Recap: Dominican Republic Tropical Adventure March 2018

Hmmmm…. How to sum up last week’s adventure to the Dominican Republic? It was one #shady adventure after another with #zerofoxgiven (For those of you new to Explorer Chick, every group manages to create their own Hashtags for their adventure. I guess you could call it the 21st century version of an inside joke). 

Yes, fresh mojitos were sipped, fried ice cream was set on fire, and the sunshine was willingly soaked up. We formed a gang (the friendliest gang on Earth) repping our posse with matching seashell anklets. We even squeezed in a couple games of Cards Against Humanity.

Okay, okay. I swear it wasn’t all relaxing beach vacation vibes. No way. Explorer Chicks got way the hell out of their comfort zones. And that is not a phrase I am using lightly.

“Get out of your comfort zone” has become cliche and tossed around without much thought. I envision the bro’s screaming it at each other while pumping iron curls to get the girls. Have those two words “comfort zone” lost their impact? What does it really mean? When are we actually out of our comfort zones? 🤔

I bare witness to it all of the time on Explorer Chick trips. It is a mental state, not so much physical. It’s that moment when your mind takes over and completely paralyzes the body. You are physically capable of an action, but your brain says, “Nope” and hits the brakes. That is the edge of the comfort zone. It’s when you are treading into new territory. A space unfamiliar. Your brain, not equipped with a road map or GPS, wants to play it safe, practice self-preservation. I mean, can you blame it?

Now here comes the fun part. What do you do in that moment? You have two options. The obvious, stop and listen to your brain that has done a pretty good job at keeping you alive up to this point (even if it thought signing up for your Explorer Chick Adventure was a great idea). You move on with your life living happily ever after within the confines of those imaginary boundaries. Hey, there is truth in the expression, “Ignorance is bliss.”

Now, what about that second option. It’s when you shut down your brain and trust your body. Or maybe you dial in your thoughts focusing solely on the task at hand. Or maybe you become vulnerable and completely trust your guide to look after your safety while you listen intently to their every word. You muster every ounce of grit, embrace your fears, and go forth with a racing heart, shaking legs and sometimes with eyes tightly shut.

Here’s the beauty of Option number 2. That imaginary comfort zone of your’s just expanded. In expansion is growth. Your brain just learned a new sensation, a new skill, a new activity for muscle memory.

I watched first hand comfort zones expand last week. Randi relentlessly surfed at Encuentro. Desiree went from tears to smiles on the trapeze, removed her nose ring for good, and fell in love with rappelling. Heather did not allow failure to consume her, but instead used it to fuel her in overcoming a fear. Well, Amber is just a spit fire that is always up for some crazy ass adventure.

Explorer Chick is more than just adventure travel. We create the space to truly expand your comfort zone in a real way so you can discover the woman who exists on the other side. Trust us, that other woman is braver, wiser, stronger, more compassionate and a total badass babe.

Cue Photo Montage!

Explorer Chick Randi Paddling! She was our sole Explorer Chick who took zero breaks during our lesson! Talk about Perseverance, baby!

We had no idea how this would work when one of the instructors insisted on a tandem surf. Voila! Heather nailed it!

The real star here is Nacho, the surf puppy.

Those views though. 😍

Amber ready for her catch on the Trap!

The transformation of an Explorer Chick! Terrified of heights, Desiree was in tears her first time on the Trap platform. She even said she hated the trip. Bahahaha!

But during her swing she listened to every word and performed exactly as cued. After getting back on the ground, she told us she was ready for more. And she later got her catch. 👊

Secret circus hand shakes and hugs!

Yes, the water really is that color. And no, there was no one else but Explorer Chicks and our guides in the canyon.

Trying to look SEXY while not drowning in the waterfall!


We put the rum in the coconut and drink it all up! Much needed rest day at the farm!

Tubing and Boozing! 🍻

This picture perfectly captures the essence of our boat.

Pinterest inspired underwater surfing at Dudu Lagoon!

Amber flying on the Zip line into the crystal clear waters of Dudu lagoon.

Final dinner together on the beach. 😫


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