New Adventures on the Horizon!

2018 is Shaping up to be BADASS!

Here’s a quick preview:

Greetings Explorer Chicks!

I hope your holidays have been off to a fabulous start spending time with family, friends, and our main squeeze, Mother Nature. 🌲

We have been busy as bees at Explorer Chick World Headquarters cranking out major projects behind the scenes! I just wanted to take a few minutes to update you on everything!

First up are some of our brand new 2018 Adventures!

So many of you have mentioned that Iceland and Peru are on your bucket list. Guess what? We are going there next year!

But that’s not all! Our trips will be exclusive to Explorer Chick. This means you cannot find our BADASS itineraries any where else. 

Most tour companies will resell prepackaged tours from international suppliers, which is fine and dandy. These packages are generally full of soft adventures and curated for the mainstream general public. Think heavy with cultural tours, brief hikes, huge crowds. 👎

Of course, Explorer Chick is NOT mainstream. Hell no! #RealWomenRealAdventures

This means I have spent countless hours meeting vendors, pouring over packages, vetting suppliers against our standards, reading guide books, researching destinations, and listening to where Explorer Chicks want to venture. It also means I sometimes have to convince partners that our Explorer Chicks are fiercely strong and capable of extreme Adventures!

I then collaborate with our partners to curate completely custom adventures for you! Here at Explorer Chick, Adventure is defined by risk, challenge, and new experiences. (Sorry, a late night trip to Taco Bell is not an adventure!) I hand select activities that meet our standard of adventure. My Icelandic partner said in regards to assembling one of our itineraries, “…this is fun. I wish I was guiding it!” My goal for all of our trips is for you to embark on your dream adventure.

The end result is a BADASS trip that will check off your bucket list, challenge you mentally and physically, empower you through workshops, deeply connect you to like-minded women, and quite possibly change your life (The latter is not unsubstantiated. It’s happened plenty before!).

So, what’s in store?

Three different trips to Iceland including mountaineering, northern lights, and backpacking.

Two different trips to Peru including the classic Inca Trail, trek to Rainbow Mountain, and exciting Multi-Adventures.

My goal is for both Peru trips and at least 1 Iceland trip to be live by next week.

I have more in the pipeline which will continue to roll out as they are finalized! Plus many of our favorite trips are back for 2018 including the Dominican Republic, Backpacking Workshops, Virginia Survival 101, and West Virginia!

Second up is the launch of the Explorer Chick Shop!

There has been quite a bit of trial and error in the past for our Explorer Chick shop. I never quite landed on an identity until this fall when I spent a few days in LA touring the Fashion District.

The trip opened my eyes to the waste in the fashion industry and the enormous environmental impact. It sent me down a path of research and enlightenment on sustainable fashion.

I did consider not launching a shop resulting in zero impact. But, I saw second option. Launch the Shop using it as a platform to educate Explorer Chicks on the impact of fast fashion.

Explorer Chick is a company passionate about the outdoors. A company that does not limit the definition of home to the roof over our head, but views home as the dirt trails we hike, the oceans we swim, the rock we climb. With an entire planet as our home, it is our duty to protect it. To Do More Good.

We have set forth Principles that will guide our sourcing and design for all goodies in the Explorer Chick Shop:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Ethically Produced
  • Timeless
  • Functional
  • Keep more out of landfills
  • Transparency
  • Educate

Where are we on this? Final art for our first collection should be finished by the beginning of next week. We will have a Pre-Sale with special offers, go into production, and then send you your new rad, ethically produced Explorer Chick gear. (I will share sneak peaks and host a giveaways over on Facebook and Instagram!)

I do not expect delivery to take place before Christmas. Product research, sampling, and design pushed us back for our first collection. Yet, we felt quality product outweighed holiday sales.

Finally is our new Website!

Don’t get me wrong. I love our current website. Yet, with the Explorer Chick community growing, it is time for an upgrade!

The goal for the new website is a more convenient, intuitive, and enjoyable experience for you. How?

  • You will be able to book and pay online all at once. Your travel guide will be immediately sent after booking so you can start planning. Completely automated! (No more waiting for manual Paypal invoices and emails!)
  • You will be able to search our trips and Mini’s based on location, activities, and more. – Crucial as we grow!
  • One page per Adventure with drop down dates so you can see easily view all available dates for a trip on one convenient page. Current site requires a page for every date of a trip and a really long Adventure page.
  • Trips and Mini’s all on one site. Currently the trips are booked through the website and the Mini’s through Eventbrite. It’s confusing! We’re cleaning that up!
  • Online waivers!
  • An integrated Explorer Chick Shop!

We are super stoked about the new site! Your experience will be more fluid and simpler.

Some things will not change: You will still be able to make your deposit on trips and pay down the balance as you see fit. We realize many of you make monthly payments to budget your trip.

My developers are still building the site customizing it to our needs. Then we’ll need to test it and work out the kinks. I do not have a release date yet. In the meantime, we will continue to use the current site.

Well, that quick preview turned into a short novel! 🙃 I just couldn’t contain my excitement!

Thank you to all of our Explorer Chicks for your patience as we finalize our big projects. We realize this has pushed back our 2018 trip releases. But these major changes will streamline everything moving forward! Hooray!

Adventure on!

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder, Explorer Chick

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