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Fantastic! We think it’s the greatest job in the world! But then again, we’re outdoor junkies who love snuggling in our sleeping bags and cooking group meals next to a campfire.

We are always on the look out for women who are not only passionate about the outdoors and adventure, but who also want to create a wonderful experience for others. Providing our Explorer Chicks with badass, well-orchestrated, safe adventures is what makes us successful!

We require more than just a love for the outdoors and travel. Being a member of the Explorer Chick Team is a demanding role requiring a unique skill set. Being an Explorer Chick Adventure Guide is a challenging role, but wonderfully rewarding!

Now Hiring

Accepting Resumes for 2021 - Explorer Chick Guides

Explorer Chick is accepting Resumes for Guides in 2021 – specifically for guides within a few hours driving distance of the Red River Gorge, the Smoky Mountains, or Moab, UT. However, qualified resumes from all US locations will accepted. Please read the descriptions, requirements, and instructions carefully below. We will be in contact when we are ready to hire.

Please send your SKILLS BASED resume and cover letter with the position you are applying for directly to Nicki for review at or click the button below.

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Hiring Process

Due to the volume of applications received, we will respond only to the women that we wish to interview.

Failure to follow simple directions will not get you far in the process.

Following an initial interview, we may schedule further interviews with additional members of our team and/or invite you for a training trip.

Please keep in mind we are a growing, small business (Not a big time Tour Operator, yet). You will be an employee, not a contractor. This is not full time employment. Employment is not guaranteed for the year. Assignments will be intermittent and sporadic.

Dear aspiring Explorer Chick Adventure Guide:

In the summer of 2014 I was newly divorced and burned out professionally. What I needed, STAT, was a vacation. But not the same old ubiquitous beach vacation. Nope. As an athlete and an adrenaline junkie, I needed travel that fed my adventurous soul while pushing my boundaries. I wanted travel experiences that made me feel alive! Yet, I was missing a travel buddy. Fueled by a bottle of wine, the genesis of all brilliance, I created the solution to my problem: Explorer Chick Adventure Co.

Drawing on my professional and athletic background, my goal was to curate adventures that pushed limits (No Soft Adventures!), while delivering exceptional service. As a former overworked wife and professional, I understood the need to create freeing experiences that truly let our Explorer Chicks let go, get out, and PLAY! No agenda. No sweating the small stuff. Having someone else take care of “things.” Hell, enjoy a real vacation for once!

And, thus our badass, unruly tribe of women who love to push their limits exploring this beautiful world was born!

Cue our Explorer Chick Adventure Guides! You will be the force ensuring your Explorer Chicks enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Don’t be fooled. This is not an easy task! You must be nurturing, organized, decisive, a natural leader, energetic, hilarious, a bit rambunctious, and very fit. The role is physically demanding, mentally draining and requires long hours. Yet the reward of befriending women from around the country and witnessing life changing moments is unparalleled! It is a privilege that I am grateful for everyday!

Read on to learn what it takes to be part of our incredible, guacamole loving team!

With Love and Gratitude,

Nicki Bruckmann, Founder and CEO

A Successful Explorer Chick Adventure Guide is:

Please read the content of this page carefully. It includes our hiring requirements many of which are non-negotiable. We take guiding, adventure, and having fun very seriously. We cannot stress enough that you will not be on vacation – your Explorer Chicks will be. Yes, you’ll get to travel, but you will be working. It is your role to ensure your group has the best damn trip ever!

  • Passionate, energetic, Explorer Chick-focused, and a hardworking person with a love for people, the outdoors, and growing with us.
  • Motivated. Explorer Chick Adventure Guides do not lead for free trips. When the going gets tough, Explorer Chick Adventure Guides are driven by positive sources that push them to be an exceptional leader for their group.
  • A proven, enthusiastic leader capable of empathy, teaching, understanding of group dynamics, facilitating, coaching through challenges, effective communication, conversation, awareness of self and group needs, and a sense of humor.
  • Confident organizing large groups. Exceptionally organized, detail oriented, and competent working independently and remotely. Experienced with the logistics and details of trip planning. (Seeing the event through from A to Z).
  • Knowledgeable of group dynamics to ensure the group as a whole has an epic adventure filled with growth, bonding, and fun. Guides will have the interpersonal skill to know when it is appropriate to pull a woman aside for a private talk, give a woman some personal, quiet time, or even dismiss an individual from the trip.
  • Decisive and calm in highly unpredictable environments and circumstances. Explorer Chick Adventures are often at the mercy of the weather and group dynamics. Guides must be able to proactively solve problems and make quick decisions in a professional manner with limited support that maintains an exceptional experience for our Explorer Chicks (ex. wind storms, ripped tents, lightening storms, flooding, group pace, excursions cancellations, etc – these examples are just a few previous Explorer Chick experiences). Itineraries never go as planned.
  • Naturally caring and genuinely want the Explorer Chick experience to be the best it can be.
  • Strong, enthusiastic public speaker. A cheerleader for the brand while engaging people with wit and charm.
  • Experienced in the outdoors with verifiable skills including first aid, crisis response, trip plan execution, risk management, nutrition, cooking, meal planning, camp set up, Leave No Trace, safety, etc.
  • Physically fit to meet the demands of the role. Not only do Explorer Chick Adventure Guides participate in all activities but they are often the first awake, last to bed, hiking extra miles, hauling gear, setting up camp, etc.
  • Social media and computer savvy. Experience with Facebook and Instagram is essential.
  • Competent phone/camera photographer. Basic knowledge of snapping a great picture. (wipe off lens, snap a horizontal picture, etc). Create specific Facebook albums to upload your good pictures and share.
  • Excited to represent the Explorer Chick brand and guide our tribe of unruly, badass women!

