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A Feral Sisterhood

It’s not a cult. We checked.


We’re not the only company chasing waterfalls in Iceland, trekking the Inca Trail, or traipsing trails in National Parks.

So why in the world do over 30% of Explorer Chicks return to travel with us again and again?

It’s YOU. It’s our Explorer Chicks who journey with us that elevate our trips from just another tour to a full-on, almost cult status community of traveling women. You show up ALL IN. Willing to connect to strangers, say YES to things that scare you, be spontaneous, and let go of that woman you left behind at home.

We are women bonded together by challenging ourselves in the outdoors. Women embracing our motto: “easy doesn’t change you.” ⁠

This isn’t AI-generated robot travel.

⁠The friendships are REAL.

The vulnerability on the trails is REAL. ⁠

The personal growth is REAL. ⁠

The cuss words, inside jokes, and SHE-naningans are REAL. ⁠

Explorer Chick is about REAL human connections with humans caring about you the entire time.

Our trips aren’t just adventures around the world. They are physical, emotional, and sometimes spiritual journeys with big-hearted, uplifting women.

Our Community Values

Believe in each other to believe in ourselves


When you belong to group where everyone believes so much in each other, a funny thing happens: You start believing in yourself.

Negative self-talk is silenced by unwavering support and expectations are stripped. The impossible, scary, and overwhelming is suddenly possible. It’s not long before you’re unleashing a fierce primal strength that’s always lived inside you – you just needed the space and unshakable encouragement to let it out.

We’ve witnessed career changes, divorces, new relationships, massive moves, and complete life make-overs – All driven by empowerment and a new found courage. And we’re here for it even if it means you move on to travel the world with your new honey or take a job that fulfills your soul but not your wallet.


The Ripple Effect


You’re not just booking your next bucket-list adventure, some me time away from the kids, or ticking off another National Park. You’re signing up for a cameo role in another’s life journey. Rallying around women conquering fears. Swapping stories on the trails. Listening with curiosity. Throwing out open sunscreened arms.

By showing up, you are showing up for the Explorer Chick sisterhood.

All The SHE-Nanigans


This ain’t a school trip, Explorer Chick.

Leave your best behavior at home and bring that weird goat energy that got you into trouble with the Costco Free Samples lady.

Our adventures combine the best parts of being a grownup with a credit card AND a goofy friend.

FREEDOM TO DORK OUT. Band-camp level enthusiasm is encouraged. PLEASE make Jurassic Park sound effects in the jungle and pose like Jack and Kate on the boat transfers.

ZERO PRESSURE TO SELF-CENSOR. Do we look like nuns? So long as you are being respectful to your fellow Explorer Chicks, ALWAYS tell us about your hemorrhoid story.

A Safety Net with Snacks


You know when you have an honest conversation with another woman and it’s just so cathartic and you feel SO seen that you want to throw up? (Keep reading, introverts.)

Deep talks with other women are time machines. We feel ancient and brand new when we talk about hard stuff with other badasses who’ve been through it.

So in a way, our trips aren’t just adventures around the world. They are physical, emotional, and sometimes spiritual journeys through our own scars. And while no one is expected to share their life story around the campfire, the invitation is always there.




The need to belong and be loved is ageless, but somehow as we age new friendships can be a challenge. Not with Explorer Chick. Did you know that 80% of our travelers rock up solo?

It’s first day of school vibes for 3 seconds and then you return home with an entire she-pack of besties who are itching to plan the next adventure. We witness new friendships forge right before our eyes on trips. We’re excitedly told origin stories from women who met on our trips and return for more.

The mascara, the underwire, the weird fake voice you use with colleagues – it’s left behind for a spine-tingling sisterhood that makes you feel safer than bear spray. Come as you are and discover deep connections with friends who are gonna love you in your purest and weirdest state.

Wanna meet other Explorer Chick women to check out our vibe? Join our private Facebook community where you can ask questions, get travel and trip advice, share funny memes, and more.

Or you can hang with us on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook to get the latest travel goss!


The Most Fun Ever


We promise hysterical laughing, unladylike behavior, strings of cuss words, and happy exhaustive fatigue on all of our trips. It doesn’t matter how old you are.

Mother Nature ain’t the baddest woman on this adventure. Every moment you spend with your Explorer Chicks will give you giddy sleepover vibes. There’ll be music, charcuterie boards, wild stories, belly laughs, bonfire drinks, and plenty of opportunities to flash those tatas to the setting sun. (You’re welcome, horizon.)

