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Explorer Chick exists to change lives.


We just so happen to do it through adventure travel for women. 


Welcome to a proud collective of unladylike misfits who search the ends of the earth for the best places to discover our superpowers. We create action-packed, women-only, bucket-list experiences that feel like secret passageways beyond all the typical tourist traps.

Leave your inner critic speechless and the logistics to us. Rock up, soul-meld with your new sisterhood, and prepare to laugh until a little happy pee comes out.

We know what women want on vacation. We also know what it takes for women to actually GO on vacation.

You’re the glue. The overthinkers. The on-demand. The last in line. Frantically setting your out-of-office in the Uber to the airport while your partner texts to ask what dog food brand to buy. (Really?)

Flip the switch and prepare for your needs to be obsessively met through adventure travel run by women, for women.

Woman holding "Explorer Chick" banner at the summit of Torres Del Paine Towers in Patagonia Chile

1 Reignite Your Fire

Transform your vacay mindset from work-recovery to life-discovery. It’s never too late to try something new, reconnect with your inner child, or start again.

Just ask Explorer Chick founder Nicki Bruckmann, who got fed up with the mold she was forcing herself into and essentially blew up life as she knew it (the marriage, the job… you name it.) What came out of the destruction was Explorer Chick.

We help women get out of their own heads through radical acceptance, endless support, and obscene fun. Each adventure is a baptism in self-belief and owning your life.

Peace out, Rick Steves. We’re journeying through our souls over here.

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2 A Feral Sisterhood

“How does this magical vibe exist?” Probably our favorite quote ever. Truth is YOU are the vibe, the special sauce, and the best thing there ever was.

Show up all in with unwavering support of others, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by incredible women who believe in you. The impossible, scary, overwhelming is actually possible. It’s a spine-tingling sisterhood that makes you feel safer than bear spray.

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3 Support to Go Solo

80% of our travelers rock up solo with their bad selves and leave with an entire she-pack of besties. How many times have we delayed a trip because our partners aren’t into it or our friends are busy? Explorer Chick makes solo travel hella-welcoming with a mini sisterhood that melts away all the weirdness of “going it alone.”

Why You Should Travel Solo

4 Pro-Age Travel

Badass women ages 30-60+ bust their booties up mountains, down waterfalls, and across glaciers. There is no upper age limit on our adventures. We welcome you no matter your age!

There is only knowing your body and choosing the appropriate experience. We don’t care how many uggo compression socks or knee braces you bring — mindset is the only thing that matters.

Worried You're Too Old? Read This.

5 Courage to Do It Anyway

Face your fears with women who are also crapping themselves over heights, open water, and being away from home for the first time in years. This isn’t an anonymous tour group where everyone politely nibbles their granola bars. Explorer Chicks lose their voices cheering you out from your comfort zone. Remember: Easy doesn’t change you

The Mantra We Live By

6 All the SHE-Nanigans

What could be better than a stunning canyon view at dusk? Hearing Jenn’s strangled fart bounce about the rock walls.

Leave your best behavior at home and bring that weird goat energy that got you into trouble with the Costco Free Samples lady.

Our adventures combine the best parts of being a grownup with a credit card AND a goofy friend. We attract a diverse yet specific demographic of adventurer who is equal parts kind, brave, and sh*tshow. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. 

7 Mindless Wandering

Get that bucket-list itinerary without sweating a single brain cell. All you have to do is board a plane. What’s included on each small-group, women-only adventure is your safety equipment, outdoor gear, reservations, entrance fees, permits, accommodation, transportation, included meals, and more.

What's Included On Our Trips

8 Your Dream Team

No rock climber bros or wheezing ornithologists in sight. Explorer Chick guides are wilderness trained and certified to worship your well-being––and they are also really, really fun. We probably snagged Travel and Leisure’s WORLD’S BEST Tour Operator accolade because of our sick dance moves.

Meet The Dream Team

9 We Give a Damn

Coming on strong is our jam. You’re about the only thing we’re super serious about around here. And it’s written in our guiding principles to treat you with endless love and respect like we’ve been bffs since second grade. Should we write our initials in the sand now, or?

Our mantra: Give ‘em what they never dreamed possible. Everything we do, from planning the itinerary to sneaking in pop-up surprises to hyping you on social media, is designed to help you feel deliciously powerful. So you can’t help but find your edge.

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10 You + EC = 4 Ever

Our retention rate for returning travelers is 30 PERCENT. That is absolutely bananas when you consider most people return to their snoozefest tour companies exactly zero times. We are constantly on-boarding new trips, more guides, and exciting new adventures to keep Explorer Chicks coming back for more. 

