Solo Travel for Women: Empowering Sisterhood Awaits!

Because women love when other people anticipate their needs, we thought we’d bless you with the answer to our number 1 question:

Do Women Travel Solo?


Yes, lady. All the freaking time. 80% of our travelers rock up solo. Solo travel may not be on your bucket list, but anxious partners, busy friends, and major life events force us to adapt.

Each trip develops a sisterhood that melts away all the nerves of “going it alone.” Because you aren’t alone. It’s first day of school vibes for 3 seconds and then you return home with an entire she-pack of besties who are itching to plan the next adventure. 

Peep here and here for proof and validation!

Finally, you don’t have to beg your friend who hates sweating to come with you. Come as you are in your own company––single, widowed, restless, bursting for adventure. You’ll leave with a team of supporters and a new trail name.

Boob Sweat is taken, btw. 


What if it’s my first time?


Got the nervous poops because you’ve never traveled outside the country?

Yeah, we’ve been there and we got you.

After booking, you’ll have access to your Travel Guide that outlines travel logistics and important in-country requirements so you reach your destination safely. Then you’re in the loving arms of your Explorer Chick Guide allowing you to sideline your worries, and simply mindlessly wander.


What about forced Single fees?


Not here sister. Penalizing solo travelers runs against everything we stand for. Instead, we’ll randomly room you with other women on the trip.


What if I want my own room?


We get it. Maybe your inner introvert needs her down time each evening. Whatever, your reason, you’ll find that we offer limited Single Room upgrades whenever possible on our adventures. Just be sure to read the details carefully as some of our trips only offer single rooms for a portion of the trip.

Single room upgrade options are detailed on each trip page under the “Logistics” section if available. These are often limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. If sold out, then the option will not be available at booking.

Not every trip has a single supplement option and some trips only have partial single supplement options. For example, a portion of your trip could be in a hotel where you can upgrade and then moves to mountain huts which by nature are group dormitories where single options do not exist.

