Recap! Moab Dirtbag Adventure Spring 2017

It is the women who book an Explorer Chick Adventure who really mak our trips special, memorable, and quite frankly, bad ass. With nothing in common but a sense of adventure, perfect strangers quickly become a sisterhood!

It’s the inside jokes, the long talks, the sharing of stories rarely told. It’s standing topless on the rim of a canyon screaming at the top of your lungs in gusts of bitter wind with your new sisters. It’s struggling together in the not most idyllic camping environments while keeping a positive attitude for the sake of your group. It’s conquering a fear of heights, persevering through injury, making daily references to Steve, singing loud AF “Happy Birthday” in a crowded restaurant. It’s Words. It’s Yeehaw. It’s one Epic Kodak Moment.

This Dirtbag Adventure truly embodied the vision of Explorer Chick. A group of women coming together to form an organic, strong community doing cool shit in cool places. This trip certainly left an impression on me and Becca’s hearts. We wish our Explorer Chicks the best and cannot wait to cross paths with each and everyone of them again! 💕

There was way too much goodness in 6 days to write a full recap. Instead we’re sharing a picture recap!


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