Ocean Soul Tank



You are an explorer of the enchanting world that exists below. You are the perfect combination of strength, power, and grace dancing in the waves with a whirl of flowing hair. Your best days end drenched in the sunset’s gold calmed by the mantra of the tide. You are a Mermaid come to life. You are an Ocean Soul.

  • Luxuriously soft designed to drape perfectly over a Chick’s body
  • Slouchy fit with thin straps for an ultra sleek look
  • Color: Dusty Blue
  • 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose

How this Rad Rag Meets our Eco-Friendly Standards:

  • Your dope design was printed using Water Based Ink. Water Based inks are a clean material from beginning to end that do not require PVC and other harmful chemicals to be created or cleaned up. This is in contrast to the plastisol inks that are the industry standard since they are cheap and easy to use. Water based inks require patience and skill, but we believe the time and effort are worth it!
  • Our Print Shop is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Midwest, baby! They grew their shop from a small space in their garage to a business committed to using sustainable practices and materials sourced through ethical means. Conscientious efforts are found around their shop from a community kitchen with shared team meals to reusing and recycling programs for their water based inks. Oh, and their passion for printing shines through in the quality print of your Rad Rag.
  • It’s coming your way in a 100% Recycled and Reusable Poly mailer. Last year hundreds of millions of poly mailers found their way into homes around the world. Most were the product of virgin materials. We weren’t down with that. Instead, we ship your goodies with poly mailers made with 100% recycled materials – both Post-consumer & post-industrial materials. Instead of creating another round of waste, your bag created a useful output for waste. Once in your hands, your poly bag can be reused as a poly mailer with its second adhesive seal strip. At the end of its useful life, you can toss it in a recycling bin! They are also made in the US and printed with water based inks!
  • Hey, this Rag is not fast fashion doomed for the landfill. Nope. The design, cut, and quality is timeless and thoughtful. We get samples of all of our blanks and wear them. Then base our selection on the feel and quality of fabric. No one wants to wear tight, constrictive sand paper. The design isn’t cool today and gone tomorrow. We work with our artists to create designs that aren’t a fad or a trend. Our only wish is that you wear your new rag for years to come!
  • The woman behind the design is Jasmine, a bona fide Explorer Chick having traveled with us to the Red and the Dominican Republic! Okay, maybe this isn’t Eco-Friendly, but we love that we are keeping it in the Explorer Chick family!