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Why Explorer Chick?

Explorer Chick exists to change lives.


We just so happen to do it through adventure travel for women. 


Welcome to a proud collective of unladylike misfits who search the ends of the earth for the best places to discover our superpowers. We create action-packed, women-only, bucket-list experiences that feel like secret passageways beyond all the typical tourist traps.

Leave your inner critic speechless and the logistics to us. Rock up, soul-meld with your new sisterhood, and prepare to laugh until a little happy pee comes out.

We know what women want on vacation. We also know what it takes for women to actually GO on vacation.

You’re the glue. The overthinkers. The on-demand. The last in line. Frantically setting your out-of-office in the Uber to the airport while your partner texts to ask what dog food brand to buy. (Really?)

Flip the switch and prepare for your needs to be obsessively met through adventure travel run by women, for women.

1 Reignite Your Fire

Transform your vacay mindset from work-recovery to life-discovery. It’s never too late to try something new, reconnect with your inner child, or start again.

We help women get out of their own heads through radical acceptance, endless support, and obscene fun. Each adventure is a baptism in self-belief and owning your life.

Peace out, Rick Steves. We’re journeying through our souls over here.

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2 A Feral Sisterhood

“How does this magical vibe exist?” Probably our favorite quote ever. Truth is YOU are the vibe, the special sauce, and the best thing there ever was.

Show up all in with unwavering support of others, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by incredible women who believe in you. The impossible, scary, overwhelming is actually possible. It’s a spine-tingling sisterhood that makes you feel safer than bear spray.

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3 Support to Go Solo

80% of our travelers rock up solo with their bad selves and leave with an entire she-pack of besties. How many times have we delayed a trip because our partners aren’t into it or our friends are busy? Explorer Chick makes solo travel hella-welcoming with a mini sisterhood that melts away all the weirdness of “going it alone.”

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4 Pro-Age Travel

Badass women ages 30-60+ bust their booties up mountains, down waterfalls, and across glaciers. There is no upper age limit on our adventures. There is only knowing your body and choosing the appropriate experience. We don’t care how many uggo compression socks or knee braces you bring––mindset is the only thing that matters. 

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5 Courage to Do It Anyway

Face your fears with women who are also crapping themselves over heights, open water, and being away from home for the first time in years. This isn’t an anonymous tour group where everyone politely nibbles their granola bars. Explorer Chicks lose their voices cheering you out from your comfort zone. Remember: Easy doesn’t change you. 

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6 All the SHE-Nanigans

What could be better than a stunning canyon view at dusk? Hearing Jenn’s strangled fart bounce about the rock walls.

Leave your best behavior at home and bring that weird goat energy that got you into trouble with the Costco Free Samples lady.

Our adventures combine the best parts of being a grownup with a credit card AND a goofy friend. We attract a diverse yet specific demographic of adventurer who is equal parts kind, brave, and sh*tshow. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. 

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7 Mindless Wandering

Get that bucket-list itinerary without sweating a single brain cell. All you have to do is board a plane. Each small-group, women-only adventure covers your safety equipment, outdoor gear, reservations, entrance fees, permits, accommodation, transportation, and included meals.

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8 Your Dream Team

No rock climber bros or wheezing ornithologists in sight. Our guides are wilderness trained and certified to worship your well-being––and they are also really, really fun. We probably snagged Travel and Leisure’s WORLD’S BEST Tour Operator accolade because of our sick dance moves.

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9 We Give a Damn

Coming on strong is our jam. You’re about the only thing we’re super serious about around here. And it’s written in our guiding principles to treat you with endless love and respect like we’ve been bffs since second grade. Should we write our initials in the sand now, or?

Our mantra: Give ‘em what they never dreamed possible. Everything we do, from planning the itinerary to sneaking in pop-up surprises to hyping you on social media, is designed to help you feel deliciously powerful. So you can’t help but find your edge.

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10 You + EC = 4 Ever

Our retention rate for returning travelers is 30 PERCENT. That is absolutely bananas when you consider most people return to their snoozefest tour companies exactly zero times. We are constantly on-boarding new trips, more guides, and exciting new adventures to keep Explorer Chicks coming back for more. 

