Galapagos Islands Tour + Multisport Adventure

Snorkeling, Kayaking, Hiking, Wildlife Encounters, Cycling
14 Explorer Chicks
9 days


Love animals and staying active on vacation? How about both! Channel your inner Darwin and get ready for our guided Galapagos Islands Tour and Multisport Adventure in Ecuador! Meet bold women who love to adventure travel and ugly-cry about nature just as much as you. Tour the islands, enjoy a variety of outdoor sports, and say buenos días to all the animals in the Galapagos.

Tortoises and Other Wildlife Encounters

The meet-and-greet crew on our Galapagos Islands tour are a wild bunch—literally! Experience incredible animal encounters throughout your trip. This is the binge-worthy Planet Earth on Netflix, but in REAL LIFE. Narrate your own nature film starring tortoises, sea lions, iguanas, penguins, boobies, reef sharks.

Galapagos Islands Tour and Outdoor Activities

Over the course of our 9-day tour, you’ll visit three different islands. Each features a plethora of adventures to keep your intrepid soul curious. This trip is “check off the vacation bucket list” time. Why settle for a ho-hum tour where you have to pick and choose activities? This is Explorer Chick! We’ll do it all, baby! Snorkel, kayak, hike, and cycle amidst the wandering beasts and spewing volcanoes.

All Outdoor Sports Equipment Provided

Yep! Explorer Chick provides everything you need to play outside on the Galapagos Islands!

  • kayak and paddles
  • bike
  • snorkeling equipment

All-inclusive Tour Perks

Every evening, stay in 4-star boutique hotels. We’re talking roof top terraces with harbor views and beside pools with a cocktail. Plus, enjoy all-inclusive perks including:

Heck, you’ll even squeeze in some white sandy beach time! Relax with a book (and a neighboring sea lion). #MermaidParadise

Day 1 – Welcome to Ecuador

Welcome to Ecuador and it’s capital city, Quito! Upon arrival, you’ll be transferred to our boutique hotel nestled right in the heart of the city. Feel free to explore during the day taking in the vibrant culture and rich history. Or simply relax and enjoy our former colonial house that has been converted to the perfect urban retreat. We’ll meet as a group in the lobby in the evening for introductions and to have a nice welcome dinner together. Your Explorer Chick guide  will review the upcoming week and kick start the SHE-nanigans.

Altitude: 9,000′ – You may feel symptoms of Altitude Sickness including headaches and shortness of breath.

Accommodation: 4-star Boutique Hotel in the heart of Quito

Meals: Welcome Dinner

Day 2 – Fly to the Galapagos Islands and Hang out with Tortoises

YOU ARE GOING TO TOUR THE GALAPAGOS. GET OUT OF BED! Rise early to catch a plane to Baltra Island – the gateway to the Galapagos. Upon landing, we’ll go through the admission process. Your flight, National Park entrance and Transit Card fee ($720) are already covered in your Explorer Chick price – so leave that fanny pack zipped.

Don’t let their glacial pace fool you, your tortoise welcoming committee on Santa Cruz is PUMPED to see you! These gentle beasts are legit prehistoric, and will roam around you while you scarf down lunch. # mindlesslywander

In the evening, we check into our 4 Star boutique hotel that has recently been renovated to be kind to our environement. Before dinner, head up to the Roof top terrace to take in the views over Puerto Ayora harbor with a cocktail or relax by the pool.

Accommodation: 4-star Boutique Hotel on Santa Cruz

Meals: B, L, D

Day 3 – Ferry to Isabela, Hike Sierra Negra, and Snorkel at Concha dePerla

In the AM, we hop a ferry to our next island, Isabela, where we’ll stay in another bougie hotel for 3 nights.

But, it’s a quick turnaround because you have some hiking to do- right on up to the active crater of the 2nd largest caldera in the world, Sierra Negra. This baby was still spitting up lava in 2018 and stretches a whopping 6 miles! Keep your eyes peeled for Galapagos hawks, short-eared owls, finches, and flycatchers.

After a relaxing lunch, explore mangroves and tiptoe around snoring sealions to reach some of the best snorkeling in the Galapagos. The crazy-clear water is home to colorful fish, more sealions, and friggen marine iguanas! Snap an underwater picture of a gliding ‘guana to earn all our respect.

Accommodation: 4-star Boutique Hotel on Isabela

Meals: B, L, D

Day 4 – Kayak Tintoreras and Bike the Wall of Tears

After breakfast, take a quick boat ride to the small volcanic island of Tintoreras, a snorkeling and kayaking sanctuary. Spend the morning with more marine iguanas, birdlife, and if you’re lucky, the Galapagos penguin! (This special waddler is the only penguin that calls the equator home.) You might even glimpse white-tipped reef sharks, sting rays, and blue-footed boobies. WHAT IS THIS, PLANET EARTH?

Fuel up on lunch before heading for land. It is here we bicycle along a dark but important path: The Wall of Tears.

The mid 20th century saw an overflow of prisons in mainland Ecuador. Rather than spend money on new prisons, convicts were shipped out to sea on islands considered inhospitable and impossible to escape. Prisoners moved exhaustive hauls of lava rock to build a wall with no purpose – and no end.

Accommodation: 4-star Boutique Hotel on Isabela

Meals: B, L, D

Day 5 – Tortoise Breeding Center, Ferry to Santa Cruz and Tortuga Bay Beach

Take a trip to torty funkytown as you learn about breeding efforts to restore the tortoise population on Isabela. There’ll be opportunities for more birding, with a special visit to a common flamingo rendezvous!

