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4 Steps for Peeing Outdoors as a Woman

Women posing with backpacks and trekking poles in Yosemite National Park
Backpacking in Yosemite

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In the great outdoors, sometimes you’ve just gotta take a whizz. Whatever you’re into, chances are you’ve peed outside at least once or twice in your life. It seems like it should be simple, right? Just pull down your pants and let her rip! But if you’ve ever peed on the ground and suddenly found yourself having to drip-dry with splashes all over your shoes, you know peeing outside without a bathroom isn’t always a walk in the park.


While it’s not always the most comfortable thing to do, being able to pop a decent squat is essential for camping trips, hiking, road trips, and outdoor adventures where there might not be public bathrooms. Rest assured, there are ways to successfully pee outside! When nature calls in the great outdoors, we’ve got the best advice to help you get the job done.


Step 1: Find the Perfect Spot


Nature’s call can strike anywhere, not just on snowy slopes. Finding the perfect peeing palace, no matter the season, requires a touch of scouting and a sprinkle of wilderness savvy. Forget public bathrooms and crowded trails – let’s build a throne fit for a wilderness queen!


Look Out for Nature’s No-Gos

  • Crowded areas: Leave the mosh pits and meditation circles for their intended users. Opt for secluded spots at least 200 feet away from designated areas or well-worn paths.
  • Water sources: Don’t be a pee-polluter! Keep your tinkle at least 100 feet away from streams, lakes, or rivers to avoid contaminating the water supply.
  • Falling hazards: A rogue rock or dead branch is not the soundtrack you want for your alfresco ablutions. Steer clear of cliffs, steep slopes, and areas with precarious trees.
  • Visible footprints: Remember, footprints in the dirt or dust are like neon signs in the wild. Choose a spot hidden from view, preferably behind trees, rocks, or a gentle rise in the terrain.

Wilderness Wonky Spots

  • Sunlight on rocks: Don’t let the sun turn your pee puddle into a scalding surprise. Pick a shady spot to prevent a sizzle-inducing sit.
  • Hard ground: Forget digging a mini-moat in parched earth. Choose soft, soil-covered areas that are easy to squat over – your legs will thank you.
  • Windy ridges: Save the Marilyn Monroe reenactment for later. Opt for sheltered areas protected from wind gusts to avoid an unwanted air blast where it’s least desired.


Finding Your Fountain of Relief

Now that you know the wilderness won’ts and whens, it’s time to scout for your ideal outdoor loo. Think of it like treasure hunting, but with bladder relief as the bounty!

  • Trees as privacy pals: Tall trees or thickets make fantastic natural screens, offering both visual and wind protection.
  • Slopeside serenity: Find a gentle slope that angles away from your chosen spot. Gravity will be your friend, whisking your offering downhill and out of sight.
  • Rockin’ restrooms: Large rocks or fallen logs can be nature’s ready-made thrones. Just make sure they’re stable and not coated in hidden thorns or prickly surprises.

Remember, finding the perfect pee palace is all about respect for the environment and ensuring your own comfort and safety. Embrace the spirit of adventure, channel your inner wilderness whisperer, and soon you’ll be proclaiming, “Nature calls, and I answer – in style!”


Step 2: The Perfect Stance

So, you’ve found your hidden haven, Mother Nature’s calling card is insistent, and you need to answer the call like a wilderness explorer. But fear not, brave adventurer, for mastering the perfect stance for an outdoor whizz is less about contorting your body into a circus act and more about unleashing your inner pee-oneer!

perfect squat stance to use the bathroom outside as a woman

Squatting with Sass

The classic low squat remains a tried-and-true option, especially if you’re sporting layers that make flexibility a bit of a challenge. Remember, it’s not about achieving Olympic-level depths, it’s about finding a comfortable position that gets the job done. Think comfy throne, not Cirque du Soleil audition.

