A few weeks ago the Explorer Chicks left behind Cabarete and the North Coast of the Dominican Republic filled with good vibes, exciting stories, and shorter bucket lists. What we didn’t leave with so much was a sun-kissed tan.

While the Explorer Chicks were enjoying a week long adventure, the North Coast was being pounded by unforgiving rains. We were right in the middle of it, but I updated the itinerary daily with amazing adventures not affected by the weather. Even though we still continued to adventure daily, we witnessed first hand the destruction of the rains.

We saw rivers dangerously approaching the bottom of bridges, cows being herded through busy streets to safer pastures, houses under a solid 2-3 feet of water, and impassable flooded roads. On my last days in Cabarete I talked to locals affected by the floods. The owner of my favorite coffee shop told me how she is now homeless, staying with friends, and seeking a new home which will surely be in high demand. A moto driver told me of his flooded house and even showed me the scrapes on the bottoms of his feet from trying to salvage his possessions.


Over the years I have built a community of friends in Cabarete. Folks I know by name, that I enthusiastically hug every time I get to see them again, friends that I stay in touch with year round on Facebook and email. The Explorer Chicks meet most of my community when they travel with Explorer Chick putting names to the faces and getting to know everyone on a personal level. Cabarete has a very special place in my heart and I know it has left it’s imprint on the the Explorer Chicks who have traveled there as well.

The North Coast is in need right now during our holiday season so they can rebuild, put food on their table, and return to their daily lives.

How can you help?

  1. Explorer Chick is offering $100 off both our 2017 Dominican Republic Adventures now through Sunday, November 27th. For every trip booked between then and now, we will donate $100 on your behalf to the You Caring Crowdfund to provide Dominican North Coast Flood Relief. Simply use code: GIVE when booking.
  2. Donate directly to the Crowdfund!

Donations are being used to provide food to the smaller barrios and bateys that are not as easily accessible and overlooked by the limited government resources. Not only was food stored in home kitchens destroyed, but also the wares of the neighborhood colmados (Smaller grocery stores that sell the essentials in neighborhoods. Similar to an urban bodega). One hundred percent of the proceeds raised are being donated directly to those in need by members of the local community.

A little goes a long way in the Dominican Republic. Whether you choose to donate by booking your 2017 trip to the Dominican Republic and connecting with this strong community first hand or choosing to donate $5, $20, or $50, please know that your gift will have a direct, positive impact on our friends on the North Coast. #DoMoreGood