9 Travel Gifts For The Adventurous Women In Your Life

travel gifts for women

Woohoo! Tis the season and all that and there will be gift swapping all over the place. 

Whatever you are celebrating I bet you are looking for some gift guide based inspiration for the perfect gift, either for you to buy for loved ones or just for you! 

We have some great travel gift ideas that are equally good for adventurous women and women who love luxury. You’re welcome.

FlatPak Toiletry Bottles

Perfect for minimalist travel and ultra light adventures this set of 3 bottles are up to 5 times lighter and 3.5 times more compact than traditional travel bottles. Designed to comply with TSA airport security rules these bottles have large fill openings to make filling and cleaning easy with an easy flip dispensing cap to make dosing simple.

FlatPak Toiletry Bottles

Made from welded CORDURA® nylon construction with proprietary Matador coating these bottles offer leak proof durability and there’s a snap loop with an area to record the contents on.

You can use them for liquids, gels and pastes and all your skincare essentials (but not food or drink!) There are matching soap bar and a zipped toiletry bag you can purchase too! Perfect travel gifts for women you might know and love.

Global Travel Adapter

Some people love practical gifts. I bought myself one of these a couple of years ago and loved it so much I bought one for my other half. This international travel adapter makes a great practical gift for a weekend in Paris or the ultimate adventure in Jordan and Petra and other bucket list destinations.

This universal travel adapter comes with a case and you simply slide the clearly marked sliders across to pop out the correct plug configuration for the country you are visiting. Perfect in hotel rooms if you need to use your travel hair dryer but want to be warming your flat iron and charging your phone at the same time.

global travel adapter

Bear in mind this cannot convert voltage so choose a dual voltage hair dryer for instance to make things simple. The adapter also has USB slots so you can charge your camera and power bank ready to capture everything on your travels. Keep it in your favorite travel bag so you never forget it.

Packing Cubes

This is such a great gift idea that recently I bought my mum some and she bought some for me!

I am not great at traveling light so I have travel cubes which use zips to compress my luggage but you can get the type which just organizes your packing. These make especially great gifts for women who find it hard to pack light, and an amazing gift for the sort of organized women who have sock dividers.

Cotopaxi Cubos 10 L Del Dia Travel Cube

I managed to cram enough warm clothes including bulky jumpers into my cubes (which fit into carry-on luggage) for a snowy four day break in Germany. Any world traveler would be happy to receive this great gift and you could also use the cubes for packing away out of season clothes at home.

Travel Pillow

No, not one of those curved carry on neck pillow things you panic buy in the airport and then have to juggle with bags, passports and boarding cards. A proper comfy pillow like the ones you have at home but compact and stain resistant.

I have one a bit like this Hest standard pillow which is stuffed with enhanced memory foam and polyester which I take whenever I’m away from home.

HEST Standard Pillow

Whether you are in a hotel room, staying with a friends or backpacking and camping in Yosemite National Park you will be secure in the knowledge that you will get a good night’s sleep with your own familiar pillow.

You could also consider buying an inflatable travel pillow for even more compact packing- they take seconds to blow up to help you sleep on long haul flights. Travel pillows are wonderful gifts for people with allergies who might be worried about the content of unfamiliar pillows.

Waterproof Phone Case

If your favorite traveler is never seen without their cell phone I have the ideal gift she’ll love. From rainy hikes and hot spring soaks to waterfall splashing and rapids kayaking, having a phone case which will protect any cell phone from water damage is the perfect gift for the traveling woman.

There’s a big choice of waterproof protective phone cases and pouches available online with versions starting at the same price as a round of coffees. For anyone who wants to record their travel memories with images, maybe to add to their travel journal, this is one of the best gifts you can buy.

Nite Ize RunOff Waterproof Phone Pouch

Gift Vouchers

This is not the cop out you might initially think it is. Gift vouchers can be a creative gift if you really think about what the traveling woman in your life might enjoy.

The America the Beautiful gift pass gives a year of access to over 2000 amazing destinations across the US allowing the recipient to explore national parks and lots more. It’s a fun way to inspire wanderlust in this amazing country especially if they’ve never been to a national park.

annual pass

For someone who is already a frequent traveler you could buy a store gift card to allow them to update or improve their traveling kit. If you purchase a REI gift card, REI will donate $1 to a fund which makes grants to nonprofits that promote justice, equity and belonging in the outdoors. A gift within a gift!

Amazon sells travel related gift cards for airlines, accommodation experiences and destinations with some coming in a gift box for the holiday season. Browse carefully and you could find thoughtful gifts for all the female travelers and travel lovers on your gift list.

My advice? Send your gal on an epic adventure with Explorer Chick. Memories and lifelong friendships will be made. And it will also be a flippin’ good time. There’s a reason their slogan is SHE-nanigans, after all.

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Travel Hairdryer

Now I am a wash and go kinda gal after cutting off my long locks when my first glitter highlights (AKA gray hairs) started coming through. But others want their travel selfies to be shareable – tricky with bedhead hair.

travel hairdryer

Obviously you want something compact and lightweight and this folding LURA mini portable dual voltage hair dryer weighs less than a can of your fave fizzy drink and comes with a concentrator, diffuser and cute carry bag. I don’t hate the glitzy gold color either.

Travel Accessories

If you are looking for awesome gifts remember some of the best travel ideas are really quite affordable. How about a lovely passport holder, luggage tag or a scratch off world map so your best friend can plan their next trip then scratch the destination off when they return?

I’m a big fan of cute tote bags which make great carry-on bags or overnight bags. Some people prefer a travel backpack. I love the DAKINE Verge 32L backpack which even has a secret pocket and a fleece lined sunglasses pocket.

DAKINE Verge 32 L Pack

Looking for anti theft bags ? Choose from neck wallets, handbags and crossbody and sling bags from REI, many of which are designed to prevent grab and run thefts, and made with RFID-blocking material to deter card skimming criminals.

Pacsafe Daysafe Anti-Theft Tech ECONYL Crossbody Bag

Noise canceling headphones are especially welcome when people travel solo and you can get over ear, on ear and earbud forms. Alternatively to help with sleeping at noisy campsites, bunkhouses and hostels, how about treating your favorite traveler to this soft, comfortable bluetooth headband which allows you to drift off to your fave tunes, nature sounds or white noise.

You might be hunting for good stocking stuffers which are also great travel gifts. How about a travel umbrella or a cute jewelry organizer? You can get both of these in fun colors.

A luggage scale is handy to avoid airline penalty costs when you return from your travel experience with a case filled with souvenirs and a good first aid kit could literally be life saving.

Best Travel Gifts, According to Explorer Chicks

Leah from the Explorer Chicks team said: “My top recommendations for travel gifts- the Luminaid light/solar charger

LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Power Lantern

I love anything that is a “two-fer” and eliminates the baggies of AAA batteries! (Pair it with a rechargeable headlamp and you’re set up for the backcountry) and the Patagonia Houdini. It’s so light and packable, there’s never a reason NOT to bring it!”

Patagonia Houdini Jacket

Need more gift ideas for the adventure woman in your life? Check out the gear we use on our trips.

Gear We Use – Explorer Chick
Want to know what we use on our outdoor adventures? Here is the Explorer Chick gear list for all camping, backpacking, hiking, and adventuring needs.

Ready For SHE-nanigans?

If you have read this list of travel gifts for women and bookmarked most of them for yourself it’s a sign you are ready for a travel adventure. Check out the amazing destinations both near and far offered by Explorer Chick and maybe persuade your pals to join you. Shared memories and a sense of achievement would make the best gift ideas ever!

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