  • Spread those wings: Plant your feet wide, wider than hip-width if possible, for maximum stability on uneven terrain. Think of yourself as a confident warrior, not a wobbly flamingo.
  • Bend and snap: Bend your knees deeply, aiming to get your hips lower than your knees for optimal flow. Think of it as a deep curtsy to the wilderness, but with added bladder relief.
  • Lean on me: Don’t be afraid to lean back slightly on your ankles for extra support. Imagine you’re reclining on a cozy armchair, albeit a slightly bumpy one.
  • Arch your back, aim for the stars: Gently arch your back to tilt your pelvis forward and direct the flow. Just remember, you’re not auditioning for Swan Lake on land, so keep it subtle and comfortable.
  • Downhill delight: If you’re lucky enough to be on a gentle slope, position yourself with your back downhill for a gravity-assisted drainage system. It’s nature’s little plumbing perk!

Beyond the Squat: Wilderness Pee-formance Enhancers

While the squat reigns supreme, the outdoors opens up a world of alternative stances for those seeking variety or facing physical limitations. Embrace your inner explorer and experiment!

Step 3: Unleash the Inner Wonder Woman with an FUD


Envy the boys who can go anywhere? Well, step aside, Superman, because Wonder Woman’s got her own superpower: the female urination device (FUD)! These nifty little gadgets might not give you X-ray vision, but they do grant you the ability to pee standing up like a champ, no matter where nature calls.

freshette pee funnel

Say Goodbye to Squat Squirming

Forget hovering awkwardly over sketchy forest floors or contorting yourself into pretzel-like squats. FUDs, also known as pee funnels, are basically portable little pee highways. They typically feature a funnel that fits snugly over your lady bits, guiding the flow down a spout for precise aiming. Think of it as a travel-sized hose connected to your bladder, giving you the ultimate power stance for alfresco ablutions.

Freshette and Friends – Navigating the FUDscape

There’s a whole squad of FUDs out there, each with its own quirks and charms. The popular Freshette, for example, boasts a foldable design and discreet carrying pouch, making it as pocket-friendly as your phone. Some FUDs come with extension tubes for extra aiming accuracy, while others integrate handy wipers for post-pee cleanup. Explore your options and find the FUD that fits your flow (and your backpack).

More Than Just Camping Convenience

While FUDs shine on camping trips and long road journeys, they’re not just for roughing it in the wilderness. Imagine the joy of:

  • Skiing without the bathroom dash: Hit the slopes without bladder anxiety. A quick FUD pit stop means staying warm and enjoying the powder, not searching for the elusive outhouse.
  • Festival freedom: Skip the porta-potty purgatory and pee with poise right where you stand. Music festivals become a breeze (literally) when you’re not waiting in line for a questionable porcelain throne.
  • Comfy car breaks: Road trips don’t have to mean roadside squats. With a FUD, you can answer nature’s call without leaving the car’s warm embrace.

FUD Tips for Pee-formance Perfection

  • Practice makes perfect: Before unleashing your FUD fury on the wild world, get acquainted with it in the comfort of your own shower. Experiment with positions and aiming techniques to find your flow.
  • Cleanliness is next to goddessliness: Rinse your FUD thoroughly after each use with some soap and water. Pack some quick-dry wipes or a small towel for on-the-go cleanups.
  • Respect the wilderness: Leave no trace! Pack out any used FUD accessories and dispose of them responsibly. Remember, even Wonder Woman cleans up after herself.

So, ladies, unleash your inner Wonder Woman and ditch the pee-peeing panic. Embrace the FUD revolution and conquer nature’s call with confidence and a little bit of magic (and plastic tubing, but hey, that’s what makes us powerful!). Let the world know: a woman with a FUD is a woman who can, wherever and whenever the need arises.

Step 4: The Great Wilderness Clean-Up


Outdoor ablutions are just the first act of the pee-formance – now comes the curtain call, the grand finale, the pièce de résistance…cleanliness! No matter your chosen method, mastering the post-pee clean-up is key to ensuring you leave the wilderness as pristine as you found it (and avoid any unwanted souvenirs in your nether regions). So, let’s explore the options!

toilet paper on a stick

Toilet Paper – Pack it Out, Princess!

