Welcome to the Team, Lauren!

Welcome to the Team, Lauren!

Meet your newest Guide!

Hello Explorer Chicks!

Please put your hands together (seriously), and give it up for your newest Explorer Chick Guide, Lauren Beatty! (Cue Arsenio Hall! Roo Roo Roo!) 👏

We could not be anymore excited to add Lauren to your Explorer Chick team. Her first love is the wild and open outdoors. Her second love might just be Rhinos – She only has 1 more Rhino specie to meet! Lauren is born and raised in Cincy, but has moved around quite a bit calling Louisiana, Kentucky, and Georgia home as well. As most Cincinnatians do, she found her way back home to Cincy answering her true calling: Environmental Education and Conservation efforts.

You can find her working at both the Cincinnati Zoo and the Newport Aquarium. And now in the Red, the Smoky Mountains, and Virginia sharing her vast knowledge and stories of adventure with you!

The Red, you say? Yes! Lauren will be guiding new Red River Gorge workshops this summer. Stay tuned for those dates. If you’re following us on Facebook, you’ll be notified as soon as they are live!

If you would rather enjoy the Red lit in fall colors and with a touch of coolness in the air, we have 3 dates in October already lined up!

Want more in October? Sweet! Hike and learn Survival 101 with Lauren in Virginia!

Perfect segue into next week’s adventure where me and the Explorer Chicks are off to April’s Virginia trip! Follow along on Facebook and our Instagram Stories!

Don’t forget we have a ton of Mini Adventures lined up for April! Tomorrow, I”m hosting the Explorer Chicks at my climbing gym! There will be 30 of us! I honestly don’t think they’ll know what hit them!

Phew! That’s all I have for now!

Next week, I’ll check in from Virginia with some news about a Women Owned business we are partnering with! Guess what? You all reap the sweet smelling benefits! (Did I just drop a hint?!?! 🤣)

Adventure on!

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder, Explorer Chick

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