Arches National Park Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


Arches National Park is one of the most beloved parks in the United States and for a good reason! Believe us – it rocks 😉. This national park in southeastern Utah has dramatic landscapes, excellent hiking, epic photo opportunities for the ‘gram, and more natural arches than you can imagine.

But hold up! There’s more to this park than some cool red rocks — it’s got a crazy cool history and some super interesting natural life. If you’re planning a trip to this must-see destination or just want to win that upcoming National Parks trivia night, we’ve got you covered with all the Arches National Park facts you could possibly want.


Women looking at Delicate Arch
Explorer Chicks in Arches National Park


Women standing and posing on top of Arches National Park sign.
Explorer Chicks doing the tourist thang in Arches.

explorer chicks arches national park moab


explorer chicks under an arch in nature

Bonus Arches National Park Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Still not had enough Arches National Park knowledge? Then you’re in luck because we aren’t quite done! Here are a few more fun facts for you to flash out the next time you’re hiking around the arches.

  • We didn’t name this park Arches for nothing; this region has the highest concentration of stone arches anywhere in the world!
  • What is more fascinating than the sheer number of arches is that the trails we use within the park system in Moab were once totally submerged in water. Seawater subsided and left behind sand that the wind formed into dunes. Petrified dunes developed and through long term wind and rain, it formed the landscape we see today.
  • Most of the wildlife within the park is actually nocturnal or crepuscular meaning they are most active at night or at dusk and dawn. This is because Arches is a high desert climate, meaning extremely hot summers and very little precipitation. This also means if you want to see wildlife, you’ll want to be around for either dusk or dawn.

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