News: Train those Tootsies!

Training those Tootsies!

And a feature in SHAPE!

Greetings Explorer Chicks!

I have to admit I’m a little sad faced that this weekend is the unofficial end of summer. But at the same time, it means Explorer Chick is ready to crank up into high gear with epic adventures world wide.

Explorer Chicks are traveling to the Smoky Mountains, Machu Picchu, Havasu Falls, the AT in Virginia, the Red to learn backpacking, the Dominican Republic, and Iceland!

This also means that all of our Explorer Chicks traveling with us this fall should be training those Tootsies! We are going to beautiful destinations that are smeared all of over Instagram with folks who look impeccable who may have reached Machu Picchu by train, rode a mule into Havasu, or snagged a picture in the Smokies from any one roadside overlook.

But we are Explorer Chicks! We did not sign up for a life lived in an arm chair! We want to earn our views! It’s makes the destination that much sweeter and powerful. Plus, we never dish out soft adventures.

If you are not already, you should be hiking regularly to strengthen your tootsies, your legs, and your endurance. If not, it’s time to get stepping! Find an incline and start climbing. Get those shoes broken in and your blisters out of the way. Hike with your day pack or backpack gradually adding weight. Spend hours per day in your shoes as you would on your trip. Best to feel the burn at home, not on your once in a lifetime adventure!

In all seriousness, (Yes, occasionally I am serious especially when it comes to safety!), we are playing in the rugged outdoors, not Disney World. Mother Nature will murder you if you let her. There is not an emergency exit or medics on stand-by. It’s you, your body, and your positive mental attitude that will power you through mountain passes, down into canyons, up rock scramble, and through the forests. Please review the Physical Demands of your trip and show up ready to have the time of your life.

Back to fun times! To encourage everyone to hike – whether traveling with us or not – we are kicking off weekly Hiking Challenges in the Explorer Chick Tribe. Every Wednesday we will post a new challenge in the Tribe. This will give you a few days to plan and complete. And, don’t forget to post your pictures!

We start next week with an easy Challenge – Get out and Hike for at least 1 hour with your Pack, Boots, and Socks on a rugged trail!

In other news: On Tuesday, SHAPE Magazine named us as one of THE tour operators to book your next adventure getaway that’s not “Yet another Yoga Retreat!” Yeah, the stoke was high here at Explorer Chick!

Finally, I leave tonight for Norway which has been at the top of my Bucket List ever since I rode the Viking Troll boat ride at Epcot. (Yeah, you know what I’m talking about!). I will keep you all updated over on Social Media the best I can! (And, yes, my intention is to return to develop an Explorer Chick Adventure in 2019!)

Iconic Inca Trail Trek: Okay, one more thing! If this is on your list for next year, I strongly recommend booking and getting your deposit in before October 1. The reason is this is when the Peruvian Government releases 2019 permits. We cannot secure you a permit unless we have your information. AKA Every permit issued must be tied to an actual person and they are not transferable. This prevents tour companies from buying up all of the permits before they have anyone booked. They WILL sell out. After October 1, we will begin securing permits for everyone booked. Every time someone books, we immediately secure your permit. We will do this until permits are gone.

Now, I’m done!

Cheers to boundless Adventure in the Outdoors, Explorer Chicks!

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder, Explorer Chick

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