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Head of Operations

Take Charge of a Rapidly Growing Travel Business


Are you a forward-thinking, big-picture, independent driver? Do you see the world at a macro level but also possess the ability to dive into the details and build efficient systems when needed? Are you able to motivate people and hold them accountable? 

Unleash your undying love of process to strategically and tactically systemize company growth in a work environment with the freedom to implement change and make calculated risk-oriented decisions. We’re searching for a Head of Operations with big Olivia Pope energy who gets her thrills from growing profits and achieving financial goals. You’ll build, lead, and elevate a lean team while working closely with a CEO who loves you but has zero time for micromanaging. 

If you are up to the challenge of taking an established and thriving women’s adventure travel tour operator to the next level with your ability to take operational control, then you’re gonna love it at Explorer Chick.

Your Mission: Drive profitability and margins across our entire destination portfolio while leveling up the performance of our team, our tours, and our guest experiences to skyrocket future revenue growth. This role combines big-picture implementor skills with tactical day-to-day execution––giving you glorious freedom to innovate, develop, and take charge from the inside out. This isn’t about managing a few dashboards. You’ll be the superwoman that keeps our teams vibing, our trips profitable, and our Explorer Chicks blowing 5-star kisses. 

You’ll make Explorer Chick GO: Spearhead the the development, communication, and implementation of plans for operational processes, internal infrastructures, reporting systems and company policies all designed to foster growth, achieve profitability goals, and improve efficiencies within the company. Is it hot in here or is it just all this talk of lean change management? 

Your Day-to-Day: Work closely with the CEO to turn big ideas into manageable projects, processes, and operations. Develop and streamline employee metrics and KPIs to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and execution. Analyze internal reporting regularly as a catalyst to spark improved hospitality, peak performance, and the most guest-obsessed experiences possible. Hire new office A-team players as the organizational chart expands. Oversee daily operations including regular team huddles, support, and solving one-off problems. Prioritize opportunities and timelines for company-wide goals. 

Your Keys to the Fempire: You’ll own the development, communication, and implementation of all operational processes. This includes overseeing all active tour portfolio budgets, costs, margins, and profitability. The five core departments you’ll direct: 

  • Operations/Software
  • Destination Management
  • Guest Services
  • Guide Management
  • HR


Why You’ll Love Us: Since 2014, Explorer Chick has been changing lives through the magic of women’s adventure travel. We’re a woman-owned and operated company leading women of all ages straight outta their comfort zones and into the arms of other misfits in some of the most beautiful places on earth. Explorer Chicks love us for our itineraries that are crafted along a compelling storyline that transforms them from mere trips to life-altering journeys. Our all-women professional guide team not only manages the logistics during each trip allowing women to explore carefree, but also offers expertise, outdoor education, and engaging stories to more deeply connect to destinations. And our community-centric approach empowers 80% of our women to sign up solo. It’s no surprise that Explorer Chick was recognized as one of Travel + Leisure’s Worlds Best tour operators in 2022 and a USA Today’s Readers Choice in 2023. Oh, and we do it in a gloriously un-corporate culture that prioritizes SHE-nanigans. 

This is life-changing, fast-growing work that can no longer operate on gut instinct. We need an analytical super-sleuth who can spin metrics into dollar signs so we can keep pouring our best selves into boundless adventure travel for women. ARE YOU IN?!


Position Overview

  • Highlights: Key Leader and Driver in a fast-growing company with unlimited potential. 100% Remote. Work/Life Balance. Travel on one Explorer Chick trip per year. 
  • Salary Range: $75,000-95,000. Full-Time
  • Location: 100% Remote
  • Required Travel: Attend a leadership training in Nashville, TN within the first 90 days of employment.


Required Experience: 

  • A strong passion for creative problem-solving, risk management, strategy, logistics, and big-picture thinking. 
  • Minimum: Bachelor’s Degree in a Business Field. Preferred MBA. 3+ years in high-performance management. 
  • Must have a track record of consistent year-over-year growth in a startup or small business capacity in which you were the primary leader setting the expectation, leading and following up on day-to-day execution and driving to completion. 
  • Must have an exceptional ability to create effective measurement tools and manage data to drive performance improvements and business efficiencies to accelerate results.
  • Must have experience in tactfully expanding an organizational chart including positioning, redefining roles, recruiting, hiring A-players, terminating, and planning. 
  • Strong in time management, problem-solving, analytics, negotiation & budgeting, multitasking, technology and networking.
  • Preferred management background in tourism, hospitality management, international travel, and/or outdoor industry. 


The Hiring Process will begin in late January, so communication with qualified candidates will begin at that time. Anticipated hire date is March 1, 2024 or sooner.


The application submission period has closed. Hiring is in process. All candidates who applied through the website will be contacted.

1/29/2024 Update: All applicants have been emailed a quick 10-minute survey. If you applied and did not receive a survey, please check your spam before sending us an email.

Candidates we wish to interview will be contacted later this week. Those not chosen will be notified. With over 400 applicants, we will not be able to provide feedback as to why we passed.