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Hi Explorer Chicks!

The past couple of weeks have been filled with exciting updates as states, National Parks, and countries are slowly announcing their reopening plans and dates.

We first saw the Smoky Mountains reopen in a very limited capacity beginning on May 9 with a plan to phase in more access every couple weeks while monitoring the public’s adherence to CDC social distancing protocols. We chose to cancel our May trip, but we added more dates in the fall to make up for it.

Next, we got word from our partners for West Virginia Wild that they will be reopening Memorial Day weekend with plans to operate all summer. So, plan on being ALL IN with us coming June 18-21. On Tuesday we announced that Maureen Beck, an professional adaptive climber, will be our keynote speaker.

Our local partners in Ecuador shared the fantastic news that their borders will be reopening on June 1. I was ecstatic to notify our Explorer Chicks traveling to the Galapagos in July, that “Adventure Awaits!”

Then we received notice from the Southeast Utah National Parks division that both Arches and Canyonlands are reopening on May 29. Reopened access includes all roads, trails, and restrooms. Visitor centers, shops, and a few campgrounds will remain closed. Commercial operators – That’s us! – are also permitted to run our tours as part of the reopening. Yet another Happy Dance email was sent out to our Explorer Chicks on our last spring Moab Weekend trip – May 28-30.

Unfortunately, our local partners in Peru shared less exciting news. Basically, Peru is opening up in 4 phases beginning this month. Now, here’s the tricky part. For July they are opening “International air transportation with restrictions.” Come August, both general national and international travel will reopen completely. There is still a high degree of uncertainty as to what the “restrictions” will be in July, which goes beyond anything within our control. I made the tough decision to cancel all of our Peru and Machu Picchu trips taking place in July.

I’ve been reaching out to all of our affected travelers, while proactively providing status updates as we receive them.

We continue to work with our Explorer Chicks on upcoming trips with extended balance due dates and a generous cancellation policy with offers to rebook or travel vouchers good through December 31, 2025.

For all of our upcoming trips, I am working with our guides and our local partners on a trip by trip basis to implement measures to follow CDC recommendations.

But we are also asking you to practice Self-Leadership if choosing to travel in 2020:

  • If you are at a higher risk, we strongly recommend that you choose to not travel.
  • If you have shown any symptoms of Covid (loss of taste/smell, fever or chills,  unexplainable cough, muscle pains, or sore throat), we ask that you do not travel.
  • If you’ve been in contact with someone showing flu like symptoms in the 14 days leading up to your trip, we ask that you do not travel.
  • Pack a face mask – Most airlines are requiring them to board. It is a common courtesy to wear one in public places.
  • Pack hand sanitizer and wipes.


Please only travel if you feel comfortable. During this time, it is a very personal choice. There is no wrong or right answer, only what is best for you.

IF you are choosing to travel in 2020, scroll on down. I’m also offering travel deals on our upcoming confirmed summer trips.Click on the pictures for full details and to book. I’ve also seen some incredible flight deals come through (at least 50% off). I love Scott’s Cheap Flights.

To close, I just want to say that I have been sincerely blown away by the love and support from YOU – our Explorer Chick community. ⁠Thank you – to all of our Explorer Chicks. Thank you for all of your messages of encouragement and accolades.

In the tourism industry’s worst hours, you are standing by our side. Not giving up on us, but being here to make sure we can keep being there for you. ⁠

I can’t think of a better compliment to a company. ⁠

It’s total validation for the values that my company was built upon and we’ve stuck to. ⁠With you, we have certainly built one hell of a community that I am so proud to be a part of. ⁠

All of my gratitude Explorer Chicks. You get all of it – seriously, bleed me dry. ⁠

In the meantime, day dream of river rapids, dusty trails, campfire s’mores, and laughing alongside your newest besties.

Cheers to an epic reunion!


Explorer Chick Founder and CEO



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