1. You can’t remember the last time you did something for the first time.

2. Everyday you open the email advertising last minute, cheap airfare hoping the departure cities include your hometown.

3. You recently changed your Facebook cover photo to 1 of 3 things:

  1. You on an adventure
  2. A landscape from one of your adventures
  3. A place on your bucket list

4. You buy candles based on the mountain scenery on the label that catches your breath instead of scent.

5. Your Instagram feed is fueled by users with Wander, Travel, Adventure, Escape, Journey, or Explore in their handle.

6. You’ve never surfed, but you found a rash guard on clearance at REI while browsing aimlessly and bought it just in case.

7. Your backpack is dusty.

8. You subconsciously go towards windows.

9. You’re the first to ask a co-worker about her vacation demanding all of the details the morning of her return so you can live vicariously through her stories.

10. Wild, Born to Run, Eat, Pray, Love, On the Road, and Lonely Planet Guides line you bookshelves.

11. You drive with the windows down and sunroof open despite the blistering, summer heat.

12. You consider Vacation Days an asset with an incalculable value.

13. You love to tell a good story that begins with “This one time I was traveling…”

14. You only buy Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen because it smells like coconuts which smell like the beach which smells like that “This one time when I was traveling…”

15. National Geographic is in your browser history.

16. Your Bucket List is growing faster than you can check it off.

17. And, finally, you’re reading this blog instead of working to see how many items on this list apply to you so you can justify going on that Adventure you’ve been thinking about.

Happy Exploring!


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