About your Explorer Chick Shop:

As the Explorer Chick community continues to grow and we travel with more women, there has been an increasing demand for Explorer Chick branded apparel. Hey, it’s a natural extension of the Explorer Chick brand!

Yet, a trip to the Fashion District in LA opened my eyes to the waste in the fashion industry and the enormous environmental impact. It sent me down a path of research and enlightenment as I dreamed up the Explorer Chick Shop.

Of course, I was unable launch a shop that resulted in zero impact. But, I did see a different opportunity. Launch the Shop using it as a platform to educate Explorer Chicks on the impact of fast fashion and making eco-conscious buying decisions.

Explorer Chick is a company passionate about the outdoors. A company that does not limit the definition of home to the roof over our head, but views home as the dirt trails we hike, the oceans we swim, the rocks we climb. With an entire planet as our home, it is our duty to protect it. To Do More Good.

We’re not just pumping out junk that will end up in a landfill to make a quick buck. Hell no! Mother Nature is our Home Girl and we vow to do right by her!

Will we put a dent in a major economic and environmental problem? Nope. But we are committed to consciously doing our part to provide eco-friendly, ethically produced, functional, and/or sustainable products. This is not an easy route opting out of the mainstream. (Of course, when have we ever been mainstream?) It strongly limits our collections and what we can provide. And we’re okay with that. It helps us sleep at night.

Right out the gates, I developed our guiding principles – like a trusty topo map – that keep us on track as we curate the Shop. What are they?

  • Eco Friendly
  • Ethically produced
  • Timeless
  • Functional
  • Keep more out of landfills
  • Transparency
  • Educate

As you browse our online shop, you will see a bullet point list under every product describing how each Rad Rag meets our Eco-Friendly standards. When it comes to the length of this list, you bet size matters! And, we are so damn proud of that list! We encourage you to take a moment to read it, to learn about your goodies, and to brag about your eco-concious style to all of your tree hugging, crunchy friends.

Shop on, Explorer Chicks!