We Do Dumb Stuff!

We do Dumb Stuff!

And we love every second of it!

Greetings Explorer Chicks!

Today as I was sitting in a natural hot spring surrounded by snowy mountains with 9 other Explorer Chicks while my face was getting pelted with ice, I said out loud, “This is dumb.”

We had just hiked 3km in 20 something degree weather with winds so high if it hit you right it would knock you off kilter. Then, after we finally trudged our way up to natural pools, we had to strip down naked basically in wide open save for a small wall that barely hid our lady bits. Oh, and it is still freezing cold. We were trying our darnest to strategically put our clothes back in our bags, so we could pull them back on wet bodies as quickly as possible. Of course as soon as we were in our swimmies, we had to make the “Longest” haul to the hot springs barefoot while the cold stung and snapped at our skin.

Earlier today, we walked out into the rain dress liked water proof traffic cones to ride Icelandic Horses at sunrise. Sound romantic? It was not. All of our digits were frozen by the end, and we all have a nice rosy color to our cheeks from the howling wind.

Every last bit of what we did today was dumb. No on in their right minds, would think this is a good idea. We could have gotten frost bite or slipped on ice. Plus, who loves frozen toes? No one. Today is the type of day that is spent cuddled in front of the television not daring to venture out. It’s warm and safe indoors.

And what is the reason? Why in the world would you do this? This is dumb!

Here’s the thing. I can’t tell you the science behind it. I’m sure there is or will be some new age yuppy term for it. The “Why.” What I can tell you these are the things that make you feel alive. These are the moments where you feel your heart open up to be rushed full of gratitude. The small experiences that unconsciously bring a smile to your face and you breathe just a little easier.

Those moments, when you lean back on your elbows, shut your eyes, and think to yourself, “I can’t believe I am in Iceland in December sitting in a Hot Spring surrounded by snow passing around a bottle of champagne. I can’t believe this is my life.”

This is living, baby. This is why we do the Dumb Stuff. And, we’ll keep doing the dumb stuff that really has no rhyme or reason or truly functional purpose. Why? Life is for the living.

Cheers to Boundless Adventures and doing more Dumb Stuff!

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder, Explorer Chick

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