Hear From Our Solo Travelers

Christine C.Christine C. ★★★★★ My first trip with Explorer Chicks was the Virginia Wilderness Survival 101. I went solo and it was an amazing experience. This is the first time I've ever done anything like this and I'm so glad I did. Our guide, Kara, was absolutely wonderful. She was knowledgeable, well organized, and made the trip organization so easy. I loved spending time with other women who were out for an adventure. We shared stories and enjoyed being outdoors together. I can't recommend Explorer Chicks enough and can't wait for my next adventure (hopefully Yosemite Backpacking!).Lisa B.Lisa B. ★★★★★ If you prefer to work really hard and spend lots of time and energy planning a trip and dealing with the headache of navigating, finding good places to eat and fun things to do all on your own then this is not for you. Now if you prefer to show up and have amazing people guide you and cover every detail so you don't have to and love every minute of it, then this is definitely for you! As a solo traveler I was warmly welcomed (with a margarita!), met some amazing women and had the adventure of a lifetime. It would not have been possible without our brilliant guides Lauren & Amanda on the Smoky Mountain Boots & Roots Hiking Trip. This being my first time I would not hesitate to book another trip. Amazing experience!!Monika M.Monika M. ★★★★★ I explored Arches and Canyonlands National parks solo with 6 other women and two fabulous guides, Katie and Kayla with EC. I felt immediately comfortable with our group and found it very rewarding and retreat like. We hiked, we kareoked, we laughed, and did the challenging things, it was so worth it. This company makes great lady adventures and you don’t have to lift a finger just your feet. You will not regret this trip. Loved it.Jennifer L.Jennifer L. ★★★★★ Just finished an amazing trip to Moab and Arches with Christina and an awesome group of 9 other women. This was my first trip solo and all the women were so supportive of each other. We went places I could never have the courage to do alone. Everything was so well planned and Christina was so great at changing itinerary on the fly when weather got in the way. Will definitely be booking another trip soon.Kaylee M.Kaylee M. ★★★★★ This was my first solo trip and it was an unforgettable experience. Our guides Katie and Nicole had everything planned to a T. The views were amazing and the group of women made it a trip with endless laughter. If you’re debating going on a solo trip, look no further. Moab and Arches Hiking WeekendKristen C.Kristen C. ★★★★★ I had a wonderful time in Jordan! Amazing historical sites, beautiful vistas, fun hikes, wonderful food, warm people. Anna our Explorer Chick guide was just the right amount of silly, easy-going, organized, and supportive. Ahlam, our local guide, was very knowledgeable, super-sweet and very patient. She was an excellent ambassador to Jordan and its people! Together they were a super (rap) duo! I'm a fan of solo travel, but I don't think I would have been able to have the same experience if I had planned it myself. Highly recommend!Lisa W.Lisa W. ★★★★★ First time travelling solo and was looking for adventure, sense of belonging and safety. Explorer Chick ticked every box and then some! The 4 Days we spent hiking and canyoneering in Zion and Bryce were AMAZING! I made new friends and never lacked for anything. Our guides, Savannah and Jessica made this trip more than enjoyable, even on the most challenging hikes. Can't wait to find my next adventure with Explorer Chick!Kim M.Kim M. ★★★★★ Just experienced the trip of a lifetime!!! Moab hiking trip with Mary & Kayla was so spectacular! It was my first hiking trip ever and did it solo. I would do it again and again. Now planning my next hiking adventure with EC. Love my new adventure friends and all the things that this trip taught me. Thank you Explorer Chicks… I’m Forever Changed! ❤️🙌👊🏻🤗💕Courtney A.Courtney A. ★★★★★ Just went on my 1st Explore Chick trip, a backpacking workshop in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. What an incredible experience! This was my 1st solo travel trip and I was NERVOUS that I would be the only one that didn't have a friend with me. Boy was I wrong, out of our group of 9, only 3 knew each other. Right away our group got to know each other and the bonding started. By the end of the tip, I knew I had made some new lifelong friends...friends to continue to explore with! Our guide was amazing (shout out to Janie!) and taught us so much about backpacking and camping. I can't wait to go on more Explore Chick adventures, if you are on the fence...stop overthinking it and sign up! You won't regret it 😉Julianne H.Julianne H. ★★★★★ I went on the wilderness survival & hiking trip in Virginia September 2022. The group stayed at a lovely property called Mountain Shepherd Survival School. Our guide Kelsey was wonderful. We hiked Dragon’s Tooth, McAfee Knob, and attempted Tinker Cliffs (in the interest of safety, Kelsey had to make the call for the group to turn around due to lightning when we were about 3/4 up the mountain).I chose this trip for the hiking, but was pleasantly surprised about the wilderness survival training as well as the self-defense portions. I have taken previous classes in the subjects, but came away with lots of knowledge and skills that were not covered by other teachers. Deena from Mountain Shepherd was wonderful with her knowledge, experience, and stories about survival training.Every single woman in the group was absolutely AMAZING. The camaraderie and support from all of the women was fantastic.If you’re on the fence about traveling alone or joining a group of people you don’t know, just do it! I wouldn’t hesitate to book with explorer check again, and I am already contemplating the backpacking weekend.I came out of this experience with much more confidence in my skills and my ability to not only go on solo adventures, but to survive if something were to go wrong.Tracey B.Tracey B. ★★★★★ I can’t say enough positive things about this Women led business that focuses on empowering all Woman to challenge themselves (Easy Doesn’t Change You). I recently completed my 5th trip with Explorer Chicks last week -I did the four day Smokey Mountain hike.Before my first trip in 2018 I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Clearly one has to have a base level of fitness to sign up for backpacking/10+miles per day of hiking but the trips are structured in such a way to accommodate women of varying fitness levels. After 5 trips I can assure you that Explorer Chicks attract a very diverse group. For my Smokies trip Ages ranged from 30s to 60s. My co-hikers came from all over the country with different ethnicities and backgrounds.The guides are what really make this company unique (shout out to Lauren and Kimberly). Explorer Chicks hires partners who excel at building a cohesive group. In this trip only two of the hikers knew each other before the trip. The remaining 8 were solo travelers. By the end of the trip we were all exchanging contact info and posting our experiences to the various social media platforms.Quick review for the Smoky Mountain hiking/glamping tripDay 1 challenging 12 mile up/back hike to the top of MT Cammerer. 3k mile elevation gain… I think everyone’s feet were a little tired. The trail was rocky but as one who hates going downhill with a passion doable with no major slipsDay 2: we changed up a bit due to group dynamics (and weather) and did what I would call a nature walk up to a pretty waterfall followed by a tour of a historic town/picnic lunch. We had a few hours back at the luxury camping site to swim/nap then we headed into Gatlinburg for a moonshine/wine tasting tourDay3: we did a beautiful 7 mile hike to Charlie’s Bunion. The views at the top were fabulous. We got hammered by a storm on the way down. But even the rain didn’t dampen the experienceI totally support this company and will travel with them again. They have trips all over the US and to some really cool non US destinations.Abbey T.Abbey T. ★★★★★ DR, March 2017Guuuuuurl book that trip! 🏄🏻‍♀️2016 was a bit of a rough year for me and was filled with some big life changes. To say the least I was not in a good place. I happened to come across EC randomly on the app Meetup and quickly started checking out all the adventures. I had never been out of the country before so the Dominican trip immediately caught my eye. It took me a few days, but finally decided I needed to go on this trip.At first I was a little intimidated; I was a solo traveler on my first trip out of the country meeting up with women whom I’ve never met. But, the minute I arrived at the hotel and was greeted by a very enthusiastic Nicki that intimidation went away. This is the exact trip that I needed, and let me just say you’ll walk away feeling like such a complete BADASS!! My favorite part was probably the canyoning trip through Ciguapa Falls. It was a challenge and I loved it. I was sore the next day, but it was the good kind of sore. :)I left the Dominican with new friends and feeling so empowered. This was such a great start to my 2017, and made me completely forget about my crappy 2016. Since then I’ve been on the overnight backpacking workshop to red river gorge, and I can’t wait for more EC adventures in the future! 💜js_loader

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