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What's Included

This is travel made easy.


Choose your trip. Book your Flight. Pack your undies. We got everything else.

Show up to a perfectly planned trip feeling dewy and unbothered without lifting a finger. We meticulously handpick accommodations, serve up mouthwatering cuisine, organize thrilling adventures, and assemble a team of expert guides because you deserve to do nothing and experience everything.

1 Dream Lodging

Rest your head at hidden-gem stomping grounds that give you stunning views and all the communal space to laugh your butt off. Every site is specially selected to build the story arc of the trip while supporting local communities wherever possible.

Favorites include glamping under desert stars in Jordan, five star luxury bush camps in Africa, hostels run by a women’s non-profit in Uganda, eco-hotels in Belize, and beachfront villas in the Galapagos.

Details on the type, features, and amenities of accommodations are outlined on each trip page under the “What’s Included” section. Any additional information including Rendezvous accommodations if applicable will be in your travel guide.


2 Delicious Meals

Stay in lazy cat mode while your guides create bougie backcountry breakfasts, charcuterie boards, and sleep-inducing dinners. Pinterest worthy pop up picnics at sunrise? Yup, can’t Yelp that. 

When we dine out, we DINE OUT. Our destination managers hand-select restaurants that support the drama of our adventure. 

Dine like a local at the best place for a chewy wood-fired pizza after a long hike in Utah. Taste traditional pasta unique to the Istrian peninsula in Croatia. Sink your teeth into cuy in Peru. Soak up the sunset on top of a mountain reached only by gondola with a locally-sourced dinner in Canada. We know how to treat a lady. 

Don’t worry, you can share your diet preferences with us. Generally, we can accommodate gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian. We do ask that you specify if allergies, preferences, or intolerances as well as the severity, so we can be mindful of cross contamination.

3 Bucket-List Adventures

We are your adrenaline hookup. Your trusty mules. Your brave ally when a weird bug lands in your hair. Expect best-in-class everything with plenty of best-in-sass stories. Trust that you’re not getting the used bowling shoes equivalent of travel support.

We curate, research, and personalize like maniacs. Not only do we choose the best on and off the radar trails and experiences, but we’re also obsessive over how we weave them into your trip finding a zenned-out balance of challenge and reflection.

Everything from the itinerary planning itself to the permits, entrance fees, reservations, transport vehicles, and ancillary outdoor gear are covered. Because PTO is precious dammit!

4 Certified Guidance and Storytelling

Your Explorer Chick guide is a trained wilderness badass. She knows how to start a fire in the rain and keep a tent standing in high winds. Outdoor guidance happens organically on the tour––you don’t need to study YouTube or know what a belayer is. Come as you are with all the newbie jitters. You’ll get endless opportunities for hands-on learning and leave enriched. 

We love talking flora, fauna, wine, geology, Pedro Pascal gossip, history, and freaky-deaky lore. The stories we tell draw you deeper into your surroundings like you’re hiking through your own nature documentary. 

Your guides also know how to listen, make the morning coffee before everyone wakes, and give you a generous heads up on the next pee break.

5 Worry-Free Travel Guide

Zero research is needed on your part. We pull together your ultimate travel checklist to help you book your flights, apply for a visa, order travel insurance, rock up to Walgreens for a vaccination, pack your bags, and arrive at the meetup. It’s like we’re all women or something.

What’s Not Included:


  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Meals exclusive of itineraries
  • Costs for additional activities
  • Gratuity for your Explorer Chick Guide
  • Any mean girl vibes whatsoever


Every trip page has a dedicated section, “What’s Included,” detailing what is and is not included in the tour price. Please read carefully for specifics.