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In Her Words

Shelly B.Shelly B. ★★★★★ I did the 2024 Slovenia trip. My guide, Katie Klos-was awesome! And the trip was truly amazing! From the hut-to-hut hiking in the Alps- to the rest of trip adventures which included rafting, biking wine country, paddleboarding, hikes, delicious food and wine. Everything was planned and taken care of from start to finish and it was a grand adventure! It was my 3rd Explorer Chick trip and my favorite! HIghly Recommend!Kimberly S.Kimberly S. ★★★★★ I had a wonderful experience with Explore Chicks' trip to Quito and the Galápagos Islands. Guide Mary Caperton Morton was helpful, friendly, fun, and armed with the best snacks and facts around. We hiked, snorkeled and kayaked and saw more sea turtles, sea lions and tortoises than I had dreamed possible.Aishwarya R.Aishwarya R. ★★★★★ I recently went on the Explorer chick Peru trip (multi sport adventure) in July 2024. It was an amazing trip with a lifetime worth of memorable experiences. Our guide was Ms. Christina Bruno and every travel arrangement from Cusco sight seeing, to walking tours, visiting archeological sites, river rafting, biking, MACHU Picchu hiking and rainbow mountain trek was impeccable and curated in detail. The best part of the trip was to experience the Peruvian culture including the traditional cuisine which made the experience even more fascinating. I would highly recommend this trip to many explorer chick adventurers if they are contemplating a trip to Peru.Mara K.Mara K. ★★★★★ I highly recommend Explorer Chick! My trip to Red River Gorge was even better than I expected. Our guide, Jess, was AMAZING. She not only embodies the vision and mission of the company, but is also a great mentor for both amateurs and experienced trekkers. For me, this wasn't just a vacation, it was a life changing experience. I loved every minute!Christine P.Christine P. ★★★★★ Our guide Kirsty was amazing! Such a great experience hiking up Half DomeShelly R.Shelly R. ★★★★★ Great experience. Ashley was an incredible guide.Amanda M.Amanda M. ★★★★★ I traveled to Alaska in June 2024 and the trip truly was the trip of a lifetime. I have done group travel before with a different group and it’s clear the guides Nicole and Kirstie truly love their jobs. They were professional and had everything planned out to the smallest detail while also being fun and encouraging the whole trip!Kim H.Kim H. ★★★★★ I had an absolutely INCREDIBLE experience on a backpacking trip with Explorer Chick. Ashley was a wonderful and smart guide - perfect for beginners and backpackers that need a review. I will definitely do more trips with Explorer Chick.Megan M.Megan M. ★★★★★ Explorer Chick is incredible! I just got back from an Alaska trip with Explorer Chick (June 2024) and it was one of the greatest experiences I've had. This was my second trip with a travel group, but first with EC, and there really is something so special about the female focused aspect. Our guides Kirstie and Nicole made us feel so comfortable and safe throughout every experience and fostered such a fun and warm environment. The communication prior to and during the trip was top-notch and it's clear there is an extraordinary amount of planning and thought that went into the trip and every last detail. I'm so grateful to have been able to take this trip & to meet Nicole & Kirstie and all of the girls in the group!Dana Alonso - B.Dana Alonso - B. ★★★★★ I recently got back from the 7 day Alaska trip and I couldn’t be happier with the time I spent there. The trip was phenomenally organized and executed by our guides Kirstie and Nicole! They were absolutely amazing keeping us informed and energized the entire trip. I loved that they also participated in ALL the activities and were so encouraging to the whole team! I definitely recommend explorer chick - they are experienced and know what they are doing! Can’t wait to book another one with them☺️Jennifer E.Jennifer E. ★★★★★ What a wonderful trip! This is the first "blind date" girls trip i have ever taken, and I was so glad I did. I have 4 boys, and so I often forget how women support and love each an entirely different way than the male sex does! Traveling with women that I have never met was a lovely experience; one that all women should experience. Mary and Kayla meshed so well as guides...they complimented each other in every way. I am a doctor with 4 grown boys, and having 2 "Moms" that dispensed sunscreen, snacks, bandaids, hand sanitizer and more to "take care of me" was beyond lovely. FINALLY- I didn't have to be the one in control!I suspect most of you reading this review are moms, with careers, and most of you probably know how difficult it is to balance different levels of ability in your kiddos, your staff, and your daily interactions. Kayla and Mary took a complex group of women with different experiences in life, different fears, and different physical capabilities and tended to each one of us as we challenged ourselves both physically and mentally. None of us felt left behind, and our fears ended up as achievements. KUDOS to both of them!Sarah W.Sarah W. ★★★★★ The Croatia multi-activity trip was amazing! This was my second trip through Explorer Chick and it exceeded my expectations once again. Our guide Kat was organized, knowledgeable, and engaging. Each activity was so much fun but the Via Ferrara was. by far the most exciting for me! I would recommend Explorer Chick to anyone looking to do an adventure trip.Andrea N.Andrea N. ★★★★★ I just returned from the Explorer Chicks Zion Park and Bryce Canyon 4 day hiking trip and I highly recommend it! It was such a treat to be able to enjoy such beautiful nature without having to think about any of the logistics. Our tour guides, Hannah and Kayla were so personable and organized. They thought of every little detail and added so many special touches that made us feel so pampered. I loved the stunning views and the challenging (but totally doable) activities during the day. The accommodations were very comfortable. I left the tour feeling rejuvenated and recharged. It was the perfect trip! Thank you Explorer Chicks for an incredible experience that I will cherish for years to come.Christine R.Christine R. ★★★★★ I'd give 10 stars if that was an option. My hiking trip to Moab was an amazing experience. Guides, Mary and Steph took it levels above what I expected. I came home tired, educated and rejuvenated with 8 new amazing women friends.Samantha T.Samantha T. ★★★★★ A group of 6 friends joined the Zion/Bryce Hiking adventure in Utah for one friends big birthday - a first hiking trip for many of us. What a life changing adventure we had - with two incredible and thoughtful guides (Kayla and Hannah). We were blown away by the sincere thoughtfulness and consideration that our guides had for our group in addition to the outstanding experience we had in the canyon. The trip exceeded expectations and I would highly recommend Explorer Chick to anyone.js_loader

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