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Solo Travel for Women: Empowering Sisterhood Awaits!

Because women love when other people anticipate their needs, we thought we’d bless you with the answer to our number 1 question:

Do Women Travel Solo?


Yes, lady. All the freaking time. 80% of our travelers rock up solo. Solo travel may not be on your bucket list, but anxious partners, busy friends, and major life events force us to adapt.

Each trip is a mini sisterhood that melts away all the nerves of “going it alone.” Because you aren’t alone. It’s first day of school vibes for 3 seconds and then you return home with an entire she-pack of besties who are itching to plan the next adventure. 

Peep here and here for proof and validation!

Finally, you don’t have to beg your friend who hates sweating to come with you. Come as you are in your own company––single, widowed, restless, bursting for adventure. You’ll leave with a team of supporters and a new trail name.

Boob Sweat is taken, btw. 


What if it’s my first time?


Got the nervous poops because you’ve never traveled outside the country? Yeah, we’ve been there and we got you. After booking, you’ll have access to your Travel Guide that outlines travel logistics and important in-country requirements so you reach your destination safely. Then you’re in the loving arms of your Explorer Chick Guide allowing you to sideline your worries, and simply mindlessly wander.


What about forced Single fees?


Not here sister. Penalizing solo travelers runs against everything we stand for. Instead, we’ll randomly room you with other women on the trip.


What if I want my own room?


We get it. Maybe your inner introvert needs her down time each evening. Whatever, your reason, you’ll find that we offer limited Single Room upgrades whenever possible on our adventures. Just be sure to read the details carefully as some of our trips only offer single rooms for a portion of the trip.

Single room upgrade options are detailed on each trip page under the “Logistics” section if available. These are often limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. If sold out, then the option will not be available at booking.

Not every trip has a single supplement option and some trips only have partial single supplement options. For example, a portion of your trip could be in a hotel where you can upgrade and then moves to mountain huts which by nature are group dormitories where single options do not exist.