With zero pressure to self-censor, unleash your goofy dance moves that have been pent up since the last time flare jeans were a thing.


No Mean Girls or Debbie Downers


Warning – Radical candor incoming: Some women kinda suck. You know the types, and we do not hold space for them in our community.

We have a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to Mean Girls and Debbie Downers.

Explorer Chicks are kind, supportive, and welcoming.

If you are a Debbie Downer that loves to complain, do not book an adventure with us. Debbie Downers not only ruin their vacation, but can quickly have an averse effect on everyone else’s trip. Bad attitudes are cancerous to our group dynamics and just disrespectful.

Mean Girls are also invited to stay home. Bullying, egos, and hurtful trash talk is the fastest way to be removed from an adventure. They will not be tolerated.

Our guides are Explorer Chick Advocates. We will remove Debbie Downers and Mean Girls from a trip because the group’s overall experience is our priority – we will not cater to nor bend to please the never satisfied, persistent complainers, meanies, or down right miserable people. (That being said, we understand everyone has a bad day! This happens. We’ll work through it!).

In Her Words

Wendy I.Wendy I. ★★★★★ What an incredible adventure! Jessica & Jess guided us through spectacular canyons, amphitheaters, rivers, and trails across Utah’s National Parks, Monuments, State Parks, and BLMs. My two sisters and I created fantastic memories with amazing women during this 8-day journey. Together, we celebrated birthdays, friendships (both old and new), the strength of our bodies, and the power of sisterhood as we connected with nature. Thank you, Explorer Chick! Thanks for bringing us together at the top of The Grand Staircase, through the Hoodoos, Fairyland, glamping sites, and all of the other fun side trips to enjoy delicious meals and each other’s company.These guides will challenge and spoil you with a vacation full of learning about our majestic planet and the miracles we are capable of as humans.This was definitely a five-star outdoor vacation!Stefanie T.Stefanie T. ★★★★★ I was nervous to take this trip but boy am I happy I did. I had an amazing time and made some lifelong friends along the way. I pushed myself and got to try new activities. Lauren was an amazing tour guide. She was so patient and encouraging when I thought I wouldn't physically be able to complete something. It was an incredible experience. I can't wait to book my next trip!debbie T.debbie T. ★★★★★ This was my first trip with Explorer Chick and it definitely will not be my last! I am so excited for the 2024 schedule to come out so I can start planning!I just did the Smokey Mountains hiking and glamping adventure. It far exceeded my expectations on every level. Our amazing guides, Anna and Jayme, were outstanding! Every detail was so well thought out and planned. It was so nice to have beautiful spreads for breakfast, packed lunches to enjoy with Mountain View’s, awesome dinners when we arrived back at camp, and of course many delicious snacks and drinks along the way. The moonshine tour was so much fun and a nice change of scenery during the trip! After only 3 days, I felt like I really bonded with the other women and formed a sisterhood along the trails. This experience was both mentally and physically challenging in the best way possible! I not only got to share it with an incredible group of women, I got to know myself better and am forever changed. My cup has been “filled back up” and I’m ready for whatever comes next! Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Explorer Chick for making these adventures accessible for women and for allowing us the space to learn and grow. Huge shoutout once again to JAYME and ANNA for being the best guides and incredible humans! I am so grateful!!! See you all again soon!!!Jackie W.Jackie W. ★★★★★ I went on the Virginia Wilderness trip guided by Erin recently, and highly recommend it! Every woman on the trip booked it not knowing anyone, but we all became friends very quickly. We hiked, learned, and laughed so much in such a short amount of time. I feel much more confident being in the wilderness now and cannot wait to book my next trip with Explorer Chick!Shoutout to Erin for dealing with our shenanigans, getting everyone back safely, and for helping to make this trip as amazing as it was! She's the BEST.Courtney A.Courtney A. ★★★★★ Just went on my 1st Explore Chick trip, a backpacking workshop in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. What an incredible experience! This was my 1st solo travel trip and I was NERVOUS that I would be the only one that didn't have a friend with me. Boy was I wrong, out of our group of 9, only 3 knew each other. Right away our group got to know each other and the bonding started. By the end of the tip, I knew I had made some new lifelong friends...friends to continue to explore with! Our guide was amazing (shout out to Janie!) and taught us so much about backpacking and camping. I can't wait to go on more Explore Chick adventures, if you are on the fence...stop overthinking it and sign up! You won't regret it 😉js_loader

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