The tried-and-true option, toilet paper offers familiarity and comfort. But remember, great pee-oneering comes with great responsibility! Embrace the mantra: Pack. It. Out. Nobody wants to stumble upon soggy remnants of someone’s alfresco ablutions. So, pack a dedicated plastic bag for used tissues (biodegradable options are a bonus!), and leave no trace of your royal visit. Pro tip: Store your unused roll in another bag to keep it dry and ready for action.

kula cloth peeing

Pee Rag – Reusable Wonder Cloth to the Rescue!

Ditch the trash and embrace the eco-friendly power of the pee rag! Bandanas, reusable cloths, or dedicated pee wipes like Kula Cloth’s antimicrobial wonders are your reusable champions. Simply wipe, hang to dry, and voila, you’re ready for your next nature call. Remember, these heroes are for pee only – keep them away from the poo palace! And always follow the golden rule of hygiene: front to back. You don’t want to invite unwanted guests down there.

Shake it Out – The Minimalist’s Method

Sometimes, less is more. If you’re not a fan of carrying extras, the “shake it out” approach might be your jam. A quick wiggle and a few strategic shakes can do wonders (though discretion is advised – remember, Mother Nature might have an audience!). After your impromptu dance, remember to clean up properly later – washing your underwear and freshening up are crucial to avoid discomfort and potential infections.

Bonus Tip – Nature’s Handmaids

Need a natural clean-up solution in a pinch? Leaves like smooth-edged broadleaf varieties or soft moss can be your wilderness bidet allies. Use them gently and sparingly, and make sure you’re not disturbing any delicate ecosystems. Remember, respect for nature is part of the pee-formance code!

No matter your chosen method, remember the golden rule: leave no trace! Pack out any disposables, choose reusable options whenever possible, and respect the delicate balance of the wilderness. With a little planning and care, you can conquer nature’s call with confidence, leaving the only evidence your footprints…and maybe a whisper of wonderment on the wind.

So, go forth, brave adventurer, and unleash your inner pee-oneer! The wilderness awaits, and your comfort and hygiene are just a shake, wipe, or reusable cloth away!


woman posing with a llama on a hiking adventure

Is this how you feel about finding the right place to pop a squat?

Conquering Privacy Fears in the Great Outdoors

Everybody pees, yes, but not everyone embraces the idea of doing it with an audience. If the thought of someone catching a glimpse of your underwear in the wild sends shivers down your spine, fear not, friend – you’re far from alone. Whether you’re a shy pee-oner or simply crave a touch of alfresco privacy, fear not, for a few simple tricks can keep your business shrouded in mystery.

Woodland Hideaways – The beauty of the woods lies in its abundance of natural screens. Take a short detour off the main trail, duck behind a towering oak, or disappear into a maze of bushes. Voila! Instant privacy, courtesy of Mother Nature. And if paranoia persists, enlist a trusted friend to stand guard – like a loyal wilderness knight wielding a leafy banner to ward off unwanted eyes.

Car-side Concealment – The open road can feel surprisingly exposed when nature calls. But fear not, vehicular voyeurs! A simple two-door trick offers surprisingly effective cover. Pop open both the front and back doors, and voila – instant pee palace formed! For added comfort and splash-prevention, consider perching on the front doorframe. It lowers your stance and creates a natural barrier, making your outdoor ablutions a breeze (literally).

Bonus Pee-formance Tips

  • Embrace the Inevitable: Remember, everyone pees, even nature’s toughest adventurers. So take a deep breath, channel your inner wilderness warrior, and conquer your fears!
  • Cleanliness is Next to Wilderness Goddessliness: Pack a handy washcloth or baby wipes to ensure post-pee freshness. No one wants a sticky souvenir!
  • Gravity is Your Friend: When squatting, aim for downhill terrain. Gravity will whisk your offering away, keeping your personal zone free of unwanted puddles.
  • Splash-Proof Your Pee Party: Choose absorbent surfaces like sand or loose dirt over splash-prone rocks or hard-packed earth. A little planning goes a long way in keeping your pee-formance drama-free.

With a dash of resourcefulness and a pinch of courage, you can conquer your privacy fears and embrace the liberating experience of peeing outdoors. So go forth, brave adventuress, and claim your pee-dominance in the wild! Remember, Mother Nature welcomes all, even those with bladder needs and a healthy dose of modesty.


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