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Best International Airlines for Travel Adventures


Best international airlines
Float plane in Alaska – this is definitely one of our favorite airlines!


The adventure of taking flight is one of the most exciting parts of traveling somewhere new. While Covid-19 has ultimately grounded airlines in the past few years, Skytrax recently published its annual round up for best airline rankings globally in 2022.

Today we’ll be discussing the world’s best airlines to fly with internationally as air travel opens back up once more to the public. Key “Best’s” categories we’ll cover are:

How We Chose These Airlines


womans international trip peru with alpacas
Woman’s trip in Peru on Rainbow Mountain.


If you’re wondering “who are we to give info on international airlines,” this section is for you! As a women’s travel guiding company and passionate travelers ourselves, we’ve been on our fair share of international airlines. (And dealt with all the stress and hair pulling that comes from flying with certain airlines.) But we’ve also done our homework for this particular post.

We selected each airline within a given category based on our research results. We reviewed many different airline reviews throughout the web and collected the airlines that consistently showed up on top.

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