Krave Jerky Backpacking

What does every backpacker carry in her pack to fuel her adventures? Beef Jerky, of course! It’s packed with protein, it’s calorie dense, and it’s as close as we can get to a nice, juicy filet mignon in the back country.

So, it was only natural that Explorer Chick partnered with Krave Jerky to satisfy our carnivorous hunger this fall on our Red River Gorge backpacking workshops. Wahoo!

Why do we love Krave Jerky?

For starters, you’ll notice a difference in that first bite. You won’t be trying to chew through that tough, leathery meat that you’re used to. Nope. Instead you’ll sink your teeth into juicy and tender meat goodness. Heck, your legs are already tired on trail. No need to exhaust your jaw too!

To create fuel worth the extra weight in your pack, Krave only uses all-natural, whole-muscle cut, hand-sliced pieces of meat. It’s bathed in a marinade for 48 hours before being baked for that signature moist and tender texture.

The Flavors! This ain’t your grand pappy’s jerky. Nope. The folks at Krave got super creative in flavoring their assorted jerkys. There’s Basil Citrus Turkey, a spicy Garlic Chili Pepper Beef, and a tangy Black Cherry Barbeque Pork. My favorite? It’s a toss up between the Pineapple Orange Beef and the Grilled Sweet Teriyaki Pork.

For all of my friends with a sensitivity to spicy, Krave has a spice meter on the back of all of their packages. As someone who can tolerate a zero when eating Thai, I love this! From sweet to spicy, there’s a jerky for every mood 🙂

Krave Jerky Spice meter

What’s your mood? The spice meter rates the jerky on a scale from Sweet to Spicy.


And, we feel good eating it. Krave Jerky does not contain any nitrates, hormones, MSG, or artificial flavors. Plus, it’s Gluten Free! 

Explorer Chick Kraves Adventure! (See what I did there?). All of the Explorer Chicks traveling with us to Red River Gorge this Fall will have Krave Jerky in their packs. Chomping on jerky underneath the natural sandstone arches of the Red after hiking out of the lush gorge? Yes please, to some Jerky love!

Krave Jerky Dog

Lynsey and Lady share some Jerky Love!