Let’s Celebrate Razz!

Say “Hi!” to our newest Dream Team Member!

Hello Explorer Chicks!

In November of 2017, I had a vibrant and charismatic woman travel with me on our Dominican Republic Tropical Adventure. I’ll never forget our first one on one conversation. She was on her way up to her room as I was just leaving the lobby. She basically pitched me her resume and asked for a job. She had recently become one of our Ambassadors and was gung ho for the Explorer Chick mission. Explorer Chick was still small potatoes (more like corn kernels) back then, and hiring anyone was out of the question.

Yet, over the next 8 days I got to know this woman. She was a ball of energy around the clock with the most positive attitude. She had an infectious laugh and cared deeply for everyone on the trip. Her facial expressions were, well, animated. (Anyone lucky enough to have traveled with her knows exactly what I mean). And she vocally expressed every terror and excitement (We have video proof from the trapeze). She worked full time at a University in student affairs, but her passion lied in fitness. She was a part time Jazzercise instructor. She’ll still tell you to this day that any body is a good body.

Since that trip, she has traveled with me to Peru on our Adventure to Machu Picchu trip and to Iceland. Even after losing her luggage, suffering altitude sickness, and having the ATM machine eat her debit card, Razz somehow managed to maintain her spirited attitude and zest for life in Peru. Anyone else would have been Bum City if even one of those unfortunate events would have happened. Yet, Razz experienced a real Series of Unfortunate Events and persevered!

This was an Explorer Chick in true form. A woman who gets “shit happens,” and still makes the most of her time right here, right now. This is a woman who I grew to admire. 😻 💪

Razz is also a woman who still asked me for a job on every single trip. In fact on our Iceland trip in December, she found me in a coffee shop in Reykjavik hours before the official start of our tour. We spent an hour or so catching up. She excitedly told me about her plans for a massive career change. The 9 to 5 wasn’t cutting it anymore, and her passion was in fitness. And that was that.

Except it wasn’t. Razz went and planted way too many seeds in my brain. When I decided it was time to add to our Mini Adventure team, I knew exactly who to interview. It was a quick Facebook message to see how her professional transition was progressing (right on time!), then an email to send in her resume, followed by a quick interview, and now I’m in Charlotte training her (and eating donuts 🍩) for her newest position as the Mastermind of Mini Adventures!

Knowing Razz’s professional background, her own Explorer Chick experiences, her charisma, her crazy idea of what constitutes a good time, her love for champagne, and her passion, I could not be more excited to FINALLY welcome her to your Explorer Chick Dream Team. 🍾

I know my heart is filled with joy and my face is beaming to have someone who quickly went from perfect stranger to friend join your team! I’m so excited for what’s to come! (And I’ve had the honor of meeting and staying with 4 generations of her family while here in Charlotte!)

Please welcome her aboard and wish her well! Be sure to take 30 seconds to read her full bio and feel free to give her a follow on Instagram.

In the meantime hold on tight to your britches, because our Mini Adventures are about to level up! With Razz and Mandi working together, you can expect more Minis in more cities. Giddy up, Explorer Chicks! 🤠

Cheers to Boundless Adventures!

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder, Explorer Chick

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