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Pro-Age Travel

Don’t you dare dye your grays or hide your joint supplements to come along on our mind-blowing adventures. Spoiler Alert: you. are. the. adventure.

Welcome to Age-Inclusive Travel, where women in their 30s and 40s link arms with badass sistas in their 60s. Yep, you might think you don’t have anything in common with the next generation, but the second you’re howling from a mountain summit after 3 hours hiking with screaming thighs, you quickly realize it’s the love for the outdoors and the singularity in womanhood that instantly bonds us all.

The age limit is simply over 21, so there is only knowing your body and choosing the appropriate experience. 

Every trip page rates and details the physical demands required. If in doubt, check with your doctor, do some stair climber conditioning to Rihanna, and hike up those compression socks!

We’ve guided women in full-blown menopause down waterfalls. Got a whack bladder? We stop for all the pee breaks. You can drop your guide a heads up on any special needs you may have and she will do her ever-loving best to accommodate you.

Plus? The women journeying with you are likely going through similar stuff. You’ll be surprised how open and supportive the convos get after you sweat it out on a trail all day.

We’re gonna love the crap out of you.