As an Explorer Chick Adventure Guide you will:

  • Minimize risk and environmental impact while maximizing learning and fun during your assignments.
  • Take pride in your role as an Adventure Guide sharing your unique personality and talents with Explorer Chicks. Continue to develop and hone your skills as an Explorer Chick Adventure Guide through personal travel, research, and training.
  • Trip prep. Tasks vary with each adventure. These tasks may include, but are not limited to:
    • Read and learn traveler details (allergies, medical needs, hobbies, etc).
    • Confirm all third party bookings (Lodging, excursions, etc).
    • Plan meals throughout the trip. Create shopping lists and purchase groceries.
    • Communicate to Explorer Chicks pre-trip with introductions and last minute need to know details.
    • Camp set up. Purchase any additional and necessary camp supplies.
    • Plan route (driving, hiking, etc) including stops and timing for each.
    • Research the destination learning about the culture, history, environment, folk lore, fauna, flora, etc.
    • Familiarize yourself with the area including emergency services, ATM locations, grocery stores, coffee, optional excursions, etc.
    • Pick up passenger van.
    • Assemble and check necessary gear. Pack supplies.
  • During your assigned trip:
    • Welcome Explorer Chicks to their Adventure with a speech and introduction. Educate Explorer Chicks on their upcoming adventure, our mission, and our brand. Break the ice with an introductory activity. Facilitate the creation of the Explorer Chick Adventure Agreement.
    • Make and/or confirm reservations for dining, optional excursions, transportation, adventures, etc.
    • Meal plan, shop, and prepare meals for your group when applicable.
    • Log detailed notes in the trip report including changes, weather, performance of vendors, arising issues, and any other pertinent information.
    • Maintain trip budget, manage funds, and retain receipts.
    • Deliver a consistent high level of service to your Explorer Chicks.
    • Work efficiently and effectively with a Co-guide when applicable. (Explorer Chick Adventures will have one or two Adventure guides based on the needs of the trip).
    • Be the trip director, and when applicable the day-to-day guide and driver. Keep your group on schedule. Communicate and enforce departure times effectively.
    • Collaborate with our third party vendors to ensure Explorer Chicks have an exceptional experience.
    • Get to know and engage with the Explorer Chicks on an individual basis in a genuine manner. Everyone has a story, a passion, a talent. Learn them through authentic conversations. It’s incredibly rewarding!
    • Be decisive on itinerary and plan changes. This is crucial! All of our adventures are unpredictable. You must be able to make decisions that benefit and are fair to the Explorer Chicks independent of management and support.
    • Post to quality content to Social media and Instagram Story.
    • Manage group dynamics to ensure the group as a whole has an epic adventure filled with growth, bonding, and fun. Understand when it is appropriate to pull a woman aside for a private talk, give a woman some personal, quiet time, or even dismiss an individual from the trip.
  • Post Trip:
    • Clean camp and gear. Properly store for use on the next adventure. Inventory gear.
    • Complete all trip reports and paperwork in a timely manner. Debriefing call with the office.
    • Return passenger van.
    • Report any issues to the Director of Operations.


  • At a minimum and current: Wilderness First Aid Certification and Adult First Aid/CPR Certification.
  • At least 2 years of experience in leadership, guiding, or verifiable outdoor skills.
  • Clean driving record.
  • Excellent physical condition.
  • Woman over the age of 21.
  • Legal to work in the United States.
  • Own a computer/tablet and smart phone.
  • Love Guacamole!


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