Explorer Chick Amber chasing waterfalls

Over the past week, both me and Explorer Chick have been tagged in posts by Explorer Chicks sharing their adventures! This darn near makes my heart burst every single time.

Explorer Chick was created with one mission in mind: Impact! And guess what. Mission accomplished.

With their permission, I’m sharing how both Anna M. and Amber M. have continued to live the Explorer Chick life playing in the outdoors and living a fit life.

Explorer chick Anna hiking in Ogden, UT

April 22, 2016

“Decided to channel my inner Explorer Chick today after work, and here was my reward! Thank you, Nicki, for the adventure that has inspired my return to seeking adventure in everything I do!”

~Anna M. (November 2015)




We invite all Explorer Chicks to TAG us in your Adventures! I love seeing you outdoors playing and making your own ADVENTURES! 

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Explorer Chick Amber brasstown baldApril 25, 2016

“I would like to dedicate my first high point to my friend Nicki Bruckmann and her company Explorer Chick Adventure Co.!! She has many high points and adventures under her belt and inspires others to find adventure in their own lives!”

~Amber M. (November 2015)





Explorer chick amber chasing waterfallsApril 25, 2016

“A big thanks to Nicki Bruckmann and Explorer Chick Adventure Co. for reminding me of my love of being active in the great outdoors… now I have a new hobby – chasing waterfalls!”

~ Amber Miller (November 2015)





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