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Last Sunday I hopped in my car and drove down to the Red River Gorge to join the Explorer Chicks for an Underground Glow SUP tour in a mine. The weather was perfect, I needed outdoor time, and I love to connect with Explorer Chicks!

As I chatted it up with all the women who made the drive for our Mini Adventure, I realized that they weren’t taking full advantage of everything that is Explorer Chick. They had stumbled across the event on Facebook or a friend invited them. It was a one time adventure for them. ☹


I felt troubled! This badass group of women were just scraping the tip of the iceberg! Explorer Chick was created to connect women to embark on epic adventures together! There is so much to be gained beyond that one, single afternoon!

In my personal Facebook feed, I see the connections of women who have met on one our trips. They are engaging with one another. They are hanging out outside of Explorer Chicks. They are forming lasting friendships!

I shared with them our Facebook group, the Explorer Chick Tribe where we just “Hang out,” ask for recommendations, and talk all things outdoors. Today we’re posting .gifs that explain our hiking style. It’s pretty freaking hilarious!

Then there is our Social Media over on Instagram and our main Facebook page showcasing the beautiful destinations we travel, our upcoming adventures, and news with a dose mindless fun.

I shared with them our upcoming Mini Adventures! These are the newest addition to Explorer Chick. They are one day adventures (usually a few hours and on the weekend) exclusively for Explorer Chick. We do everything from SUP, climb trees, zipline, skydive, and more. Basically, anything that will get your heart racing! You can find all of our upcoming Mini’s over on our Facebook Events.

Then there are our Explorer Chick trips. Yes! These are women only, small group trips! We curate travel that feeds your soul while pushing your boundaries! Our tripsĀ are simple and fun. We just play in extraordinary destinations with zero expectations attached.

So, there you have it! We have built Explorer Chick for you! Whether you just want to:

  • Become part of an online community of badass women
  • Can only escape to an adventure for a day or a few hours
  • Explore and share experiences in new parts of the world

Adventure on Explorer Chicks!

Nicki Bruckmann, Founder

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