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Tipping Guidelines

Why Should I Tip My Guides?


Guides are the backbone of the travel industry.

They are educators, storytellers, and highly skilled outdoorswomen with genuine enthusiasm for sharing their insights and passion for the destinations you explore on our trips.

Their roles are multifaceted, and they wear a ton of different hats (driver, educator, timekeeper, chef, group wrangler, occasional karaoke singer…) to ensure your only job is to show up and have the adventure of a lifetime.

While tipping your Explorer Chick guide is not mandatory, it’s the best way to express your gratitude for their dedication and hard work.

By tipping, you show appreciation for the exceptional service, support, and expertise that your guide provides. It’s a tangible way to acknowledge the value they add to your travel experience.

Additionally, the pandemic had a profound impact on the travel industry, and guides are working hard to regain financial stability. Your tips help them continue to do what they love and support their livelihoods.


How Much Should I Tip My Guides?


The industry standard is for each individual guest to tip 10-15% of the trip cost.

Gratuities may be given to one guide — the team divides tips among themselves after the trip.

Most of our Explorer Chick Guides have Paypal and/or Venmo. Just ask her!


Why Aren’t EC Guide Tips Included in the Trip Price?


Allowing guides to accept tips is customary in the tour industry and for good reason. It encourages our Explorer Chick Guides to provide you with exceptional service. Plus, our Explorer Chicks enjoy the opportunity to recognize guide(s) personally for their hard work.


Do I Need To Tip Other People During My Trip?


Most tips are included in the price of your trip including for local/partner guides and restaurants. If there is an exception to the included tips, it will be detailed in the “What’s Included” section of a trip page.


Tips that are NOT included in your tour price:


  • Extra activities
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Tips for Housecleaning/hotel/lodging staff
  • Your Explorer Chick Guide(s).