Alaska is for Explorers

I have two visions of Alaska when it pops up into my head. The first vision is of large cruise ships pulling into port with hordes of people flooding the small towns, embarking on day trips to nearby natural attractions, and relentlessly snapping pictures without a clue as to where they are walking.

Then I have this second vision of Alaska. It is one of pristine wilderness with bears catching fish, big mountains, torquoise lakes, and quiet. 🐻 It’s a landscape left untouched where I can roam freely with a new discovery around every corner. It’s how Alaska or the rest of the United States looked when the very first explorers set foot into the great unknown.

Can you guess which vision I prefer? Yeah, I bet we’re thinking the same one.

When your Dream Team set out to plan an Alaska trip, Becca and I knew we wanted something unique. Yes, we could do the traditional road trip with stops at Denali, glacier trekking, kayaking, and hours just driving.

But, we wanted the Explorer Chick Adventure to feel like a true wilderness expedition to Alaska. Real, authentic, truly adventurous.

And, that’s what we did!

We curated a tour so remote and off the cellular grid (Hooray!), that it requires 2 small planes to reach our expedition base camp. It’s a bush plane and then a floatplane to arrive at Lake Clark National Park. Oh, and you’ll want to have your camera ready as you take in the vast wilderness from above.

Once in the park, it’s expedition style base camp living and playing. You’ll set up near the lake shores and enjoy stars for days. Your phone will be on airplane mode because the only thing it will be good for is pictures.

Daily, you’ll hike and trek into the park – a park that has only 1 trail and road. Yeah, it’s wild, baby! Midway through, we pack up our kayaks to paddle and move our camp across the lake for more exploring.

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What in the world is out there? The “Grand Canyon” of the park, wildlife habitats, glaciers, unmarked trails, and solitude.

This! This is an adventure. An exploration. What you, as a little girl reading about the great conquests and discoveries of earlier explorers, envisioned! Now it’s your turn. 🗺



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