We just wrapped up our first season of Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshops. To put it simply and succinctly, “That was good.”

We had a total of 4 weekend workshops running from late September to October. Mine and Lynsey’s goal for these workshops was for the the Explorer Chicks to have the confidence and the basic knowledge to embark on their own backpacking adventures. And, of course, join Explorer Chick on one of our multi-day trips (coming in 2017).

What we didn’t plan for was how incredibly different each weekend was to the next! Hooray! We had a set itinerary and routes for the workshops, but each weekend seemed to become  “Pick your own adventure” with skill instruction taught throughout. And we LOVED it!

It meant every weekend was unique. We discovered new trails and new vistas every single time! I thought for sure we would run out of new things to explore, but the Red is so wild and vast that we barely scratched the surface!

Good thing too, because we have 8 more workshops on the calendar for next year [4 in the spring and 4 in the fall]. All of the workshops are currently at their Early Bird prices, so now is the time for the best deal!

As for that 2017 calendar, you can expect the Multi-day backpacking trips to begin in July through September. If you’ve never backpacked but think you might want to join us in, say, Wyoming, Virginia, or California next year, be sure to book a Spring Workshop!

Explorer chick backpacking bluff

September 24-25: These Explorer Chicks had the honor of being our first group and they did not disappoint! The weather was hot, but the jokes were hotter! (or maybe that was Forest husbands?).”Bur-rit-o, Bur-rit-o!” If there was anything that was going to get us up all 98.5 steps it had to be  the lure of tex-mex wrapped up into tortilla blanket accompanied by guacamole. See all the pictures HERE.

Explorer Chick Group RRG Oct 1-2 Small

October 1-2: This was our biggest group with 7 Explorer Chicks! When searching for our campsite, we discovered an awesome ridge with unbelievable views of the Gorge. As if that wasn’t enough, Lynsey spotted more of the trail that dropped below and led straight out to Sunset Rock (as named by the Explorer Chicks!). With a large group, breakfast moved swiftly and we were able to hike up to Natural Bridge before devouring half pizzas at Miguels. See all the pictures HERE.


Oct 8-9: We had Explorer Chicks from Nashville, Cincinnati, and Columbus for this weekend. To sum up: “There’s a trail. I wonder where it goes.” Yep! A fast Duffel Shuffle at the trail head gave us plenty of time for random adventures! We crack climbed, rock scrambled, and hiked from the bottom of the gorge to the top for this epic view! See all the pictures HERE.



Oct 22-23: We were in the Red during the Fall Foliage peak. Wowzas! We couldn’t’ get enough of the reds, yellows, and oranges! We made sure to take advantage and see as much of it as we could. On our way down to Gray’s, we came across a small trail that we decided to check out. Wouldn’t you know it, we found ourselves on top of the arch! On Sunday, we hustled to break camp and ventured to Chimney Rock, Princess Arch, and the Natural Bridge. See all the pictures HERE

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