Explorer Chick threw an online Adventure Release Party, Tuesday December 6, 2016, and it was EPIC!

We had over 700 people in attendance on the Facebook Event page! Wowzas! 👭

From the comfort of their own homes, work places, or even on the trails, Explorer Chicks logged onto our Facebook event to learn more about our 2017 adventures, meet all of our guides via Facebook Live, and we gave away some serious swag!

Oh, and we also awarded one lucky Explorer Chick a 2017 trip of her choice! 🏆¬†She’s going surfing in the Dominican Republic this March!

Explorer Chicks checked in with Selfies from AL, OH, WA, MD, ID, IA, TN, NY, FL, NE, and so many other places around the country! Selfies on the trails, at work (we wont’ tell!), with a skeleton, with a glass of wine! We loved being able to put a face with the comments and likes! 🌎

All of the Explorer Chick guides went live during the event to introduce ourselves personally, to tell our outdoor story, and to really give everyone an opportunity to meet and hear us!

When we asked Explorer Chicks to share their favorite Road Trip song, 126 women shared their fav’s! Oh, the songs we got stuck in our head! John Denver, Journey, Van Morrison, One Republic! So many to add to our Roadtrip Playlist for next year! 🎶

Explorer Chicks who have traveled with us in the past even chimed in! 💗

“I went to the DR last month with Explorer Chick. For me it was sort of a last minute “Why not!” decision. I went to a different country, with people I had NEVER met, and I had a blast. Checked a bunch of boxes on my bucket list (surfing!, trapeze!, zipline!) and did a few things I didn’t even know were on my bucket list (bachata dancing, swimming in a gorgeous lagoon, yoga by the ocean)…I promise you will learn, make new friends, and have an amazing time.” ~ Erin

“It’s so hard to make friends as an adult. And especially friends that are willing to get dirty and push their limits. I’m so grateful to find Explorer Chick Adventure Co. to connect with a bunch of strong, fun, badass women that just want to explore. I’m looking forward to more adventures in 2017.” ~ Amanda

We’re still buzzing from the party and the engagement! The Explorer Chick team is simply humbled by the¬†participation, enthusiasm, and passion for the outdoors! We LOVE it!

All of the 2017 adventures are live on the website! We have some seriously badass trips for badass chicks planned including a Dirtbag Adventure in Moab, backpacking in Wyoming, and an Ultimate Road Trip to Utah and Arizona!