Explorer Chick welcomes the UK Team to the OCR World Championships

OCR World Championships UK Flag

Explorer Chick Adventure Co. is excited to announce that we are organizing and managing Race Shuttles for the UK OCR team for the upcoming OCR World Championships taking place just north of Cincinnati, OH on October 17th and 18th!

Wait, wait, wait… You lost me. What the heck is OCR?

OCR stands for Obstacle Course Racing, you know, one of those Mud Run things. It’s a sport where athletes take to a course running off-road terrain such as dirt trails, creek beds, and ski slopes while scaling walls, crawling under barbed wire, carrying a multitude of awkward heavy objects, sliding down an occasional monstrosity of a water slide and many other insane, challenging obstacles that cross their path.

In 2014, an independent organization held the first annual OCR World Championships at King’s Domain in Oregonia, OH.

Elite Women start in 2014

The Elite Women starting line in 2014

Athletes flew in not only from the United States, but from around the world to take part in this one of kind inaugural event. The race is back again this year with even more athletes toeing the line and many of the age brackets selling out. There will be at least 17 countries represented over the weekend.

The international draw is what truly makes the OCRWC a unique event. Standing in the festival area, you will hear a myriad of languages and accents. Shirts and flags are traded as a token of new friendships. Facebook friends expand exponentially weeks following the event. And, the festival area in and of itself carries a sense of magic and pride as the venue fills with athletes incredibly passionate about OCR the sport and OCR the community.

The festivities will span 3 days including both individual races according to age and gender and team races. Like the Boston Marathon, athletes have to qualify in order to line up in the starting corral. To qualify, athletes had to place within specific parameters according to each race organization. Many athletes spent the season racing with only one goal in mind:  To earn that Green Qualifier Shirt so they can line up with the best athletes from around the globe.

Explorer Chick has partnered with the OCR team from the UK to organize and manage race shuttles to transport the team to the venue on both Saturday and Sunday. This group alone is comprised of almost 50 athletes! We will be onsite with the team ensuring the athletes arrive to the OCRWC venue on time ready to race and to cheer on their teammates. Mark Leinster, the UK ambassador, contacted Explorer Chick to arrange shuttles so that his team could arrive onsite together with their flags flying representing the United Kingdom. Since he is located overseas and busily involved with the OCR community in the UK, he found it very convenient to enlist the help of Explorer Chick. Explorer Chick’s role will be to check-in athletes at the pick up location on Saturday morning, and account for them over the weekend as the shuttles depart.

Mark shared a little about his teammates. You’ll find both Lynn and Tom Nash in the starting corral. They are a mother and son duo who both qualified for the World Championships. I guess you can say a family that races together, stays together! You’ll also see Hayley Black who normally races with two others. Together they form the Superhero Mums who raise money for a variety of charities through their passion of OCR when back home.

The OCRWC is only a few weeks away and we are looking forward to the another epic year of World Class racing. Last year was an incredible experience, and we cannot wait to see what Adrian and his team at the OCR World Championships have in store for us in 2015!

Happy Exploring!


To learn more about the OCR World Championships, please visit their website here.

Explorer Chick can help your team or group with upcoming travel arrangements too! Check out our Group Page or contact us directly at: Groups@ExplorerChick.com

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