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In Her Words

Laura D.Laura D. ★★★★★ Had a fantastic time on the Smoky Mountains Boots and Roots Hiking trip!Anna R.Anna R. ★★★★★ Just got back from a trip (in the Smokey Mountains) with Anna and Jess - the trip was outstanding!!! They were both so knowledgeable of our hikes, extremely helpful, and so fun! The glamping site was lovely! And the food was fabulous! Highly recommend Anna and Jess - they made the trip very memorable!Amanda W.Amanda W. ★★★★★ This was an unforgettable experience. My leads Anna and jessica made me feel completely confident and comfortable while we hiked gorgeous and challenging trails. They showed us with so many fun surprises along the way and created a space for us to be ourselves, together. I will definitely be booking another trip!Sarah C.Sarah C. ★★★★★ I was fortunate to be on EC's inaugural Norway trip - all I can say is GO! The trip was beyond my expectations- from our awesome EC Guide Christina and local Guide Christine to the 6 strong and supportive women I spent 7 days with exploring the stunning and other-worldly beauty of Norway! The accommodations were so cool - lodges and fishing cabins filled with character and very comfy! Hikes were challenging and provided TONS of photo opps - and our Guides took great care of us along the way! Food? Delicious and they accommodate dietary needs super well - and if you are a fish lover, you will be in pescatarian paradise! This was my first group trip - I was nervous about traveling with people I hadn't met and being able to do the hikes, but those butterflies were quickly calmed when I met Christina, Christine and my fellow Explorer Chicks! Thank you, EC, for a memorable, fun-filled and fabulous trip through Norway!!Connie M.Connie M. ★★★★★ I went on the half dome trip and WOW! Being at the top of half dome for sunset was amazing. Our guide, Kalya, was fantastic. Thank you Kayla and the wonderful ladies in our group for the memories! - ConnieJesse P.Jesse P. ★★★★★ This weekend we spent a couple of days backpacking with Explorer Chick Adventure Co. in the RedRiver Gorge of Kentucky. It was such an awesome experience! It was honestly one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. Those packs weren’t just huge - they were heavy! And the trail was quite aptly named the Rough Trail, haha. Steep inclines and fallen trees were just par for the course along our route. The wonderful guides left me feeling confident and excited about continuing my outdoor adventures. This place was beautiful, and I hope to visit it again someday. Lauren was an incredible guide and Jodi and Amy were awesome.Jeneta I.Jeneta I. ★★★★★ Anna & Kara-Great guides and hosts! Went to Smoky Mountains trip. Amazing experience. Thank you for everything you did for our group! 🙏🏼🌸keebler9111231keebler9111231 ★★★★★ Went on the Alaskan adventure with Nicole B and Kayla L as our spectacular guides!! Everything was jam packed-n-top notch adventure fun. Starting off with an exhilarating hike to a few glacial lakes, to ice climbing and sea kayaking. All the event guides we encountered were superb as well. We hiked some more, saw the copper mines and many different cities, a little history, a little dart throwing and dinner. Went to the fish hatchery, saw some sea lions and learned how the salmon is bred to be the best in Alaska. The guide prepared food was excellent every detail was well thought and appreciated and I felt safe the entire trip. Would definitely go on another EC adventure again! LisaLaura J.Laura J. ★★★★★ What an amazing trip to Alaska. If you have been wanting to go to Alaska, go with them. It’s a huge state with so much to see and do, but this 7 day trip will give you a great overview. The guides were outstanding and handled all aspects of the trip with grace.Victoria C.Victoria C. ★★★★★ I am so excited to start thus new journey and be a part of explorer chick!!!!! Amazing!!Dorianne H.Dorianne H. ★★★★★ Wow !!! This trip with Explorer Chicks was truly amazing. We went to Yosemite and backpacked and hiked Half Dome. Such a fantastic trip with so many emotions and thrills of accomplishment. Hats off to our guide Kirstie Mulliken, she is such an amazing guide. She herself, backpacked with 55lbs, 😳😳😳 She made us incredible meals (and wouldn’t even allow us to help her clean up), she empowered us to push ourselves and over all, she is an incredible person at such a young age. She made our trip memorable and we can’t wait to search for another trip, and hopefully have her as a guide !!!!Ida B.Ida B. ★★★★★ I went to the San Juan Islands with Ashley, Nicole, and Moll as our guide. We kayaked to the northwestern-most point in the continental united states. There was bioluminescence and seals and starfish. The campsite was hospitable with a view of the entire harbor, fresh running water, and toilet facilities. We had such a wonderful time.Ashley C.Ashley C. ★★★★★ I did the RRG backpacking trip at 40! It was definitely a challenge, but so fun! Can't wait for my next adventure in a less than 2 months!Stephanie M.Stephanie M. ★★★★★ I just went on my first explorer trip to Alaska with Christina and Nicole. It far exceeded my expectations, especially me being 22 years old. This adventure group is truly for all ages and it was such an amazingly fun trip for me. Hiking some big miles and elevation, bush plane, ice climbing on a glacier, sea kayaking, and amazing views. 10/10 would recommend this trip to anyone!Amanda GAmanda G ★★★★★ I recently returned from my first EC trip backpacking in Yosemite with a summit of Half Dome at sunset. It was incredible, well organized, and our guide Kirstie was absolutely phenomenal! Definitely not my last EC adventure. They do a really nice job of creating a unique and memorable experience.js_loader

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