Updated: March 30, 2020

Written by: Nicki Bruckmann – Explorer Chick CEO and Founder

As coronavirus continues to top headlines worldwide and affecting travel, we have been watching closely as it unfolds. We are regularly monitoring government websites, and alerts, public health organizations, staying in communications with our travel partners, and keeping a pulse on the travel industry as a whole through our travel professional networks.

These past few weeks have been unpredictable, exhausting, challenging, unchartered and evolving with daily, if not hourly, changes. I don’t think any of us imagined the magnitude of impact that a tiny virus not even visible to the naked eye and originating halfway around the world would have on the entire globe.

We thank all of you for your patience, kindness, and flexibility as we navigate the ever changing travel restrictions at home and globally.

Many of you have reached out with concerns over childcare, mandatory work quarantines post travel, personal health histories, and social responsibility.

We hear you.

As of today, we have updated our payment and cancellation policy so we can better accommodate your personal needs and continue to give you what you never dreamed possible – today and for years to come. Just as the situation evolves, our response will as well.

We have cancelled all trips through May 1. We have reached out to all of our Explorer Chicks traveling with us through May 1. If you missed your email, please contact us: Info@explorerchick.com


For ALL TRIPS departing now through June 1, you have the option to cancel your trip for a travel voucher equal to the amount paid to be used for future travel with us. Vouchers are good through December 31, 2025.


We will run ALL trips May 1 and beyond, unless travel restrictions are put into place.


We continue to monitor all advisories and will reach out to travelers on a destination by destination basis. We will continue to review our policies as the situation evolves.


What if my trip is gets cancelled due to COVID full travel restrictions?

Explorer Chick will issue you a travel voucher equal to the amount paid to be used for future travel with us. Vouchers are good through December 31, 2025.

We recommend reviewing your travel insurance as well to understand what is covered. Please review in detail your coverage and direct coverage questions to your provider.


When will new trips be available to plan my next adventure with my voucher?

📢 We are in the midst of getting our 2021 dates ready for release mid-April.

📢 I am working on a few NEW domestic trips for 2020 – We’re looking at you, National Parks!

📢 I’m coordinating with our Explorer Chick Guides to add more dates for our current domestic trips so you can run wild and free in the sunshine.

📢 We have availability on some of our 2020 trips departing this summer through year end including

Stay tuned to our Social Media and email newsletters for updates on all.

 What about my Mini Adventure? 

All Mini Adventures through May 1 have been cancelled and refunded.

For Mini Adventures taking place now through June 1, you have the option to cancel your registration for full refund up to 48 hours prior to your Mini event.



In the meantime, we encourage our Explorer Chicks – whether at home or abroad – to follow general health precautions. Wash your hands frequently, disinfect regularly touched objects, don’t kiss strangers, and take the steps you normally might to prevent the flu.

Focus on keeping yourself healthy too! Eat your veggies, get those 8 hours of sleep, and keep your immune system up while avoiding excesses and practicing good hygiene. Just use that same common sense you practice every winter when cold and flu season hits.

Reach out to your neighbors to lend a helping hand. Skip the masks to preserve the supply for our medical facilities. Don’t forget about your local small businesses who rely on your patronage to put food on their tables and toilet paper in their bathrooms. Times are tough. Please shop and stock up local so when this passes, your favorite shops/bars/services remain intact.

Together, we will press on and travel fearlessly.

Please continue to scroll down for resources and FAQ’s regarding your adventure.

Thank you for your continued support during this unprecedented and tumultuous times.

In the meantime, keep those hands clean, support your local small businesses, and keep dreaming up that bucket list.

Cheers to boundless adventures, Explorer Chicks!

Nicki Bruckmann


FAQs & Resources

Helpful Resources for COVID-19

Below are helpful links to Facts and Stats for you to reference as you gear up for all of your travel domestically and abroad in 2020.

     Facts about Coronavirus- Symptoms/Transmission/Precaution/Treatment


     CDC Entire Situation Summary


     US State Department Travel Advisories


     Country Specific COVID-19 Information



What if I travel and get sick or quarantined by the local government?

We will follow policies and advice of the local authorities and your Explorer Chick team will assist you as much as possible – including contacting your emergency contacts and assisting with local medical facilities.

We strongly recommend checking your travel insurance policy before you travel to determine what level of insurance coverage you may be eligible for in the event that you are quarantined or get sick while traveling. Direct all coverage questions directly to your provider.

We recommend a contingency fund for unavoidable situations such as severe weather, natural disasters and civil unrest when you travel. With this in mind, we recommend you carry US$500 for medical expenses in case it is needed.

Please note that Explorer Chick is not responsible for additional costs due to quarantines and/or medical sickness.


What screening procedures are in place at my destination?

Every port of entry will have its own screening requirements in place. If you have traveled through a country affected by coronavirus, you may be denied entry or be required to quarantine for a period of time.

Before arriving at your destination, you will need to make sure you meet all entry and exit requirements. Many countries have put in place new entry measures due to the coronavirus outbreak and these are changing daily.

We strongly recommend that you check this information frequently. The link below has information on screening and COVID-19 per country.

COVID-19 Country Specific Information