We’ll then ferry back to Santa Cruz to return to our boutique hotel from Day 2. After dropping our bags, we’ll grab lunch and spend the afternoon at Tortuga Bay. Kayak, snorkel, swim, and relax on a postcard-worthy white sand beach.

Accommodation: 4-star Boutique Hotel on Santa Cruz

Meals: B, L, D

Day 6 – Hike Cerro Puntudo + Exploring Las Griegas

Thus morning, we’ll put on our hiking shoes and hop on our shuttle to the highlands of Santa Cruz. We will hike the highest point, Cerro Puntudo at 2,820 feet where we’ll have panoramic views of the Santa Cruz, and on a clear day we will see the neighboring islands. During the hike, we will be able to observe unique flora, finches, owls and other marine birds.  

After a yummy boxed lunch, we will explore Las Griegas (“The Cracks”), a series of crystal-clear pools surrounded by volcanic cliffs, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and cliff-jumping for the adrenaline seekers.  

Accommodation: 4-star Boutique Hotel on Santa Cruz 

Meals: B, L, D 

Day 7 – Day-tripping to Floreana Island

Venture to your third island – Floreana. The island is shrouded in mystery as the first European settlers became entangled in power struggles, peculiar disappearances, and alleged murders.

The mysterious black sand beaches are the perfect backdrop to this eerie experience. But don’t worry – you’re more likely to happen upon a flamingo than a human skull!

We’ll have snorkeling gear at the ready for she who dares to dive off the creepy coast.

*Alternative day based on scheduling: Visit a separate uninhibited island.

Accommodation: 4-star Boutique Hotel on Santa Cruz

Meals: B, L, D

Day 8 – Darwin Station and Fly to Quito

We’ll give our sun-kissed skin the day off with a visit to Charles Darwin Station. More than 200 volunteers and scientists are involved in the station’s conservation efforts – most famously breeding giant tortoises. You’ll have ample time to tour the educational exhibits, visit the baby tortoise house, and observe the other animal inhabitants.

After we get our Darwin on, we return once more to Quito. Again, this internal domestic flight from Baltra is included in your price.

As a special closing ceremony, you and your sisters will enjoy a cooking class in Quito with a local chef and share one last communal meal together.

Altitude: 9,000′ – You may feel symptoms of Altitude Sickness including headaches and shortness of breath.

Accommodation: 4-star Boutique Hotel in the heart of Quito

Meals: B, D

Day 9 – Farewell Ecuador

It’s time to trade mermaid life for real life. Hug your Explorer Chicks tight, and take home unforgettable memories and bad jokes from our untamed, wild paradise.

Meals: B

*Explorer Chick reserves the option to modify trip itineraries at the discretion of your tour director as necessary due to weather, conditions, illness, injury, group dynamics, availability, or other unforeseen incidents.

  • 9 days/8 nights in 4* Boutique Hotels – Shared 2 per room.
  • Quito-Baltra roundtrip internal, domestic airfare.
  • National Park Entrance Fee ($100) and Transit Card fee ($20).
  • All snorkeling and kayaking outlined in the itinerary
  • Guided hiking on Sierra Negra and Santa Cruz
  • Biking the Wall of Tears
  • Day tour of Floreana Island or alternative uninhibited island.
  • Land and Sea transportation through out itinerary.
  • All meals as indicated in itinerary: B-8, L-6, D-8.
  • Arrival and departure airport transfers
  • A commemorative Explorer Chick shirt.
  • All tips for included meals and local guides.
  • A detailed Travel Guide upon booking with everything you need to know for your trip.
  • The freedom to enjoy your vacation and mindlessly wander!
  • Local English speaking guide(s) throughout the full itinerary.
  • One experienced Explorer Chick Leader ensuring your trip is seamless and unforgettable!
  • Small Group experience! Your Explorer Chick Adventure is exclusive and limited to 14 women.

*Packages do NOT include your round-trip airfare to Quito, alcoholic beverages, costs for additional activities, Travel Insurance, and Explorer Chick Leader tips.

*A passport that is valid for at least 6 months past your arrival date is required.

*Explorer Chick reserves the option to modify trip itineraries at the discretion of your tour director as necessary due to weather, conditions, illness, injury, group dynamics, or other unforeseen incidents.

You will receive a travel guide attached to your booking confirmation with all the information you’ll need to prepare for your epic trip.

Your Adventure begins and ends in Quito. (UIO)

Day 1: Arrival Day. Arrive in Quito, Ecuador at any time today with our official rendezvous and a Welcome dinner at 7pm. You will be provided with airport transportation to the hotel.

Day 9: Departure Day. You can depart Quito at any time today. You will be provided with transportation to the airport.

Your Round Trip Airfare from Quito – Baltra is INCLUDED in your price. You will not be billed any additional fees (~$600). As are your National Park Fees and Transit Card (~$120).

We require a minimum of 5 Explorer Chicks for this trip. Please confirm your trip is guaranteed before booking airfare.  

Just as you would a marathon, you must train prior to your adventure. The itinerary is packed with multiple days of hiking and adventures taking place on a variety of terrain.This includes a 5-6 hour hike up Sierra Negra. You should very easily be able to hike on rough terrain at 2 miles per hour. Please read the itinerary thoroughly with the stated distances and activities.

As many of our activities take place in the water, you should know how to swim.

Please consider your ability to meet the physical demands very seriously. It is for the safety of both you and our group. All Explorer Chicks will be required to sign an Acknowledgement of Physical Demands as part of their waiver upon booking.

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