All Women can be an Explorer Chick

And How to Join our Tribe of Bold Women  

Greetings Explorer Chicks! 

Last Friday was our first Mini Adventure of 2019, and I was lucky enough to join over 40 women at Perfect North Slopes for a few hours on the Tubing Lanes. The slopes pulled off a miracle just barely blowing enough snow to open that evening. Ironically, it was a crisp, clear night on the eve of our first massive snow storm this year! As I write in Cincinnati, I’m looking out my window at about a good 6 inches still remaining. (More details on the night in picture below!)

At every Mini Adventure I attend I always ask, “Who has adventured with Explorer Chick before?” Usually, it’s a good chunk of women. Women who have attended some of our Mini Adventures or Explorer Chicks who have traveled with us in the past. There were only 10 or so hands up. So, I asked, “Who is a first time Explorer Chick?” Lots of hands shot up. “WELCOME!” 

Then, there is our Glow Snow Tubing coming up this weekend with 70 Explorer Chicks in attendance with many names on the Manifest that I don’t recognize.

Word is spreading. Someone started a nasty rumor that we do cool shit in cool places with cool chicks. 🤘

But, I’m feeling troubled! I fear that many of our new women may only be scraping the tip of iceberg. Explorer Chick was created to connect women to embark on epic adventures together! There is so much to be gained beyond that one, single evening! 

In my personal Facebook feed, I see the connections of women who have met on one our trips. They are engaging with one another. They are hanging out outside of Explorer Chicks. They are forming lasting friendships! 

We have our Facebook group, the Explorer Chick Tribe where we just “Hang out,” ask for recommendations, and talk all things outdoors. 

Then there is our Social Media over on Instagram and our main Facebook page showcasing our Explorer Chicks with “In her Words,” our upcoming adventures, and news with a dose mindless fun. 

Of course, there are always our upcoming Mini Adventures! These are one day adventures (usually a few hours and on the weekend) exclusively for Explorer Chick. We do everything from rappelling, climbing trees, camp at the zoo, and more. Basically, anything that will get us out to play for a few hours!

We are constantly adding new Mini Adventures every month. On Tuesdays, we send out our weekly Mini newsletter with all of the upcoming Mini Adventures. 

But the fastest way to find out what’s new is over on our Facebook Events page. All of our upcoming Trips and Minis are posted there. Plus, it’s helpful if you are looking to do something at a certain time of the year.  

Then there are our Explorer Chick trips. Yes! These are women only, small group trips! We curate travel that feeds your wandering soul while pushing your boundaries! We’re not talking Yoga Retreats or lame Motorcoach tours. I’m talking trips that give you what you never dreamed possible! Trips that are challenging, off the beaten path, authentic, and in extraordinary destinations with zero expectations attached.  

Love discounts? So do we! All of our trips have Early Bird Discounts codes to save Hundreds! These are all conveniently linked in our Main Menu and HERE

And who the heck am I? Welp, I’m Nicki, the founder. I’m was over-worked, newly divorced woman who got drunk wine on night and decided she was going to start a women-only adventure travel company back in 2014. You can read my whole story HERE

So, there you have it! We have built Explorer Chick for you! Whether you just want to:  

  • Become part of an online community of bold women
  • Can only escape to an adventure for a day or a few hours
  • Explore and share experiences in new parts of the world

Pleasure to “Meet” all of you and I look forward to the day we adventure together!

Cheers to Boundless Adventures! 

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder, Explorer Chick

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