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Is Jordan Safe To Travel as a Woman? Yup.


Safety is one of the top concerns for women travelers regardless of their destination, and for a good reason. Travel can be a pretty vulnerable experience – going to a foreign nation where you don’t speak the language, know the cultural customs, or understand the political landscape. Whether you’re with the girls or on a solo trip, your safety is no joke.

Don’t worry, ladies. We’ve got you covered. We’ll guide you through exactly what you need to know so you can feel safe exploring Jordan, including safety precautions to take, COVID-related travel advisories, and other smart travel tips. So read this, send it to your travel girl group chat, then start planning away!


is jordan safe


4 Safety Tips if You Visit Jordan

While Jordan is a safe destination, there’s still some good-to-know info that can keep you from harmful situations. So keep these tips in mind as you head out on your trip of a lifetime.

1 Keep an Eye on Dates

Like many countries, Jordan can face security threats. Although the Jordanian government keeps a watchful eye on potential – and rare- terrorist attacks, there’s no way to guarantee complete safety. But don’t get the wrong idea: the country’s overwhelming peacefulness helps maintain Jordan’s reputation as a secure destination.

And again, like virtually every other place, civil unrest happens. The best way to steer clear of danger? 

  • Avoid protests; 
  • be cautious if visiting the capital city Amman, staying in tourist hotels, or taking in any major sites; 
  • and check the calendar before heading out. 

Anytime plane tickets are expensive (AKA weekends and holidays) have the highest chance of violence. And still, it’s just a chance.

2 Be Mindful of Jordan's Border Areas

With the conflict in neighboring countries like Syria and Iraq, it’s best to stick around Jordan’s interior or Southern regions. Instead of scoping out border zones, visit the Wadi Rum desert and Petra via the Desert Highway or take a road trip to the Jordan Valley to float in the Dead Sea. Though you’ll be venturing through the West Bank, most rental cars give you the “okay” to trek here.

3 Take Caution While Driving

If you’re driving, practice caution. Road traffic accidents account for many of Jordan’s fatalities. Local authorities practice random security checks, and it’s always smartest to have all documents handy while complying with police instructions. It’s also good to remember that natural disasters can damage roads and broken down vehicles, animals, and unmarked construction are common hazards. Be cautious driving through unlit rural areas at night.

4 Travel With Care

Just because you’re in a safe country doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Act how you would in any other location! As a woman, you’ve likely heard it all before, we know. Still, if you take a cab, catch a licensed one from major hotels to ensure a ride with reliable taxi drivers, and definitely don’t ride in the front seat beside a taxi driver. This goes out to solo travelers in particular.

In Jordan, it’s common for cabs to pick up other passengers, but feel free to object. Oh, and you confirm the taxi fares before you get on your way. If this sounds a bit too complex, city buses and organized group tours are available to most tourist hotspots.


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