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Easy Doesn't Change You

Rising above your nerve for the benefit of your own self-belief is a special superpower that we help you discover.


You may live for Kohl’s cash and drive a fuel-efficient car, but deep down inside you are something feral. She comes out to rumble when anyone hates on your bestie or when you can’t find your Aldi quarter.


Right Time.


Many women find their way into our loving arms during a moment of courage, usually because of a big life event. Breathing through the pain and daring to do something brave is proof that you’re ready to summon your inner she-beast.

Our mantra here at Explorer Chick is: Easy doesn’t change you. We’ll gladly remind you, “You didn’t sign up to live life from an armchair,” when you’re cursing us under breath putting one foot in front of the other. Hey, you signed up for this!

But we’ll also be the first beaming with pride when you do the hard things. When you feel the rush of empowerment from doing something a woman like you has no business doing. And when you return home a stronger and better version of yourself. Yeah, we’ll be your number one cheerleaders. We live for that shizz.


Right Place.


We leave sleepy bus tours in the dust to scramble up rock bridges, backpack hut to hut, hike ancient trails, and rappel down lush waterfalls. This means our adventures are more challenging, more rewarding, and more “Likable” on social media. You are practically guaranteed to return home with scrapes, bruises, and sore muscles aka Bonus Souvenirs.

You don’t need to be Lara Croft, you just need the fire to kick life in the shins.


Right People.


Face your fears with the most crackling women on the planet. Whatever you want to overcome (heights, loneliness, surfing, eating a bug), your fellow Explorer Chicks are in your corner screaming your name.


Right Experience.


There’s no one way to be a badass. Every woman is a galaxy of gorgeous complexity. (Duh.) And we are SO game to pull out all the stops to draw you out of that comfort zone.

Every trip page rates and details the physical demands required. If in doubt, check with your doctor, do some stair climber conditioning to Rihanna, and hike up those compression socks! No age limits to see here. There is only knowing your body and choosing the appropriate experience.

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