Dirty Mouths and Clean Bodies: Meet RedBudSuds!

Here’s the thing: Outdoor women are dirty. Yes, we have dirty minds and dirty mouths, but we also straight up get dirty. Red sand in Moab, mud from soggy trails in the spring, sweat from epic adventures.

All this dirt has to come off eventually, one way or another. It’s easy enough if you’re out for a day trip returning to place with a hot shower.

But what about those multi-day adventures? I have been known to “shower” from time to time in ice cold rivers, lakes, and swimming holes. Basically, any time I am wet, I consider myself showered. (Just don’t stand too close!). Was I really clean? Nope. My oily hair alone stands as proof.

In March I was invited to be on a panel for a Tomfoolery Talks with other adventurous women. I did my due diligence on the other panelist and learned about Aubrey, RedBudSuds founder. She was a climber out of Ohio – Liked her already – with a product that I instantly loved! A 4 in 1 Shower bar made for adventurers. A Shower bar that did it all – Shampoo, Conditioner, Wash, and Shave. I loved that it was a bar and not a liquid that could explode in my pack and on my gear. I loved that it is biodegradable and safe to use in the wild away from water sources. I loved the scents – Kickass Lemon Grass? Serious Sass! I loved that it was created by a fellow woman entrepreneur who shared the same passion as myself for the outdoors. I loved that it was Ohio local with thoughtful ingredients. I loved that is was simple. I couldn’t wait to meet her!

After the panel discussion, we chatted for what seemed like forever. Sharing our Entrepreneurial lows and highs, how we got started, where we’re headed, and, naturally, our favorite adventures. It was a no brainer that we needed to collaborate. Our brands were meant for each other. Explorer Chick gets women dirty. Redbudsuds cleans ’em up. I could easily see our Explorer Chicks packing these bars for our adventures! Iceland backpacking, Dominican Republic, Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshops, Inca trek, and the list goes on.

After my own product testing and one phone call later, we made it official. Redbudsuds and Explorer Chick were teaming up! #WomenSupportingWomen. Every single Explorer Chick who travels on a multi-day trip with us in 2018, will receive a Redbudsuds product starting this weekend in Virginia and the Red River Gorge. 🙌 Yee haw!


For more on Redbudsuds and Aubrey’s story, I’m just going to turn it over to her:

“I’ve been a wilderness guide for years. Spending so much time immersed in the outdoors has taught me what matters most to me: living each day to the fullest and deeply connected.

Modern daily life has the tendency to leave us feeling isolated and alone, and this bothers me to my core. In nature, things are simple. Connection happens naturally. Yet we’re slowly destroying our air, water, and the land that supports us. I get stuck feeling powerless.

I’m not the kind of gal that sits around.

We make unexpectedly badass 4-in-1 shower bars. They are a physical reminder that making a difference doesn’t have to be complicated. One product. All you need to stay clean. Simple ingredients. Thoughtfully sourced. Made to work wherever you wander: camping, home, gym, you name it. And the shoofahs (short for “shower bar loofahs,” in case you didn’t know) take the pain-in-the-ass factor out of using bar soap. On your hair. On the go. Seriously.

It may be one small thing, but small drops make an ocean. It is my hope that Redbudsuds helps you streamline and simplify your life so you have more time for adventures – more time to connect with what matters to you in a way that lets those who come after you enjoy the same amazing great outdoors that inspire you.

For me, living thoughtfully clean requires bravery, constant learning, and support from others along the way. It isn’t always easy, but it is totally possible and absolutely worth it.

Find adventure every day and live your dream, thoughtfully clean.”

Read Redbudsuds official Announcement over HERE.


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