News: Explorer Chick Joins the ATTA

I have fantastic news to share! We are officially a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association!

It’s a huge step forward for you and Explorer Chick Adventure Co.. Our membership opens up a whole new world with access to exclusive research, conferences, and networking events (media included!). This all trickles down to benefit you, our Explorer Chicks, with our exposure to new suppliers, trends, best practices, and so much more in the travel industry.

On Sunday, I travel to Banff National Park to attend the ATTA’s Adventure Elevate Conference. This year’s theme is Empower your Edge. As adventurer’s, we push our edge physically climbing higher mountains, trekking longer distances, and pushing our comfort levels. The ATTA asked that we use those qualities that enable us to push our edge physically, to empower our edge in driving adventure further in the travel industry.

The keynote speakers and break off sessions are all tailored to meet this idea. I’m most looking forward to the “Empower your Edge through Powerful Leadership” by Kevin Roberts, “Shaping Customer Experience for Tomorrow’s Adventure Traveler” by Tom Fritz, and “Unlocking Endless Creativity at the Edge” by Anne Farrar, the Director of Photography at National Geographic Travel.

I plan to check in from time to time before and during the conference. You already know I have found time to explore the trails and sights in the Banff area. I’ll post pictures and updates over on Facebook and Instagram!

We are also transitioning over to a new website and booking system. The new booking system is already in place. Many of you have had the opportunity to use it. It is still new to us, so we ask that you please be patient with me and Mandi as we work through the kinks. I think I finessed most of them before launching, but I’m sure a few will be discovered along the way. You can always send us an email if you hit a bump in the road! Info@Explorerchick.com – This is the easiest and quickest way to reach us.

We also have a confirmed Wild Backpacking in Iceland! Explorer Chicks will be crossing glaciers, hiking through canyons, traversing mountains, and chasing waterfalls in Iceland this summer!!!!!! – Jump in on the action with our extended Early Bird Discount Code: EBICEBP073018

Speaking of Iceland, we have 2 spots that opened up on our Northern Lights Adventure. Discount Code: EBICENL120418

Finally, West Virginia Wild! Over 20 of you have already registered! Yee Haw! This year is shaping up to be just a amazing as last year! Keep an eye out for news on Wild in the coming weeks!

Adventure on!

Nicki Bruckmann, Founder

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