only strike once. And we are so ready to blow that narrative up.

Over 30% of Explorer Chicks return to travel with us again.

This is HUGE considering how big of a mindset-shift travel is for people. So we go out of our ever-loving way to serve our travel VIPs with:

-New gorgeous destinations every year
-Special promos and launch parties to bring in new friends
-A growing arsenal of guides to expand our teaching moments

You are guaranteed a dynamic experience every time you travel with us, even if you keep adding the same trip to cart. (Old habits die hard.)

Welcome to your forever fam.

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