Recap: Virginia Triple Crown and Survival 101

“And we never saw her again…” That pretty much sums up our Virginia Triple Crown Hiking and Survival 101 Adventure last weekend.

We hiked over 20 miles and climbed over 4,788′ in elevation summiting all three jewels of Virginia’s Triple Crown (McAfee Knob, Tinker Cliffs, Dragon Tooth) in a weekend! Our partners at Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School taught us the essentials to surviving unexpected nights in the great outdoors.


Kicking off our Survival 101 Course chatting about PMA – Positive Mental Attitude.

Levi, one of the 5 furry Teacher Assistants.

Explorer Chick, Ny, is a dog trainer back home in Missouri. She was quick to help train young Bruce. We were all simply amazed by her Dog Whispering skills. He behaved the rest of the weekend! Thanks Ny!

Getting Knotty! We learned 6 knots that are essential to shelter building and just helpful in the outdoors.

With a butterfly knot, Kristin was able to create a pulley system to get our shelter’s center piece nice and taut. She finished it off with a trucker’s hitch.

Duff Buttons!

I think you’ll always a couple of rolls of plastic drop cloth in our packs!

Ny starting her Fire! Big Moment here!

Bugs and Vino! Not your typical Happy Hour!

En Route to Tinker Cliffs! The Second jewel in the Triple Crown!

Final night together spent around the camp fire and testing our Spidey Vision.

Stephanie climbed up the spine of the Dragon! Our third and final jewel in the Virginia Triple Crown!

Special thank you to Dina at the Mountain Shepherd Survival School! You are an amazing teacher, host, and friend! We cannot wait to see you again this Fall!

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