adventure travel women teamwork explorer chickExplorer Chick Adventure Co. is dedicated to providing the best in Adventure travel retreats exclusively for women. But, we’re not just any ol’ adventure retreat company. We put a twist on it by integrating fitness into each of our retreats. We tie in Yoga, Crossfit, TRX and more. Beyond traditional fitness, we also focus on “Natural” fitness. Our retreats are active and will have Explorer Chicks Hiking, Canyoning, Surfing and more. All of these activities are an incredibly fun and challenging way to be fit.

Sounds like Playing, right? RIGHT! It is our intention that Explorer Chicks remember what it feels like to Play! Then, of course, take it home with them! Spread that warm, fuzzy feeling of fun wherever they go. Your clients will look at the world in a different light. Playing! It sparks creativity. It ignites passion!

It is important to us that each Explorer Chick leaves her trip with a greater sense of strength both mentally and physically. Our mission is simply: Impact. We are committed to the the idea of rediscovering a healthy, fit through playing!

Browse through our retreats and you’ll see that they are mostly inclusive. All your client needs to do is show up! Our Explorer Chicks rave about the convenience of booking with us. Lodging, Meals, and Adventures are all curated before they even arrive. An Explorer Chick Director will be traveling with your clients ensuring a seamless experience.

How does it work?

  • We pay 10% commission on the final price of a trip after all discounts. This includes both Explorer Chick packages and any custom, private adventure trips.
  • The travel professional must make the booking directly with Explorer Chick Adventure Co. The commission will be reduced to 5% if the client completes the booking.
  • Explorer Chick will communicate directly with client following the booking for any additional information and updates.
  • Commission will not be paid until after the departure of the trip and all required paperwork has been received from the Travel professional.
  • Some special trips are exempt from travel agent commissions.

Your contact is Nicki. She can answer any additional questions, send you marketing materials, and take your booking!